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  1. Marecone

    Campaign map making - help needed

    Hi guys, I am a co-developer on Gabrilduro's 1860's Mod for Warband 1.153. We use USA map with Canada, Mexico and West Indies. Parts of western Mexico and USA are not in the game. My first task was to place centers (cities, forts and villages) as historicaly accurate as possible. Went in edit...
  2. Marecone


    Downloaded this mod few days ago and I must say I am very impressed. I play warband a lot but only 1257 mod wich is great in some other way but I am more then suprised with 1755. It has few bugs and sometimes it chrashes but every time I loaded my game time passed so quickly I was suprised. My...
  3. Marecone

    Right to rule

    I am currently day 350 in game. Getting ready to start my own kingdom. Got me a nice croatian banner and have loads of money. Renown 1500, honor 50, 20 or so friends but I can't find my rtr. Where is it? Companions didn't have option to spread the word. Thanx in advance
  4. Marecone

    Help with companions

    I did read FAQ and found that there are many companions. I got a fief as hungar and after I invited nobles I got 3 companions; Bolko and 2 more. Then I loaded and joined muslims. Got fief and got same 3 companions. How do I get others? I have hired max number (4 or 5) companions from the start...
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