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  1. Broad Suggestions for Immersion

    +1 for all but:

    Do you know what is the only quick ways of cultureswitch a settlement? It´s exchanging each/most inhabitant(s) for 1 of your culture. This implies genocide of the current population. I don't think player should be allowed to engage in such horrible deeds.

    Even an harch assimilation-program takes dacades, so ok, by fifth generation your first settlement could be assimilated enough to provide your cultural units. Untill then, your settlement would produce no soldiers but potential revolters...

    But ofc there can be ways added! I had an interesting discussion in this thread.

    In the bottom of this thread, there is an alternative suggestion, to recruit auxillary troops from conquered cultures.
    I wouldn't say it as quite 'genocide'. It's more of the fact that as they are conquered - I am sure that like the Romans - they left behind trust worthy captains to train up new recruits. Which means they would have been equipped and trained in the conquering cultures style. Does this result in the slow erosion of a conquered peoples culture and traditions? Yes - but this is what is always going to happen when new cultural and societal pressures from a conquering nation is going to cause.
  2. Broad Suggestions for Immersion

    Some suggestions mostly for NPC and specifically NPC lord behaviors. As your Renown and Influence grows, it would be neat if you started attracting lords, and even minor factions to your banner. Everything has to be started by the player, which can get a bit tedious - as it feels like you're...
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