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  1. Arkyll

    Dynamic blocking and feinting

    Ok so it has become apparent that this game could really do with some proper hitboxes when it comes to blocking. If you block and press LMB a ms before a hit lands on your block, it counts that you have taken a hit although your weapon is clearly still in a blocking position. Feinting is also...
  2. Arkyll

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    Honestly, I am happy with alot of the changes and improvements in this patch.

    Its the potential elephant DLC that has got me worried. Game is unfinished and paid DLC is already on the table?
  3. Arkyll

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.0

    If they were going to just get rid of Khuzait speed bonus why did they have Mexico spend months fixing snowballing?

    I'm really interested in seeing if they're going to have to revert snowballing changes now that they got rid of super speed for Khuzait.
    I don't really think that there is a realistic workaround for it, the speed bonus is such a massive advantage..
  4. Arkyll

    Kudos to the makers of Realistic Battle Mod and

    Well, maybe something has changed in the last mod releases. I tested this mod some months ago and this was the result:

    Maybe something has changed after almost a year, but it looked like the mod's author liked see archers being OP, so I stopped to use that mod. I am going to give it a try again.
    Old version.

    Archers are well balanced in RBM overall.
  5. Arkyll

    My faction loses every single battle

    Northern Empire is the weakest Empire faction I would say. The AI also loves fighting over Epicrotea for some reason, so thats a pretty instant -1 city for them out the gate.
  6. Arkyll

    Why can't I be ransomed?

    Because the player is on a different plain of existence & rules at all times.
    Not even counting the cheats the AI gets.
  7. Arkyll

    Kudos to the makers of Realistic Battle Mod and

    Vanilla is unplayable after getting used to RBM.
  8. Arkyll

    Limit on how many mercenaries a kingdom can have.

    But Talesworld in their infinite wisdom has decided that minor factions are there to restore the balance.

    That's why weaker factions get all the mercs.

    It's just alot of poor decision making regarding steam rolling. Instead of fixing the root of the problem, i.e. Kuzait SPEED, they implement things like:

    a. prisoners are all houdinis
    b. wounded lords recover immediately
    c. AI lords start with elite troops
    d. AI lords don't need money

    I'm sure there's alot more.
    People have also suggested that armies should break up and retreat more often.
  9. Arkyll

    Limit on how many mercenaries a kingdom can have.

    There is clearly a recruitment bias toward factions that are down on their luck, which I dont have a problem with.
  10. Arkyll

    Proper pronunciation for Swadia. Would appreciate an official response from devs!

    Swaydia sounds better, as does Harlayus over Harlus.
  11. Arkyll

    Vanilla damage model is just so bad

    Just tried native again after playing a heavily modded campaign with the RBM mod and holy crap the damage model is so bad. Easily inferior to Warbands. Units are simultaneously squishy and spongey at the same damn time. High tier units die way too easily and low tier units are too tanky. It...
  12. Arkyll

    sandbox mode - lack of siblings

    Look here is the solution people :

    Start as a 50 year old, marry, have kids, put the game in fast forward, die and respawn as one your children. Now you have your siblings 😁
    Takes too long. Game isnt compelling enough for these looooong campaigns.
  13. Arkyll

    What Bannerlord Does Good

    There is alot of negativity regarding the game on this forum. Not to say it isnt warranted much of the time, but honestly im curious what players think the game actually does well at this point. Value: After playing this game for a ridiculous amount of time, I think it is fair to say that like...
  14. Arkyll

    bl Combat is broken

    I complained about 1:1 and it turned out to be a mod. 1:1 battle troop composition is not a native thing, it should be proportionate to the total troop ratio.
  15. Arkyll

    Did 1.5.9 equal battle size for armies?!

    This is caused by RBM AI module, we gave advantage to the defenders (some 1 month ago).
    It would be actually funny if TW did similiar feature at similiar time.

    That isnt a good feature.
  16. Arkyll

    Did 1.5.9 equal battle size for armies?!

    Ok so it turns out that I have twice the tactics skill of anyone that I face yet the battle troop count is equal.
  17. Arkyll

    Vassal fief ownership mess

    I have been "king" (elective) for a good decade and I have noticed how little power I have in general. Particularly over who I get to give my conquered fiefs to. The game seems to generate 3 whole clan options after a fief is taken based upon....??? This really isnt clear at all. And...
  18. Arkyll

    1 person disorganized?

    The speed tab ought to not be hidden beneath a drop down icon.
  19. Arkyll

    Can we expect a major release update?

    They need to fix the siege maps lol.
    Pretty much every single thing in the game needs tweaking, an overhaul or a total rework.
  20. Arkyll

    One Year Anniversary Recap

    100% it's so ****ing obvious they've simplified the game in every aspect for consoles, it's probably what triggers me the most about development.

    They ripped away all depth because they want to make the game accessible for dog**** consoles and in the end it doesn't even matter because no console player is going to play this soulless boring crap anyway. The only saving grace for us is mods.
    I'm just as a much on the Bannerlord-is-pretty-****-wagon as you are but this just isnt true.

    This is clearly refuted by the vast improvement of formations and formation AI in Bannerlord. Consoles have always been poop for RTS games, and Bannerlord has made improvements to the series' RTS sectors with different formations and more of a focus on real time strategy than some of its predecessors 'F1+F3' gameplay.
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