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  1. Custom Soldier Colors

    I want it so the attire of my soldiers, regardless of region can be uniform, the way some rhodak Sergeants wore banner colors. essentially a simple color change of soldiers shirts to my liking. I think this would be very immersive to feel like it is your own kingdom and your own soldiers not...
  2. Help a Brother in need.

    I was an Xbox cuck for mount and blade. Can you guys help link me to an affordable laptop to play bannerlord on. Cheers boys I know the sarcasm is coming
  3. Glory For The Empire!

    I see a lot of FILTHY barbaric battanians and sturgians in this forum. A lot of senate groveling oligarch worshippers and ones who would follow a foreign female as their empress. I on the other hand will follow the hearts and will of those who made the empire... its Soldiers... Eventually...
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