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  1. Taimat396

    Restarted computer, getting POST beepy error thing

    One long, two short, meaning it's a display adaptor/monitor problem. Monitor definitely works, since I can play the ps3 on it. Anyways, I was playing lol, game was running a bit sluggish so I restarted computer. Windows installed updates and shut down. Then the ****er wouldn't boot. No display...
  2. Taimat396

    [Werewolf: Archives] Werewolf - Monster House

    Welcome to the never before seen hit new reality show, where we pit a bunch of murderous assholes mindwiped assholes Totally not previous contestants that have been brainwashed and put against each other for a prize that may or may not be survival and/or restoration of their mental faculties...
  3. Taimat396

    Werewolf - Monster House Recruitment thread

    Alrighty then, game time. Got room for twelve players, and at the end I'll put everyone who wants to join into a hat and pick twelve from the list, by the power of random numbers. This'll be very much narration lite, given I'm awful at it. However, this game DOES have some fairly different...
  4. Taimat396


    It's good. You should play it. Basically it's a roguelike with actual graphics and a plot, loose though it is. Can have limited extra lives and stuff too, and it's generally less frustrating than most on account of less bull**** deaths. Pretty simple to get into, but crazy hard to actually win...
  5. Taimat396

    Epicmafia Essentially, it's a site with chatrooms for playing mafia in. It's pretty robust, though the occasional minute long server downtimes WILL happen right in the middle of your best games. There's a few trolls, and a lot of sucky players, but it's still fun, and if...
  6. Taimat396

    Europe is so mean :(

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Europe 'stealing Iran's rain' He has accused Western countries of plotting to "cause drought" in Iran by using high tech equipment to drain the clouds of raindrops. Mr Ahmadinejad says that European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to 'dump' Iran's...
  7. Taimat396

    BloodBowl, Legendary League MkII

    Yeah, actual proper signup/league thread. Looking at eight players including myself, but will adjust if lots/nobody wants to join. So yeah, go. Only thing is, this will be starting from 1000TV. 2000's gone a bit overboard to the point where we've had to set additional arbitrary rules, and it's...
  8. Taimat396


    Damn this thing is difficult. Anyway, discuss the game, post how far you got. you start with a four letter word, and take it in turns with the computer to change one letter. You lose when you can't form another word that hasn't been used before.
  9. Taimat396

    Embarassing stuff you did/believed in

    Think what made you happy today, only with embarrassing/stupid things that you used to/still do/believed. For instance, I was an altar boy for ~2 years, though luckily the priest was pretty awesome as priests go. And my bumhole is still untouched :O
  10. Taimat396

    Monday Night Combat

    It's half way between a third person TF2 and DotA. Gameplay Trailer It's going for a tenner on steam and comes with guest passes. ****'s pretty decent for that, though I haven't tried Crossfire (The DotA gamemode) much. Oh yeah, there's two gamemodes - Blitz, which is a team based tower...
  11. Taimat396

    Calodine loses at Starcraft II: The Movie : The Game

    Alright, so we're doing Amnesia. It may-or-may-not have saved the first one. Apologies for that. Doesn't work well with Amnesia.
  12. Taimat396

    Huhh. Decent Sonic games? 4's supposed to be pretty good, so tthey might not be full of ****. Again.
  13. Taimat396

    Voice problems

    (Yes, yet another tech support thread. What can I say, I suck.) This is mostly a problem in new games - Metro 2033, Bad company 2, Stalker to a lesser degree. Voices and other positional audio are not positioned right. If I look at a guy, he's nearly mute. If I look a few feet to the side, I...
  14. Taimat396

    Video card drivers

    Yeah, thread's pretty unneccessary, but I'm desperate. Spent a good five hours putting this together, and now I just have two problems, though one's pretty easy to fix and I'm not bothering with it yet. Basically, the drivers for the video card won't install. Brand new GTX 460. The disk...
  15. Taimat396

    Computer bits

    So either in the next couple of weeks or after Christmas I'm planning on doing some upgrading on the computer. And by 'me', I mean 'let you lot do the legwork'. Brief 'stuff I need' deal: The PSU is barely keeping up with what I have now. It's a solid corsair, but 400W is pushing it. While...
  16. Taimat396

    Spawning parties based on the date

    Best way I could think of wording it. Lets say I have a dozen different parties, 1 through 12. Having 1 and 2 spawn every so often is simple enough, but how would I go about making 3 and 4 spawn along with them after a set amount of time (Lets say a month) has passed? Same deal with a...
  17. Taimat396

    SP Native [WB] Enemy at the Gates

    First actual properly done attempt at a mod. It's not supposed to be very big, and it's made with only one thing in mind: To keep those 'oh **** runawayrunwayrunaway!' moments from the start of the game back when you're set up. Right now it just adds Geroian troops and items, but by the time...
  18. Taimat396

    District 9

    About a ear old, but I couldn't find a thread. Premiered on sky today. I think. I thought it was pretty damn good. Got rather pissed off at a lot of people in it. Also, it features the most hatable protagonist in a while, which is...I dunno. Think it would have been better if it was just a...
  19. Taimat396

    Question time

    Well, we have a lot of people of various backgrounds from various countries, and you can only take a topic so far off course before it gets annoying. So, ask questions and people who can, answer them. Basic idea being if someone wants to know something about say the Balkan education system, then...
  20. Taimat396

    Evolution - The adventures of the sodomising tentacle blob

    Alright, similar to the last one but with less idiot. The creature is an amorphous blob with minimal ability to form tentacles. It is green, naturally. We start in a cave with a small puddle. In the puddle is a small fish. What do we do with it?
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