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  1. Need More Info You have been kicked by anti-cheat.

    Still having this issue, usually happens around 2-3 minutes when in game.
  2. Need More Info Anti cheat kick

    Can you send me the contents of this file after reproducing this again?
    C:\ProgramData\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\logs\rgl_log_xxxxx.txt
    The log file that stands out the most with constant errors is:
    [11:57:41.851] Granite Error in Graphine::Granite::Internal::Transcoder::Tick: The transcoded bitstream was invalid, this may indicate a corupted file or incompatible transcoder version.
  3. Need More Info Anti cheat kick

    Same issue here is log file:
  4. Resolved Town and Castle militia standing outside their castles in separate parties

    My militia in my save file does this. Only mod installed is granary inside castle mod. The problem that causes this issue I believe is prosperity and food in castles. That was the only thing I found that could force them out and sure enough the food was at 0 (-1) when I checked it. Let me know if you want save file.
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