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  1. Steppe bandits cripple Khuzait villages

    Khuzait villagers are easy targets and steppe bandits are too fast for anyone to catch. This is an issue, as khuzait villagers never get their goods to market - never getting a prosperity boost, and the khuzait kingdom starts the game with a policy that slowly drains a villages hearths...
  2. Reduce Prosperity Loss for Serfdom!!!

    I agree, this should really be in a future patch. Right now every castle will eventually lose their worth.
  3. POLL: Are you happy with the current state of mass combat in BL?

    Every time I get into a battle I can't help but be annoyed that the reinforcements spawn in seemingly the middle of the battlefield. The maps are simply too small, attackers will always have the issue of reinforcements coming right behind them from thin air. Not just in field battles - sieges have this issue too. An entire wave of defenders can spawn literally right at the gates, on top of you, while your men have just defeated the initial defenders. How is this acceptable gameplay? Reinforcements should spawn in with large waves, in formation, outside the borders, and come into the map. In sieges, defenders must come from the keep/barracks.
  4. Persuading lords to join your kingdom is absolutely broken and needs to be fixed

    First, it costs literal millions of denars to recruit a lord to your kingdom, if you can pass the speech checks (which aren't too bad, provided you're friends). This is absolutely absurd, how am I supposed to recruit anyone without bankrupting myself? Not to mention, how am I supposed to make...
  5. Smithing and selling javelins

    I will respond to this how I always do to these kind of responses.

    This is a single player experience. At the end of the day the only person the game has to please is you. Play however you want. If exploiting the system makes the game more fun for you do it, simple as that.

    However, that doesn't change the fact that your exploiting the game to have that mighty elite garrison. Saying that the base game should remain broken just to accommodate your playstyle doesn't improve the overall game because most people would like the base game to work as intended without any exploitable mechanics. That is just the place we should start from.

    Also, I will let you in on a little secret. If you want to exploit the game to make money, don't waste your time with Javelins, just use alt + ~ and open the console command menu to give yourself any amount of money you want. Takes like 20 seconds. Did it last night and gave myself 100 million Denar so I could afford to recruit a lord with 3 cities who hated me to my faction. You can also use to to spawn in items and any number of things. Also mods will work wonders for exploiting and cheating. I got my game set to gain skill like 3 times faster than normal and I get 1 focus and 1 attribute per level. I even got tweaks that make it so it is easier to manage town. On and I use a mod that allows me to edit the skills of all my companions and myself and I use it to mod out some sweet, actually qualified, governors for my towns and castles. Also I do various other things with mods to make the game more enjoyable for myself.

    Seriously though, it is ok to cheat, exploit or whatever if that makes the game more fun for you, but campaigning to have a broken mechanic to be purposely left in the game to cater to the playstyle you want, isn't the way to go about it. At the end of the day, the base game should be as exploit free as possible, in case in the future you or someone else wants a hardmode experience.
    You're ignoring that I said I want the exploit to be fixed.
  6. does it feel like this game lacks a soul?

    Voice acting would go a long way in making the characters alive. And no, not generic garbage either - we have enough generic companions. Every family head should be voice acted with a unique voice, and unique personality. I barely recall any lords names in all my time playing this. They're all bland and generic NPCs with expensive armor that take longer to die than the other NPCs.
  7. Smithing and selling javelins

    Here is the thing. You shouldn't have a garrison of 200 Elite Cataphracts, 400 Legionaries and 300 Palatine guards. Those units are elite and should only make up a small part of your forces because their cost is so high. Instead your forces should be mostly made up of lower tiered units JUST LIKE THE AI LORDS which is why the income is what it is.

    Also you have just pointed out why Javelins are an exploit. They are an exploit BECAUSE they allow you to have that kind of crazy elite force.

    Seriously, this game is supposed to be be a simulation of the medieval world with at least a limited basis in historical accuracy. Armies, even from the most wealthy countries were probably 70% levy, basically untrained or lowly trained troops with limited equipment. 20% professional soldier and 10% elite. You get plenty of money in game to support that sort of army and garrisons.
    Counterpoint: This is not real life, its a single player RPG game. It's supposed to be fun. Who wants to play a slugfest where you lose 3/4 of your army in a single battle and have to go to every single village and play town hero until you can recruit peasants with shields? It's not like the AI even plays by this imaginary rule you've come with anyhow - you will never see say Rhagea with an elite retinue of palatine guards and cataphracts - just whatever troops she happened to recruit nearby. The AI never has to buy their own equipment which can currently cost the player millions - that is if you can find it. I agree javelins need to have a reasonable price, but so does literally everything else in the game. As it stands I can buy a cataphract 2 million denars of gear without ever coming close to getting that myself. The best way to make money it seems is buying a wife, taking her stuff, getting her killed, rinse and repeat.
  8. Death in Battle hurts Lategame

    Armor should decrease the chance of dying in battle by its average coverage on top of the base chance. It's great to see lords dying, but it does indeed happen way too frequently - heroes too. Even if you're testing it, how am I supposed to reasonably keep playing when every hero I grab dies the minute they're KO'd. Off topic I gotta say there have been some good changes to the game since I played last in June, knocking riders off horses, better impact, AI snowball is much more reasonable, and factions will strive to make peace. But performance has absolutely tanked and the menu lag is borderline unplayable, good armor and weapons are still way too expensive. Either make them reasonable or reverse caravan/workshop nerfs. Better yet, both.
  9. Horse Archers are........balanced?

    Yes, you do realize you're fighting trash armies in control of the AI, right? Of course horse archers seem unbalanced when you fight the worst units in the game with them.
  10. Rebalancing and suggestions.

    AI lords clearly need a buff, but giving them free troops goes against the grain and back to warband doesn't it? Instead, make the policies do more than just free party size which the AI will either fill with chaff or not use at all. Noble Retinues should give the tier 3+ noble clans an elite...
  11. Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    Yes this is an important problem. In simulations defenders have 1.5x-5x advantage (average is 3x) changing according to wall level and built siege engines / rams / siege towers. However we could not get same or closer advantage at mission side it is like 1-1.25x in mission side. There is nothing I can do at this area, different people are working on mission side and I reported this problem several times for last 1 year. Even I offer them to start attacker agents with 70% health or do another cheat (I know these are not good solutions) if they cannot get close this 3x ratio anyhow. One another problem death/wounded men ratio is changing so much in different scenes currently. I think some scenes have much better advantage while others have not. Defender AI should be very clever and especially archers should use advantage of merlons to succeed this 3x death ratio in missions and it should be not so easy to do (so thats why I adviced some cheats to mission team). In Warband there was only one ledder / siege tower and number of attackers going inside fortification per minute was less compared to Bannerlord thats why sieges were harder for attackers not because of better defender AI.

    Fortifications should be hard to capture and player should lose more troops while doing this, in opposite player should be able to defend a fortification with less men. I know game is hard currently (at 1.3.0 at least) and this will make game harder but it is not realistic / challanging to take a castle / town with losing same men even less men (because player effect) with defenders.
    Avoid the cheating AI at all costs, the problem is the militia units are very poor quality and can't compete with elite armies. At the same time though, in 1.3, garrisons are way too big and nobody in their right mind would garrison a town to the point of which the taxes do not cover the costs. Either buff taxes to 50% of prosperity or increase the quality of militia, maybe both. Another thing I've noticed is the map design. Some are just plain bad for defenders, mangonels can't hit siege equipment, and the AI is very wonky when aiming them. I've noticed in the few times when defending, the AI would swing it back and forth then miss by a mile at whatever they were aiming at. I think we need a proper engineer unit that can man these for both attackers and defenders.
    Players, when defending a castle, should also be notified of how the battle is going, where the defensive points are, and when something important happens. I'd really like a tactical overhead camera. You also NEED to allow players to enter a siege defense while it is ongoing without the massive penalty to losing troops. Why go defend a castle when i lose half my army to get inside? Introduce a new mission type where you need to go from outside the walls to inside the walls with your entire army as quickly as possible. Until then, make it like warband, where a party has to physically stop you from entering. Another thing - make the AI target more than just siege weapons, but the rams and towers too in the minigame. This will help greatly.
  12. Main questline restricts gameplay and is plain boring.

    Main questline is 100% unfinished and should not be in the game until it is. Even then it should be optional and not nearly as restrictive, not a fan of the VC like story where I had to chase my mother i just met across brittania, but now its my siblings. Just let me sandbox in the native warband fashion. Your siblings don't even exist in the files yet, chaikand is just a placeholder for your brother since he's not actually set to go anywhere.
    We shouldn't even be able to pretend we're nobles in the main questline, its just dumb, let us work up to it.
  13. Sturigans is more weak after update?

    Sturgia needs several things to be a competitive faction that isn't free real estate for calradia to eat up when ragnavad inevitably declares war on everyone.
    1. Better party templates. 0 Nobles is frankly absurd, EVERY faction should get at least 5 nobles. I'd prefer there to be no party templates as that is sort of what was intended for Bannerlord, but the AI probably needs it (unless taleworlds adds a training skill tied to leadership, that'd be nice instead of making the AI cheat). The fact is, if 1 sturgian lord gets into a fight with 1 khuzait lord, based on their template alone, the sturgian will lose every single time. Sturgia simply cannot compete in any battle of equal size. I like the fact that they have druzhinniks as their nobles, since they're supposed to be a slavic faction with nord/steppe influence, but you will NEVER see a sturgian with noble troops. Yet another disadvantage. Even if they manage to recruit some nobles from a village, the noble will most likely die before being trained up into a druzhinnik since they do not get horses until tier 5 - another disadvantage. Compare this to every other noble unit and you will see sturgia at a clear disadvantage. Even Fian are better and easier to train than druzhinniks for the AI due to the fact they are the best archers around - they don't need horses.
    2. Better village economy and production. Sturgia's tier 6 nobles are cavalry. Sturgia also has 0 villages that produce horses. This is a huge problem. I did not even know Tyal horses were in the game until marrying Svana and saw she had a very good horse. Villages not only lack horse breeding in Sturgia, they also greatly lack the furs, iron, and silver that were said to have made Sturgia one of the wealthiest lands in lore. In game, they are always the poorest, producing usually flax or fish.
    3. Map redesign specifically for Sturgia. I like the shape of Sturgia, actually, in the far north with some very strategic locations. The problem is, only Revyl and Warcheg benefit from this isolation. Every other town is way too far apart for any faction to reliably defend with the standard 5000 manpower. It takes about 6 days to travel from Ustokol Castle to Tyal. Neyvansk Castle requires you to run through Battania to defend it. Any time Sturgia goes to war, they are at the greatest disadvantage of any faction simply because of how far spread out they are and how long it takes to go from one end to the other. Aserai is comparable, but there are no forests in the desert, and thus its easier to travel across. But other than the Aserai, every other faction has a better geographic and strategic layout than Sturgia. All of Battanian land is in a condense highland with only a few entry points. Vlandia is the dominant faction in the West that only needs to look East for enemies. They have several towns and are all decently close together - easy to defend for one army. Khuzaits are similar and only have to look West. The imperial factions, despite being surrounded on all fronts, still have very good town positioning, and it is easy for them to defend all towns with only one army. What needs to be down for Sturgia is simple - cut them off entirely from the Khuzaits. There needs to be a massive, impassable strait between Tyal and Dinar Castle. This way, Sturgia can focus on a single front, rather than being forced to march across the entire map if they go to war with more than one faction.
  14. Rapid strength growth of kingdoms in 1.3 beta?

    thats ridiculous. glad i havent updated since 1.1. mods have fixed virtually every issue now. 1000 defenders is just obscene - not to mention fiscally impossible to manage considering that taxes are 20% prosperity, half of those lords are losing money on a daily basis I bet. Hopefully this is unintentional, I can't imagine sieges with an average of 1000 men. It'd just make the siege grind even worse and FORCE you to spam trebuchets, unless they nerf those too. Not to mention, this isn't warband where you fight a fraction of units - you are fighting all 1000. Insane. That should be a last stand defender count.
  15. Sturgia worst performing faction, due to having the worst Troop tree, Liege AI, Economy and Geography.

    So do you understand now what im trying to say and why you cant just compare troops like this. Because every troop has their specialty weakness and strength for what they are good at and if they arent used as such they are gonna be bad, So yeah i can buy the spear man in some way but for some weird reason even if they suck as you shown here and i can agree.... hes still surviving during big battles gains xp and becomes a Bad ass veteran or chock trooper at the same rate as the other factions when ive been playing em. So all im saying be very careful for what you wish for because if you gonna boost the whole Sturg army im not gonna find it funny to play that OP faction and rip Vladian and Khuzit arses like an toothpick. Well on the other hand Battania need all the help they can because they have been being raped since day one (well perhaps they got a chunk of Empire but completely wiped in the end) after all my playthrus except when i was one of em which was a ****ing PTSD of its kind. And Battania is my favorite faction. But that doesnt mean they are bad, not at all. Its because they are straight in the middle of everyone who attacks em from all sides or they starting it with others right in the middle hamburger hill. Also they got crazy commanders like most factions capturing bases far away which doesnt make any strategical purposes at all...well sometimes they do have cool diversion plans who works but most of the time its just a waste.... And Vladia has a lot of resources and tactical placed on the map with only like 2-3 entrys. Same goes for Khuzits which have their back free. So before we wish something that gonna take work for the devs to tweak then having to tweak it back because people where to judgmental about it. Make really sure that youre right about it because its just waste of time when it could be done with something better....Just saying,
    Thats funny because Sturgia is objectively terrible at everything. Their jav cav is terrible. Their infantry is terrible until they get to tier 5 - funny, their recruits tend to perform better than recruits of any other faction, but its not enough, because tier 2 infantry in all other factions and up is better. Ulfednar are a joke. Berserkers are better performing and better equipped at tier 4. Their noble units are better infantry than cavalry and can do well against other cavalry, but their broken stats make it so you're better off recruiting any other faction's cav units. Their speciality is mediocre in comparison to all other cavalry units. Cataphracts have the best armor in the game. Druzhiniiks? Near impossible to find among any AI lord in Sturgia. Sturgian infantry, in general, is so bad that even Battania's Wildlings are better. Their Veteran Warriors are decent, granted, but good luck with them surviving when their spearmen are abysmal. Same with their shock troops. Why give them bad armor? Their specialty is infantry, give them good armor at least. Armor in general throughout all sturgian units is lacking. Chainmail is rarely used if at all.
    All you've mentioned are well balanced factions, Battania is amazing and can field pure archer armies that annihilate anything they touch, but its a challenge to reach critical mass. Their other units more than make up for the rarity of the fian. The Vlandians have good cavalry, meh infantry, and good sharpshooters. The Khuzaits are second to none the best horse archer faction, hands down, and always steamroll unless the empire gets lucky and wins the initial fights.
    Sturgia needs many things. Fixed stats, a strait dividing Tyal from Khuzait lands making it so the only way into that peninsula is through Omor and then up to Balgard. Better armor across the board. Buff the spearmen. Give their noble line horses when they become varyags - and better armor. Remove the terrible jav cav line and give varyags javs instead. Yeet the ulfednar entirely. Give their fiefs a massive economic overhaul - fish is stupid and while it makes since they'd produce alot, at least give them fur or iron as a primary production - nobody has ever conquered the world with fishing empires. Its clear that while sturgians are almost the proto-nords and proto-vaegirs, don't give them huscarl units. That goes against their factions theme and gives them a massive identity crisis - save the nord units for the invasion you planned out in earlier dev blogs. In the meantime though, there is a happy medium. Instead of sea raiders upgrading into just druzhiniiks (which is weird that any bandit becomes a noble but i digress), have them upgrade into nord units as well with the disciplinarian trait. From there, go to thegn and then huscarl.
  16. What's your favourite weapon?

    Falx and noble longbow cant go wrong. Javelins are fun too.
  17. Romance, how does it even work?

    Thanks a lot beanywalrus, you're a legend. I'll definitely use the mod, because I think this is a massive oversight by the devs. Does the characters age normally after using the mod?
    yep, you will still age.
  18. Khuzait are op

    Thanks for your input. I obviously just lack skills. Data showing them being the dominant force the plurality of times is not accurate or meaningful.
    well, they're really not that OP in the field if you know how to deal with them. infantry should be in a square to catch horses, shieldwall isn't tight enough. having heavy cav helps, always send them to scare away the horse archers. two groups of heav cav, the better, because then you can just pinch the horse archers in a trap. archers, specifically fian champions, make short work of the rest of the khuzait units who are charging into your square and getting stuck.
    open field is suicide, always go for hills, forests, and towns when fighting khuzaits.
    the worst part about khuzaits is the fact they get a 30% flat bonus to auto battles which is why they always steamroll. until TW fixes autobattles or gives spearmen, pikemen, etc., a bonus against cav in autobattles, it should be removed.
  19. Romance, how does it even work?

    Wait, what the ****? There's an age limit? So my campaign is screwed now no matter what?
    yep. sorry to say. at least death isn't a thing yet.
    BUT, you can install a mod to change your age and you should be good.
    will allow you to edit your appearance in detail and change your age
    will allow you to manually set your age.
  20. Romance and Marriage is sad :(

    I actually never checked if age progression was based on real life year time (365 days for you to be a year older), or was it quicker?
    I did get married, join a faction, get filthy rich, and get a fief all before day 300 at least.

    CK2 mood.
    Its definitely nowhere near 365 days. Its somewhere around 84-100 days = 1 year. My experience leads me to guess its 100, but I've seen 84 days posted by people elsewhere.
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