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  1. Ivan_Nikitin

    [Siege] Battering ram is too op, siege towers are useless, ladders are ok.

    To test things out i had several uncontrolled sieges as a member of AI army. 1. Ram + Tower. As tower reaches the walls earlier than ram brakes the gates, all the ram's "personel" is running to the towers or even the ladders which is stupid. Then, when scripted 10 guys break the inner gates...
  2. Ivan_Nikitin

    Need More Info Persuasion progress bugged dialogs (Minor Bug)

    After failed persuasion and exiting to menu without finishing dialog progress bar stuck and its not possible to interact with dialog options. Also, it sticks around after loading any save and only disappears after restart of the game. Hopefully it will be fixed before it affects somebody else's...
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