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  1. map size, towns, villages, forts and in general more mayhem&destruction

    I have read the More-Towns-Forts-Villages-thread and made a simple test, as People said, the map would be too small. No, it is not. How would I know? Replaced the map with the native one and ended with the Apache-town up in Kerghit-Land and a mexican town Close to the former Location of Tihr...
  2. map_icons in TME

    How can I make sure TME loads the module-specific Icons for the world-map? (not Native!!) I can see castles/forts, but no towns or villages, only their names. And spawn-points. And map_icons.txt is the correct file? Be easy on me, I just got started with this. greetings Jolie
  3. Aktivierung funktioniert nicht 2

    Ich habe das selbe Problem mit der manuellen Aktivierung, weder, noch funktionieren. Da seit dem Post von ShivaChandra schon einige Zeit vergangen ist, muss ich mich doch wundern, wie die Aktivierung jetzt von statten gehen soll, da auch von...
  4. manual activation no longer exists..... how can I activate M&B again? It is a DVD. It is no download. I have the booklet with one key on the backside. Help?? Jolie
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