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  1. markp27

    Looks like we will get achievements in the near future

    Give me an example? What is the difference? What rewards are meaningful. Aren't all achievement same in the end?
    A meaningful reward would be something I can use in-game, like some extra skill points or focus points, or a special piece of gear. Steam achievements are just cosmetic badges that exist outside of the game so they don't mean anything to me.
    As Lord Irontoe has said there are completely different types of achievements. The game already has an achievement system in the arena, however the arena does not provide a unique piece of equipment.

    With a proper achievement system you would get something unique when you won that arena for the first time. Each arena would hold a different piece of armour and by winning them all you would achieve the full set of armour.

    Edit: This concept could then be incorporated into steam achievements as an achievement for collecting all particular parts of that armour. Assuming that each culture has it's own set of armour that is six achievements.
  2. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Do you think Joan of Arc was a warrior? She was a religious symbol to inspire the warriors.
    You should read the rest of my replies before writing a reply, as you are about a week out of date :grin:
  3. markp27

    Dear TaleWorlds, I ask you to play as horse archers two or three games.

    I feel that playing as horse archers for 2 or 3 games would be excessive playtesting. Now 2 or 3 hours would provide enough information in my opinion to make a decision :wink:
  4. markp27

    Too easy to tier up troops

    @Lord Irontoe and there you have your answer :smile:
  5. markp27

    Too easy to tier up troops

    No im talking about that they are putting general troop training all over the skill tree so it doesnt matter what youre specializing in you still get substantial buffs in troop training of which is allready way to easy to do
    Then my idea would work as it would slow down that spread :wink: I do not disagree that troop training should be slowed down overall, however by having more specialised training, they could lower down troop experience gain. It would also get players to have more varied companions to help with training the troops.
  6. markp27

    Too easy to tier up troops

    I mean it was so easy before just to get your troops up to t5 in 5-6 looter battles. Sure you have now slowed down the higher tiers a little but then you choose to spread passive soldier training xp boosts all over the skill board ? Whos in charge of these decisions because i want to have an talk with that person if him or her are feeling alright atm....

    I know its a process to find the best middle ground for balance but i seen it so often now that you fix something good then you have another part you put in that goes totally the other way that makes no sense. Its like sitting with an good cop and bad slapping you around :wink: If there was some in leadership perk and maybe one in pole arm or one in handed sword (excl bandits that is alright in rogue) i would be alright, but its all over the place and its already still easy to level them up
    What, exactly, are you arguing for? To put all the passive training perks into one place or to get rid of them altogether?
    From my understanding, Dr-Shinobi is asking for more specific training from whomever is leader of them. Passive experience boosts should be set for each skill, archery has one that boosts experience for archers etc. But that is my reading of what they wrote I may be wrong.
  7. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    The hope for me is that they've been working on the bigger content over the past 8 months and it will start to be implemented into the game in more rapid patches the closer we get towards final release.

    If this isn't the case, they really don't have time to work on worthwhile content if they want to match their original 1 year EA access schedule. There's still so much needed to be done, it's just not possible if they don't have content built up already.
    Yeah we can hope so, but given TW history I'm not holding my breath. If I were a betting man I'd bet against this being out of ea in a year. But if it is no one will be happier than me. :party:
    One thing I keep pushing Callum to do is, to announce the EA will be extended by a minimum of six months. Most players would accept this, my major worry is that they will make big updates as the near the time and we will be getting nothing but more and more game breaking bugs. If you look at the updates up till now, every one of them has been filled with bugs.
  8. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    What does this have to do with the conversation? I never proposed this, I was referring to established cultural traditions. First you cited two irrelevant points in your Joan Of Arc post, then tried to back track, this type of argument is not gonna work on me buddy. Don't plan on being a lawyer anytime soon.
    This forum is for discussions about the game, for you to state that women did not fight during the middle ages, must therefore be in reference to the amount of women in the game. As to my Joan of Arc comment, I merely noted that she is the most famous of women generals during this period. I then went on to mention several other women that actually did fight.

    The internet is just an doesnt exist
    This statement is false, it is real life that is a myth and does not exist :wink:

    As to being called a SJW, that is no insult to me, I am English and you just have to look at how our footballers carry on paying tribute to the BLM, to see that we do not mind being called SJW's. So I thank you for the compliment @stevehoos :grin:
  9. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Women in Islam have been in the harem for time immemorial, there are extreme exceptions in nobility, these are incredibly rare. The idea that this was ever practiced consistently in any of these cultures is absurd. "Cultural Marxism?" Perhaps it is? It's whatever you want to call something emotive that is missing rational objectivity or truth.
    Can I just confirm that you do realise that Calradia is a fictional world? As your comments seem to state that you have not realised this yet.
  10. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Noble women were highly important in court and in the military planning at times, but the one thing they never did was fight in the battles. This is true in the Occident medieval period. Women never even participated in any form in Islamic politics or armies period.
    Khawlah bint al-Azwar.

    Do you want to keep playing this game?

    Maybe try Mongol women next so I can mention Khutulun :grin:

    I also suppose that Sikelgaita never took part in any battles either?
  11. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Jesus Christ, for the love of God read a history book, Joan of Arc never fought a moment in active combat against anyone. This is known. Who is teaching you this? Joan of Arc was an inspiring leader of a movement, she was not an actual combatant. She never even swung her sword around, she always carried her banner. She was a general who lead an army, she outlined military tactics but stayed in the rear during battle. Women were not warriors save in exceedingly rare instances; get off Wikipedia and read source material. Anyone who claims otherwise is pushing an agenda, not history. Which is what many of you are doing like the sheep finder poster in this thread.
    You could say that of a lot of generals who went on to be famous. A figurehead leader can be as much an inspiration as a leader who actually fights, sometimes more so. I suppose that Caterina Sforza done nothing military wise either?
  12. markp27

    Patch Next Week (Nov. 1 - Nov. 7)?

    Cleaned my posts up in here so I don't get an infraction, God these kids get on my nerves, made me feel sheepish.
    In answer to your question on women in the middle ages fighting, the answer is yes they did. There are a lot of examples of this including the most famous one Joan of Arc.
  13. markp27

    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    well i was talking about walking and since a horses have longer walking distance steps this sounds to me like the data is incorrect thinking that horses have stam like beasts...but what do i no expert in horses ^^
    Walking or running it doesn't matter, given enough time humans can outpace almost all animals, it's an evolutionary trait since we used to hunt beasts by chasing them until they droped of exhaustion.

    Horses can run faster than humans for a short amount of time until they get too tired for it while we can keep at a trot and eventually caught them (the native americans hunted all their horses to extinction before europeans brought them back for example)

    Why don't we do that anymore? Just because we can doesn't mean it's easy or "fun", much easier on the legs to ride horses around and exchange them with fresh remounts when they get too tired like was done everywhere before cars, trains etc lol
    An infantry man would normally march approximately 20 miles per day. This allows them to sustain doing that every day. You have to take into account wearing full armour, carrying weapons and any other kit. The poor horse has it harder as they are carrying the man, all of his equipment and a saddle as well.
  14. markp27

    Banners needed in BANNERlord.

    The OP is correct this a top priority, way ahead of balance, depth of story and other issues.

    Stop everything you are doing TaleWorlds and fix this now!!!!

  15. markp27

    Do devs even play this game??

    Programmers also make terrible testers. Testing is an underrated role which requires quite a different mindset and skillset.

    A lot of TW release issues seem to be build/package quality control problems rather than missed bugs - like the icons misalignment in 153 main branch, which wasn't present in 153 beta.
    Well im still waiting for a call from Callum. Offered him my 12 hour service if they offered me a room to stay and food during the process with no salary.

    Now the second question is if Rainbow six siege devs had even played this game ?! as they ruined one of my fav franchises with cod bs. Rip Tom Clancy

    Testers are only ever 50% effective as they play on a sandbox version of the game. Once the game goes live is when the real work begins. Welcome all to your job as live and beta testers for TaleWorld :grin:
  16. markp27

    Does the Bannerlord map make sense, when compared to that of Warband?

    Castles were generally built in what would become cities. Why we have separate castles and cities I have no idea. Towns are more likely to have no castle.

    Forts were built at the end of valleys to stop advancing armies. Often with two watchtowers at the top so they could rain down fire on the enemy army.

    Cartography changes even over 100 years, and sea erosion happens all the time. So coastlines change and maps would get updated.
  17. markp27

    Fertility Chance and no man needed example, The Calradia Secret:

    Have you never heard of immaculate conception????

    Praise the gods of Calradia !!!!

    Now you can claim their offspring rule by divine right !
  18. markp27

    Can we finally get the option to disable death?

    The option will be to disable death, birth, and aging. In other words, dynasty system on/off. It doesn't help with the notables being lost. Honestly that is the one I would like more to have the option, but I am happy at least the dynasty will be optional.
    And probably a good idea to disable executions if those are off.
    So no point in marrying and no stress relief. Are you two trying to depress me???? :grin:
  19. markp27

    Can we finally get the option to disable death?

    Makes sense to have an option on a dynasty game, that disables death. Yep, dynasty will work so well with immortals.

    Sarcasm intended :grin:
  20. markp27

    Mod to make wife milkable?

    I want a mod with a ban hammer, just so I don't have to read this stuff.
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