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  1. phennexion

    Chaos Axe, Completed!

    Hey all! It's been a while since I did anything with M&B, but im lovin the updates to it, and been playin hundred years war mod, lol. I felt to need to 3d model another axe, others might remember my Widowmaker Axe, or my 2x4 with a nail in it weapons... but I lost them... :( anyone still have...
  2. phennexion

    Is there a modding Wiki?

    Hey guys, Is there a modding Wiki With Tutorials and such? If not... maybe we could make one? I got a web server n all to host it. Thanks - Phennexion
  3. phennexion

    OSP Fantasy 3D Art The 2by4 of Death > Released!

    Hey all :smile: I know it's not very pretty but it sure is fun to use! hehe. This is my 2nd mod and im finnally gettin the hang of it :smile: Thanks to Yoshiboy, Simpson, Lurb, Janus, and everyone who contributed to the mod scene to help me learn :smile: anyway I'm still not sure how to go...
  4. phennexion

    Get Object Failed Error :(

    Hey all, I've been messin around with a new model... lol I wanted to make a simple 2x4 with a few nails in it... and so i've been using the new Texture Tool by Simpson and BRF View & Edit... I've for the mesh to load up in BRF View: and this is the error i get when i try to run M&B.
  5. phennexion

    Widow Maker > Released !!

    *YAAAAAAAAWNNNNNNNNNN* After a LOONG ASS DAY, It's DONE! hehe. Thanks everyone for your support on the forums here, it was so cool to tear up some mountain bandits using my own creation! Download: 248kb. About 1500kb unzipped. It's in .obj and...
  6. phennexion

    Unrecognized Resource type

    Hi all, I'm having a problem loading up the game after applying the new texture UVMAP to my mesh in BRFView. I've loaded the mesh and applied the texture to the axe in BRFView, hex edited material.brf & texture_names.brf. The texture is 2048x2048. Is that too big? I save the .DDS as DXT5. I...
  7. phennexion

    My First 3d Weapon & A New Gun !

    Hey all :) Thx for all the help, im learning alot!! hehe, I just finished main texturing of henderson's rifle and finished the beta of my axe. First, here's Henderson's 1861 Musketoon, It was my very first texture and he didnt give me any reference pictures.... so... here it is :) And...
  8. phennexion


    Hey all ! Thanks again for the help from my other posts... here's another .. probably stupid question. I was running thru Yoshi's Tutorial (thx yoshi btw). and I imported my gun and all into the Editor as crossbow etc. I go into game and look how my gun turns out.... How do i make it point the...
  9. phennexion

    Rotating View win BRFView?

    hey all I was wondering how to rotate the 3d model in BRF View... is it possible? And... How once i make the weapon, do i find it in game? Like after i create it in the mb_edit.exe. Thanks!
  10. phennexion

    My First Mod....BLURRY?!

    Hey all ! I've gotten into the modding side of things and im wondering why my new textures i made went all blurry once i entered the game... here's 2 screenies. In BRFView and in game: Why?? :( :( :shock: [/img]
  11. phennexion

    How to Edit .DDS Files?

    Hi all :) I'm new to the forum, my friend got me into Mount & Blade and now im an addict. lol. Anyway, I'm trying to do noobsaibot's(sorry for the lack of numbers) video tutorial, and i cant seem to open the .DDS files in photoshop.... Do i need a plug-in?? I see theres one by nvidia... is that...
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