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  1. King Richard

    Counts are D*cks

    This needs no explanation...
  2. King Richard

    This is ridiculous !

    I was taking back Dhirim from the sarranid sultanate , at the end of the siege , after I captured Dhirim, all the kingdoms declared war against Swadia (the khergits don't have a lot to fight with, so they didn't declare war), why did all of them snap instantly ? Even my allies (Rhodoks), which I...
  3. King Richard

    The Rhodok/Swadian Alliance Campaign !

    So , Count Delinard invited me to take part in his "crusade" against the sarranids , when I got to Uxkhal , almost all the Rhodok and Swadian lords were accompanying Delinard , wich was odd another kingdom's vassals accompanyig other kingdom's vassals.(I'm playing Diplomacy) This is ridiculous
  4. King Richard

    Right to Rule

    I don't know if anyone will see this topic but anyway ... I am a farely new player , and I have some questions , but mostly about character right to rule. I want to know if you require right to rule to recruit other lords from other factions to your kingdom and how do I recruit them Thanks in...
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