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  1. Warlord-616x

    Resolved cavalry begins map plummeting off cliffs

    so wasnt too bad before if i didnt move them as there was room on the side of the cliffs and plateaus, but now most maps that i play that are narrow to any kind of degree my cavalry starts the game falling from thin air. luckily most of the time they fall they seem to be knocked out, but its...
  2. Warlord-616x

    Feels like end times

    hey guys just playing through the campaign and with the way death works right now it kinda feels like the end of days in game. i mean the older generation just whittles away from even just age while the new generation is coming up the ai tech doesnt support so just gives a feeling like the next...
  3. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    hi guys, so hired a merc faction and they were running around doing stuff, but now they have all been taken prisoner by various people and i havent seen any of them in months. what do i do? they say they are at different locations including one of my towns but i dont seem them anywhere...
  4. Warlord-616x

    garrison disappearing?

    hey fellas, in a previous game i had played i had noticed garrison troops you leave would disappear or get turned to peasants and was just wondering if this was still the case or if anyone had a better place i could stash some of my elite troops while on the hunt for more. ive been using my...
  5. Warlord-616x

    main quest expired?

    hey guys was just getting to the point where i was going to separate from my previous nation, but before i got to that point the main quest seems to have just expired. Is there a way to still start my own faction? i didnt even know i was on a timer ffs. heck 'why' is there a timer on it...
  6. Warlord-616x

    if only follow meant follow...

    hey guys just think it would be exceptionally nice if when you gave the order to your units to follow you they didnt....jump in your way when you are trying to shoot someone with your bow.
  7. Warlord-616x

    better death warnings

    hey guys trying to play with the death system and its fun....until you notice you lost a lord a month ago who had skills and gear you cant replace and you had ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE THEY DIED WHATSOEVER is pretty annoying to make an understatement. would be nice to have a notification thats better...
  8. Warlord-616x

    Resolved wanderers starting off in castles

    hey guys was just asked to report this here from elsewhere, and basically i just started a new campaign and noticed that many of the wanderers display as last having been seen in various castles and while i was able to find one of them in a local town there are several that i cant seem to find...
  9. Warlord-616x


    hey guys so was enjoying the whole death thing when it came to me and the kids taking over when you died etc but starting to run into problems where now my lords are dying in battles now too and some of those lords are not exactly easy to replace. i would still consider trying to tank through...
  10. Warlord-616x

    Resolved delayed commands and no defense

    hey guys so i might be the only one thats noticed this in the universe but i cant help but observe that sometimes when i click on the attack command he sometimes doesnt follow the order and just stands there or the attack goes right through the direct center of the enemy and nothing happens...
  11. Warlord-616x

    suggestion: stop npcs from shooting through each other

    hey guys, so just saw definitive evidence that the ai not only singles you out of the crowd, but can shoot through not only its own friendly units but your own units in order to focus upon you. if you guys could fix this that would awesome as nobody ive ever met likes being cheesed to death...
  12. Warlord-616x

    Company of trouble trouble

    hey guys, so was reading some guide that said this was an easy mission and was easy money, but ive gone to 15 lords from multiple factions and despite supposedly having a 56% chance of success i have failed every single one. ive met with 4 critical failures but not one success. is this mission...
  13. Warlord-616x

    bannerlord ad?

    hey guys, was just wondering if the team was still around or if there were any plans for a bannerlord version of this mod. always thought it was the cats arse of mods :)
  14. Warlord-616x

    how many lords can you have?

    hey guys, i had asked about this awhile back and we didnt know, but there has been a lot of updates since then. any idea what the maximum number of clans or nobles you can have is? is it better to have larger clans then small or vice versa? and how many do you guys have? i have 11 clans...
  15. Warlord-616x

    feedback: ill try back in a year or two

    hey guys, so mount and blade is one of my favorite series of all time, but when it comes to the multiplayer combat for bannerlord? what happened? did you just not notice that the combat system is a complete wreck? i really hate to say all this as i really want to like it, but omg. i mean what...
  16. Warlord-616x

    sup with multi?

    hey fellas, so ive got a lot of time in this game (still my favorite of all time :smile: ) in both single and multiplayer (i suck but still generally come in 1st or 2nd for my team win or loss so im at least not totally terrible) and while im pretty sure that skill points have a lot to do with...
  17. Warlord-616x

    suddenly getting anti cheat kicked

    hey guys so guess with this lastest patch we need battleye installed (ick) and looking through my installation folder i dont have any battleye files or applications and there doesnt seem to be a way to download it manually. lil help?
  18. Warlord-616x

    why do lords defect?

    hey guys, so had this start happening to me before where i had assumed i had too many lords and they would start to leave. so i got rid of the newest one that i had at the time and kept it at that number and ive been fine. well now suddenly this other lord who has 20 rep and a bunch of castles...
  19. Warlord-616x

    is food borked?

    so took out a town that had like 800 troops in it or something (or took back one of my old towns i should say), then the town immediately goes down to -100 food, -10 militia and -5 garrison ratings. didnt have a single defender at it for months in game time if i dont have my army baby sitting...
  20. Warlord-616x

    how to skill the kids up?

    hey guys my kids are finally getting of age and ive decked them out with the finest loot around and had them with me for awhile, but they dont seem to be progressing and dont have many skills to start. any tips? gotta get them runts to work! :)
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