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  1. WaterPolio

    Apply for faction leader

    Visit our forums to find information about our latest campaign scheduled on September 26th 2020 21:00 CET Applications are now open for Faction leader, Second in command and general spots!
  2. WaterPolio

    Bannerlord will save us from COVID-19

    Yes, i've said it. While thousands of people are quarantining themselves, and millions are practicing social distancing, us gamers are resilient and ready! Bannerlord literally couldn't come out fast enough for those who want to stay at home all day :D
  3. WaterPolio

    Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Giveaway

    Hello everyone! I’m the head admin of a server called Napoleonic Role Play, and in celebration of our group moving to Bannerlord we’ve decided to give away a free copy of bannerlord! How to enter the give away? Entering the give away is easy, just go to and then follow the...
  4. WaterPolio

    When will we be able to host community servers?

    I figured asking here would be able to give me the best insight. What does everyone think? I know there wont be any on early release, but has anything said what type of timeframe we will be working with? Lots of communities are eager to host servers
  5. WaterPolio

    Do you want to see NRP move to Bannerlord?

    Our server Napoleonic_Role_Play has always been on the Napoleonic Wars DLC. Although we are very excited for the launch of Bannerlord, and have decided as a group to move our servers to bannerlord. Hopefully one day a NW Mod will be released but until then we plan on bringing Battle RP to...
  6. WaterPolio

    Bannerlord: Napoleonic Wars

    I thought this would be a fun post, since Bannerlord release is coming. There has been talk about possible Bannerlord mods that are like the Napoleonic Wars dlc we all have come to love. What are your thoughts about this? **Edit** A NW style mod was announced for Bannerlord and it looks...
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