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  1. Arrakhis

    Bugs/Suggestions Thread

    ave praetor, could you make the npc murchurn that owned by caravans and young warriors lower tier. I found they bit overpowered. Not as enemy but as ally.
    they can turn table the battle at ease, even in outnumbered condition in flat battle.

    I found them like this when my reinforcement filled with mass cavs from murch I rescued, they overkill lot of enemy in few minutes
    my suggestion make the murch owned by merchant if player has it, the murch horse is lower hp, so they cant just stomping for players
    or a lower tier cav.

    they pretty much become turn tabler, if the enemy main force based on infantries(especially barbarians, never tried this agaisnt romans).
  2. Arrakhis

    Senate Floor : How you play (battles) [poll]

    usnavy30 said:
    Be Part of the Line and then break off but dont rambo or else its suicide. Also to Arrakhis what mod is your avatar from? Thats some nice blue samurai armor.
    its shogun 2 bug actually, your avatar character refuse to wear the modern uniform, after 2-3 online battle using vanilla online battle. they already fix it now
  3. Arrakhis

    Senate Floor : How you play (battles) [poll]


    depend on the battle, I study the field quickly

    I divide the army into

    1. Skrimishers/flankers
    2. Barbarians infantrie
    3. bowmens
    4. Legionaires
    5. Cavalries

    I am always harrass the enemy using bowmen first, if the enemy not advancing, if the enemy advancing i use the barbarians as baits. in some case however, I use legionaires to make enemy waste their arrows with their shield wall, I cant find how to make tetsudo works, it would be much better if it can be used

    in heavy hill/mountain areas, I make sure my cav hit the last from flank.
    in defending condition, using field advantage is really important especially agaisnt those nasty murchs.
  4. Arrakhis

    worst strategic decision / mistake

    Battle of LAke Peipus

    I can imagine the teutons crossing the frozen lake with heavy armours lulz
  5. Arrakhis

    Can't recruit Roman people and there is no rome city's/ factions

    you can recruit them in 'chirsitain religioned' villages that owned by romans
  6. Arrakhis

    red code

    it only happen when selecting the 'cleric seaaxe' but it doesnt ruin any gameplay, prob some codec for cleric is somewhat not right
  7. Arrakhis

    Basic Question about recruitment

    you can only recruit romans that belong to romans with "Christian" religion

    However there some bug in "Pagan" you might able to recruit with auxilla, "bribing" the elder may turn them back celts
  8. Arrakhis

    The factions are very very passive.

    nahh they not passive IMO, I found them pretty aggresive compared to other mods
  9. Arrakhis

    Bugs/Suggestions Thread

    ave, praetor..


    got some issue for sieges some castle that used the same map, has the walls under the hill

    lets say battle of Cuncker Hill here  :lol: :lol:

    overall it one of the best tactic action mod I say

    the other bug is we lose control if there is ai reinforcement, which may make the game have both side hold post for hours

    the other thing is some lords name may change if player recruit/convert them to join player faction, their name change into
    "I am sorry... bla2" with long name

    When its done I am thinking making basic tactic guide for beginners

    also, what the music that used for uncertain_homestead, It really bad ass
  10. Arrakhis

    The Anime/Manga Thread

    what a sad day, complie hearth ended Hyper Dimension neptune Series =(
  11. Arrakhis

    The new Subversion.

    sifis172 said:
    I didn't know strength does something with crossbows.
    Does it?

    if i read from the bsaic calculation str adds more damage to all
  12. Arrakhis

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, u stay in school for the rest of your life

    I wish Justin Bieber never exist
  13. Arrakhis

    The new Subversion.

    sifis172 said:
    makidonski said:
    Does power draw affect crossbows also? Ty


    only str isnt it?
  14. Arrakhis

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, as soon you use it, you died 6 hours later because of order 66

    I wish someone nuked the mekkah
  15. Arrakhis

    Corrupt a wish

    granted, whatever it is its always corrupted

    I wish Muslim never exist
  16. Arrakhis

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, it cost you to sex with a very horrific creature

    I wish Romans never become Christian
  17. Arrakhis

    The new Subversion.

    semigall said:
    Sotuu said:
    wonder what's tomas doing atm coz he hasn't replied to my pm  :?:  (helping him with translations)
    Maybe still playing Mass Effect 3  :mrgreen:

    or he preparing something make the difficulty become impossible that strress us and make us singing
    'no sleep untill beat the game'
  18. Arrakhis

    The new Subversion.

    Why do I sense DrThomas gonna do this

    if Player on attacking siege, they will be limited on 3 waves

    if the player on defending side, enemy waves will be endless
  19. Arrakhis


    Kaktus said:
    Another screenshots with vintage effects.

  20. Arrakhis

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted, U hanged ur self to relief ur tireness

    I wish I was a Centurion
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