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  1. Raz

    Kinstrife - Historical Action RPG with Physics-based Combat

    Dear members of the TW community, As a long-time M&B player, former modder and member of the forums, I've long dreamed to create a historical video game of my own. It is finally my pleasure to announce I've been working on a title myself for the past years, along with Christoph, a good friend...
  2. Raz

    Amy Winehouse found dead

    I'll just leave this here. :)
  3. Raz

    All Aspect Warfare

    Hi guys, I recently found out a bout a game called All Aspect Warfare. Apparently it's a detailed sci-fi space sim based on the Battlecruiser 3000AD universe, but with an interesting twist. There is first person ground combat. The developers (3000AD) are pretty notorious for making a load of...
  4. Raz

    Quicksave Is Turning Me Into A Wuss

    Almost all modern games allow the player to save and load their progress at almost any point in the game. This has been made even easier by mapping the save and load functions to the F5 and F6 (or F9) keys. At some point after the introduction of the quicksave, things have been going wrong. I...
  5. Raz

    Jagged Alliance 2 MP and FOnline

    Gentlemen. After 10 years of waiting, our prayers have finally been answered. Two of the best turn-based tactical RPGs can now be played online. Jagged Alliance 2 MP is a mod for v1.13 (the mod that brought tears to our eyes), which which enables players to fight with and against each others...
  6. Raz

    Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - It's official **** yeah. I'm going to find this at least mildly enjoyable if only for the great setting and art. Too bad it's console only. So suck on that, PC gamers. :P
  7. Raz

    The horizontal scroll bar

    From the day it was added to the forums, the in-post horizontal scroll bar has been a rather annoying feature to me. Especially when multiple pictures are posted in a single post, you need to scroll all the way down to the end of the post to be able to move the horizontal scroll bar to the...
  8. Raz

    Chaos Gate

    Chaos Gate is a turn-based tactical set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. You play the campaign as a commander of the Ultramarines, and get to choose between some 10 space marine squads every mission. Right, so I got Chaos Gate to work properly on Windows XP just a month or so ago, and I just...
  9. Raz

    Party Screen: Double clicking for transferring and upgrading

    Title says it all. If you have a lot of troop types that need transferring, it gets tedious to select the troop type, and press the take button and repeat it for dozens of troop types. It'd save a lot of effort if you could just double click on the troop that needs transferring (or upgrading...
  10. Raz

    Lords and their equipment

    Hello, To start off, as the title says, I have a few suggestions on how I think lords should be equipped. - First of all, most of the lords wear armour and wield weapons totally unrelated to the faction they're fighting for. King Ragnar of the Nords, for example, wears a kettle helm; something...
  11. Raz

    SP Native Cries of War Soundpack, KandK Musicpack for V.950

    Hello all, I ported Eisenhouwer's terrific Cries of War soundpack to V.950. Took a little trial and error editing it through the .txt and v.903's module system, but it's bug-free now. It should work for the upcoming bugfixes too. You can download it here. And alternatively, the Kings and...
  12. Raz

    Manliness of various sports

    You've got to be kidding me. Rugby is a lot more violent than American Football. They hardly even wear protection.
  13. Raz

    '69 Apollo 11 Moonlanding: Staged? I'm getting my doubts now. I'm not concluding anything, but I certainly won't exclude the possibility of NASA staging it so they'd win the race. Please, discuss or...
  14. Raz

    Waar woon je?

    Hey, ik vroeg me af of er misschien nog meer Limburgers tussen zitten hier? Ikzelf kom uit de buurt van Maastricht. :mrgreen:
  15. Raz

    Accumulating Sound Effects

    Hello. It's been a while since I've put up my last suggestion, but here's something that's been on my mind for a few months, and I wanted to let y'all know. Now, in M&B, when there are a lot of people walking in a scene, you may hear a lot of footsteps at a time. These footsteps are all played...
  16. Raz

    Welkom bij Taleworlds!

    Welkom in het Benelux sub-forum van Taleworlds! De taal die hier voornamelijk dient gesproken te worden is Nederlands, maar Frans óf Luxemburgs is ook toegestaan. Je kan jezelf in deze topic introduceren, maar het kan ook gebruikt worden voor willekeurige praatjes. :wink: In deze link vind je...
  17. Raz

    Forum regels (Lezen vóór posten!)

    Hallo, voordat je begint met posten moeten deze paar regels even doorgenomen worden. Je riskeert een tijdelijke of permanente ban als je je niet aan deze regels houdt. 1) - Geen spam. Dit betekent dat je post inhoud moet hebben. Er zal hier niet gekeken worden naar de quantiteit ervan. 2) -...
  18. Raz

    Why not equip yourself with the best armour?

    I've been asking myself this since I got into medieval history. Why does a knight in for example the 12th century buy himself a nasal conical helm if there were far more protecting helms available, like the early great helm? Take this picture for example. The mounted knight obviously has enough...
  19. Raz

    Two Worlds, Conan Hyborian

    Wow, I just found out about these two games. Best thing is, they will both be available for both X360 and PC, and have online abilities. While Conan will be an MMORPG (though you can also play offline), Two Worlds will let you play co-op with up to 8 players. As an X360 user, you can even play...
  20. Raz

    Louis and the Nazi's

    Louis and the Nazi's is a BBC documentary about American white nationalists. I find the way Louis approaches and confronts the racists in this documentary very good. Most of the time they don't have any valid arguments for even partially explaining their radical thoughts. There's a lot of...
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