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  1. RodLimitless

    1.6.2 can't assign party role

    1.6.2 bugs: -can't assign party role, not even to main character. i assigned quartermaster and reverted to none. same with the other followers, keep assigning engineering roles, and such, and nothing as soon as i reopen tab, nothing saved.... -not sure if bug, but can't manouver with couched...
  2. RodLimitless

    caravan not making any money whatsoever

    have 2 caravans neither one of them have gotten captured or anything. been 2 months in-game (60 days in-game) neither has made ANY money whatsoever. in previous playthroughs, it'd show the money when you hovered over the gold, it'd show income and expenses, but atm nothing. right now if I open...
  3. RodLimitless

    option to NOT take locked horse without mod :/

    when are they going to implement the locking horse to actually LOCK your horse D: i keep upgrading cav and the locked horses get taken first. i personally like the Aserai horse the best, and did this experiment: i had 5 aserai war horses, and 20 other war horses (vlandian courser, etc..). i...
  4. RodLimitless

    when entering battle, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map

    upon entering, there should be a menu that allows you to choose map (out of the available terrains of coure) it's annoying retreating 15 times so i can play on the map that i like
  5. RodLimitless

    archers auto transfer into infantry when they run out of arrows

    is there this option? if not, there should be an option in-game so that archers automatically transfer to infantry formation whenever they run out of arrows and there aren't any nearby for them to pick up from the ground. Same for horse archers respectively. thoughts? I personally like to...
  6. RodLimitless

    riding tier 7 perk - riding horde or breeder?

    which one best? thanks :)
  7. RodLimitless

    riding perk question

    cavalry tactics or mounted patrols? (riding 9th tier perks) if i'm clan leader, does it mean on all the settlements only or villages too, there will be more mounted troops (elite troops) that will volunteer? thanks
  8. RodLimitless

    Steward Perk Question

    I'm on the 5th tier of the steward perk on 1.6 and I'm not sure which to decide between Giving Hands or Logistician. How exactly does giving hands work? For my governor companions I chose for them to have Logistician because I feel tax income is more secure/steady than tariff, but for my...
  9. RodLimitless

    frugal vs spartan??

    for the steward talents, which one is best long run??? the 5% party cost decrease or the taking away penalty for single food items?? like how much would spartan boost morale by, and does high morale help before battles or it's just so trooops wont desert ?
  10. RodLimitless

    do governor perks work on player? (can the player be governor of a town or castle?)?

    do governor perks work on player? (can the player be governor of a town or castle?)? or only NPCs can be assigned? (really asking if the player gets any of the Governor perks to work or that's just for NPCs ?? thx
  11. RodLimitless

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk? is the speed much more viable than the 10% weapon handling? thanks;skill=athletics;perk=fury ty
  12. RodLimitless

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury

    Form Fitting Armor vs Fury what perk? is the speed much more viable than the 10% weapon handling? thanks;skill=athletics;perk=fury
  13. RodLimitless

    serious rework that the game needs

    I love Bannerlord i've spent as many hours in it as I have in SoT which means i've been beyond addicted to the game since I got it, now, this game is almost unplayable without mods D: mods should be a bonus, an extra, NOT a necessity nor a must. that said, the following are simple reworks i...
  14. RodLimitless


    i absolutely love bannerlord< but how can there have been so many patches already implemented and still NO NAVIGATION HOYKEYS!! My index finger literally begun hurting when i first played banenrlord becasue how much clicking i needed to do, for everything - smithing, selecting stuff, etc. I'm...
  15. RodLimitless

    companions going into wrong formation while in army

    when playing as army commander, i go into a battle and i've a bunch of locks on the different formations i cannot asign the companions what formation i want them to lead for example i made the sister a horse archer in this playthrough, and when i made an army and called upon her, and went into...
  16. RodLimitless

    Can't make peace with other faction??

    I'm playing Vlandia and have been at war with Garios since, well the start. I already have my own Kingdom south of Vlandia and west of Garios'. I've already captures 20+ nobles and have thrown them in the dungeon, and now I've captured Garios' army, and I still don't have an option to make...
  17. RodLimitless


    not sure where the bug forum was but, in 1.5.10 : when ur in character skill menu if u right click anywhere on the skill trees while on that page the game crashes edit Um also, i cannot "N" to access encyclopedia whatsoever or the game crashes :( !!!
  18. RodLimitless

    When does 1.5.10 get released???

    i saw the changes i want them i need them specially the leveling aspects i'm so tired of grinding skills, when does the patch get released ??? i don't have it available atm :( ?
  19. RodLimitless

    Bear my banner mod configuration??

    I've been using the mod bear my banner so troops will bear banners but i still cannot figure out how to customize it so that archers won't bear banners or maybe only give them to veteran troops. i've seen some youtubers highly customize this but i can't figure out how when i go to mod options...
  20. RodLimitless

    bow control vs dead aim perk on horseback

    think i may've asked this before but always forget: does bow control perk (first bow perk) affect shooting bows while on horseback, or just on foot? ps i looked at;skill=bow;perk=bow-control but it wasn't specified. thanks
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