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  1. Unresolved Training skill won’t increase past five on Viking Conquest

    Although many of my companions and character have intelligence well past 10, I am unable to increase the training skill past five. I completed the storyline and am now playing sandbox mode with my character from the storyline. Not being able to increase the trainer skill past five for a...
  2. Need More Info Bannerlord isdue with upgrading bandit troops

    I don’t have a save file because I saved over them all. The issue seemed to resolve itself yesterday as I am now able to upgrade bandit troops to regular troops again. I should say that I only noticed the issue when trying to upgrade Highwaymen to Vlandian Champions. Again, I had war horses in my inventory. If the issue presents itself again, I will create a save and alert Taleworlds on this thread.
  3. Need More Info Bannerlord isdue with upgrading bandit troops

    Even with the Veteran’s Respect perk and leadership of 195, I am no longer able to convert bandit troops into regular troops. Started having the issue on 1/2/21. Big problem as that perk is probably the most important in the game. And yes, I had war horses.
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