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  1. Julio-Claudian

    Friendly Soldiers Are Immovable Objects

    If two friendly soldiers are moving in opposite directions and don't have space to easily push each other out of the way, there is no force that can move them and they will push against one another with equal force until one of them happens to vibrate out of the way. This causes a lot of...
  2. Julio-Claudian

    How do notables lose power?

    I know that completing quests helps notables gain power but how do they lose it and is there any way for the player to cause them to lose it?
  3. Julio-Claudian

    Choosing Scabbard when Smithing Swords

    IS this something that could be added? Often I want to use a particular blade but don't want the scabbard it comes with.
  4. Julio-Claudian

    Troops always take the most direct route rather than the smartest/most obvious in siege battles

    Is this something that could be changed? If an attacker takes the section of the wall where the ladders are raised there are usually two or more routes up to that position, rather than taking advantage of those clear open routes to surround the attackers are retake the wall from both directions...
  5. Julio-Claudian

    Number of ranks order/command

    Often it's difficult to draw out a formation into the number of ranks that you want, especially if your character is on foot or if there are obstructions like trees or just a lot of enemies around. Would it be possible to add a command which would allow you to tell a group to form the desired...
  6. Julio-Claudian

    Stop reinforcements spawning if army is retreating + Retreated armies are captured??

    When facing large armies who decide to retreat mid-battle you end up having to wait for their reinforcements to spawn and immediately start to leave the field. It'd make more sense if no more troops entered the battle, since the army is leaving it. Also when an army attacks and then retreats...
  7. Julio-Claudian

    Longest Battle?

    What's the longest battle you've had?
  8. Julio-Claudian

    Staircases Are Super Buggy

    Many of the staircases inside wall towers are buggy when going upstairs. It's as though only one side of them 'work', often I can only get up them by moving to the far left or right side of them or by jumping up (which the AI can't do). They act as obstacles, preventing troops from moving up...
  9. Julio-Claudian

    Less taxing corpses?

    Is this something that's likely to ever happen?
  10. Julio-Claudian

    start kingdom election console command

    Was this removed? A lot of others too.
  11. Julio-Claudian

    Option to manually set 'home settlement'

    I find that, even when I own a city, clan members and parties will congregate at the city that the game had decided was my clan's 'home'. It would be so useful to be able to set a city as your home, even if you don't own it. Or tell parties to patrol around a castle you own so they don't end up...
  12. Julio-Claudian

    Add Cloth Physics to Scarf item

    It would look so much better.
  13. Julio-Claudian

    1.6.1 How do clans actually make money?

    Can someone explain precisely how it works on 1.6.1? In my game practically every clan was poor or very poor, recruiting troops and dismissing/losing them, armies unable to form because nobody had more than 40% of their party filled. I used a console command to give everyone 500k and parties...
  14. Julio-Claudian

    Simple/early stage mod which makes cities feel a bit more alive

    You lot should try it:
  15. Julio-Claudian

    Hotkey for overhead banner circles

    Please make this an option, same as this mod: I know a lot of us would like to be able to use them to quickly check which team a soldier is on and not have to have them cluttering up the screen for the whole battle or keep going in...
  16. Julio-Claudian

    Make arrows stick to shield instead of body when shield on back hit

    And do damage to the shield (perhaps that already happens).
  17. Julio-Claudian

    Separate Settings for Battle and Campaign Map

    Is this likely to ever happen? At least for audio settings?
  18. Julio-Claudian

    Siege battle performance.

    Does the game freeze during battles, especially sieges, for anyone else? This happens in every siege battle with large numbers involved. Game freezes and CPU goes mental. CPU stays at this level until I end the task.
  19. Julio-Claudian

    Mod which lets you rename clans?

    Anyone know of a mod which allows you to change the name of any clan during a campaign?
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