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  1. [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    It might be hard to do but would love a mod that allows you play as the Lich King from WoW. Even just having the armor and sword is enough for me.

    For background the LichKing was a DLC for warcraft 3 but is also a World of Warcraft villian in his own expansion. The main powers of the Lich King was the Helm of domination, which allowed mass control of a large swarm of undead. There was also the sword FrostMourne which was iconic.

    If the mod could be fully fleshed out. I would love to see being able to rise defeated armies as undead and add them to your own. It would also be a stretch but adding the original story would be awsome. Considering the original story was based in a RTS I think it's easily do able by reskinning peasants, removing the weapon, and increasing fist damage by a bit and health. The hard part is unique undead and larger ones. But honestly just adding a skin for the helmet and frostmourne is great.
  2. This is what was expected of Bannerlord AI to behave!!!

    Devs really need to make a sticky about stuff like this.

    Yes, the AI sucks however.

    They are only working on crashed anyways. Most compliants will either be lost or forgotten by the time they work on combat.

    From what I remember they are still using Warband combat. So they either already have or will implement a new combat system.

    Yes the video show casing the AI is really cool and I agree with you that the Devs should implement something like this. However these are different games and 'dragging formations' works wierd in 3rd person. Mabye the player can create pre-determined formations then slot them?

    My point being. I agree with you. But even if the devs see this and agree with you 100% they wont work on it for a while, at least I think so.

    Edit: I do hope though devs are keepining a list though
  3. In Progress Talking to specific NPC crashes game

    I've been informed that these NPCs are removed from the game. Can you try on a new fresh campaign save if these wanderers still spawning?
  4. In Progress Talking to specific NPC crashes game

    Do you have a save file of session that you experienced this issue? With your save file, we can reproduce the issue much easier and faster. You can find your save file here:

    C:\Users\username\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Game Saves

    You can send your save files to us via site. Please write your username and this threads URL into the description box so that we can find it easier. Alternatively, you can send us the reference number of your crash report. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
    Sent it.
  5. In Progress Talking to specific NPC crashes game

    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 GPU: Rx 590 RAM:16GB DDR4 Storage: 1SSD and HDD. Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord is on the HDD version on steam: e1.5.4 Summary: Talking to the specific NPC in the screenshot crashes the game. How to Reproduce:Go to Poros when you own it and find the NPC. Then talk to them and...
  6. Not leveling leadership?

    The faster way to level Leadership is to form and lead armies for awhile.
    The thing is this is a new save and I'm not part of any empire, might try joining Northern Empire since last save I made my own but it was a pain.
  7. Not leveling leadership?

    My leadership isn't leveling even though my troops have 70 morale and I have as many points as I could put into it. I also made sure to have food diversity but nothing is working? It's at x7.24 learning rate.
  8. Resolved AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly.

    AI troops will not use ladders or siege towers properly, when my troops raise ladders or siege towers, they will most commonly use the middle ladder. Sometimes there will be 2-3 troops actively climbing the other ladders. But usually there is traffic in the middle ladder with troops at the...
  9. Need More Info Two quests not working

    You can sign up to dropbox it's easy, or you can use any other cloud service you may be using.
    Just had the problem with the grazing quest, I chose to not have the cattle graze on the village.
  10. Resolved When doing a siege against a enemy city, troops will not use siege towers and will stand at the walls.

    Forwarding this issue to the QA team for further investigation. Thanks for reporting.
    np, I also made a post with screenshots showing glitches, one where in the campaign map you can walk through a mountain and others, though i dont think anyone saw it. It's understandable because your probably getting alot of reports and the devs and you are doing your best. Thanks for fixing the game.
  11. Resolved When doing a siege against a enemy city, troops will not use siege towers and will stand at the walls.

    When doing a siege, my troops wouldn't use the siege towers to climb them. I then decided to tell all my troops to charge. The archers would shoot and attack but melee troops would just stand at the wall. This has happened with both siege towers. I did not use a battering ram. Settlement: Razih...
  12. Portable Siege

    +1, feel like siege weapons could work, like ballista's and catapaults. Though I don't see trebuchets being used.
  13. In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

    Still have crashs on e.1.1.1.....:cautious:
    Try saving the save as a new one. Then load it. I tried that with my save but it didn't work until the update.
  14. In Progress crashing while moving around the map

    Of course they are different, I was trying to explain why "crushing bugs in turn introducing new bugs" does not make sense through an analogy. I mean if that were the case, literally no one would spend any time debugging as by definition it would introduce new bugs resulting in net loss due to opportunity cost.

    About my job, of course you could not have known what I do professionally, so to be safe always assume everyone knows at least as much as you do until they demonstrate otherwise... That's how I do it :wink:

    All that said, I understand why to a layperson my post could have appeared somewhat alarmist. I assure you that is not my intention. I trust TW and totally love their games; and I hope they do not to rush late development of Bannerlord to the point of lacking in tests and QA. I would rather wait longer for a higher quality software.
    Alright makes sense. I guess it does sound wierd saying getting rid of a bug would get new ones and yeah I also wanna wait. I'm pretty glad they put it in early access on steam so people who really wanted to play it could, and so they could get bug testing done. I wonder what the new combat will be, because from what I heard alot of stuff, including combat is from warband as a placeholder.
  15. In Progress crashing while moving around the map

    I am a veteran software engineer, working as a consultant. I know what coding anything is like, possibly more than most at TW or any other company. That's pretty much why people pay me. So please spare me your patronizing comments.
    lol it's not patronizing im just saying it's different, and how was I supposed to know you're a veteran software engineer.
  16. In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

    e.1.1.11 fixed it for me. I didn't play on e1.1.0 though and that could've fixed it.
  17. In Progress crashing while moving around the map

    "If you fix a bug more are going to show up" is like saying "if you fix electricity in your living room, of course the tap in the bathroom will start to fail." It does not make any sense. What would make sense is "if you introduce new features, there will likely be new bugs."

    I am not complaning about the number of bugs, on the contrary I was rather suprised by how playable the game already was on EA day one. But now, it looks like more bugs are being introduced in an effort to fix existing ones. My game went from playable on day one to virtually unplayable, which it is right now.

    Some software companies do away with testing and other QA steps before delivering their final product in order to rush development. I only hope TW is not one of those companies. Because if they are, then none of us is getting the game they hope for.
    Well building a house is much different than coding a video game.
  18. In Progress crashing while moving around the map

    For me the game now crashes after a successful siege, or when I convince a lord to join me. My fear is that TW is kind of rushing development, as number of bugs seemingly increase with each 'fix.'
    I think thats normal. If you fix a bug more are going to show up, and isn't it better if the bugs show up now? Rather than a year later? If the bugs show now it's easier to get them fixed.
  19. In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

    Something interesting. If I pause the game after the gold change. It's fine. But if I start it again and try moving on the map it crashes.
  20. In Progress Daily Gold Change Crashes Me

    Save still isn't fixed as of e1.0.11
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