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  1. Workshops bugged income

    with time it comes to normal so just wait. i think this is difference because of 200 gap
  2. Need More Info Militia and Caravan Guard lines missing upgrades

    Good point, i was wondering why i could fing armed trader only in taverns
  3. Need More Info No tournament exp?

    there is a mod if you want to fix this, but i am sure devs will fix it in few days anyway
  4. Workshops bugged income

    Can confirm, I have a similar thread in balancing subtopic. Gonna roll back to 1.0.1 and risk those crashes, because this workshop glitch literally breaks the game. Its almost worse than a crash.
    Indeed, gonna do the same thing
  5. Lords running around with 1 troop (bug)

    This is the reason why in all my saves Sturgia gets conquered first, they just don't have armies anymore.
  6. Need More Info Not able to start the battle

    When you are mercenary and join someone army and you are getting in a battle you can choose which troops to command. But it seems there is no "start battle" button so you are just stuck in this menu. Screenshot linked.
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