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  1. New game bugged

    This issue is fixed but not yet pushed to the game.
    it's funny because it got autofixed in my game. Don´t really now why, I just continued playing the game, and at some point I open the quest tab and it works.
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.10

    Playing without mods. If press quest menu button, the game crash, always..
  3. New game bugged

    So, after some months I decided to play again this new version. After some hours I became vassal and got the mission of raid 5 villages. Well, now if I try to open the quest menu the game crashes. Always. Anyone here with this issue too?
  4. Bannerlord AI when you go down as commander is horrendously bad

    so did the devs design one AI for the enemy army and a dumber AI for our own armies? that makes no sense
    I think its more like a bug. But you can test it. Just get a big army and get knocked so you can see your army start doing weird things.
  5. Bannerlord AI when you go down as commander is horrendously bad

    Im confused, doesnt the enemy army use the exact same AI as your army? why would yours perform worse
    I think not, Its like they said, they get a spam of orders instead of just fighting. In fact, it will be better to fight brainless instead of non stop running and not fighting at all.
  6. To my fellow mount&bladers who are disappointed at TW atm, on TW's business mode

    Conclusion ahead: stop hoping that Bannerlord will turn out to be even close to your dream game, wait for mods and be prepared to pay for some of the better ones.

    The biggest problem I see here is not that the game lacks in some sandbox features but some core mechanics like pathfinding in sieges are broken. That's the biggest problem I think. And as you said, Its been 9 months... and its not fixed yes...
  7. Bannerlord - Feedback - raided village - one idea

    Nice idea!, and easy to implement!
  8. Just my opinion

    Attacking a castle isn't easy enough guys ? you want to add yet another tool for offense that wins 99% of the time already ?
    Well, I think you are not seeing the big picture. If you have a bigger army than the garrison is normal that you can win the fight, its "real", however, the lacks in some features, "easy to implement" that can make it more realistic and challenging its the problem here (its what i think).

    For example, they can implement a possibility of disease in both armies which is something normal in real sieges, (they can parameterize it using your leadership, tactics and medic skills + the army size + the time of siege). This can add a plus of difficult to novice generals or to castle without a proper governor. Another example is the possibility to send a companion to do a subterfuge action, like poison the well, burn the stables, burn the granary (if attacker), or burn the stable, burn the tents, assassinate general (if defender) (companion should need the roguery skill). These are just some ideas that only need some dialog and logic, not scenes, not nothing fancy, but they will give you more gameplay and will make skills more useful.
  9. Just my opinion

    Hello adventurers! I'm just another average player that just want to give his feedback about the current state of the gameplay. I wanted to write this post for so long but i didnt get the confidence to do it. Remember that this is not a hate post or something like that, i just want to share my...
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