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  1. Stable parties

    Hi all, came back to this mod after a looong time and realized that it still is worth playing. Anyway my question is: - Is there a chart somwhere with stable parties builds? Or even better, a method to keep party members from leaving irrespectively of their dislikes? Rgds, Oldtimer
  2. Suggestion re Phosphor.

    Hi all, I`d like to have a suggestion board for Phosphor. That`s because I like suggesting things as: - knowledges are way OP. For a minuscule investment of points you get extreme reward. I`d like to see staggered profitability, i e you have to invest several times to get top knowledge lvl...
  3. Dark Knights

    Hi all, should Dark Knights really appear in a historical mod? Because they did and seem to behave normally, entering treaties, losing vassals and so. They don`t have any territory it seems. Rgds, Oldtimer
  4. Renown and invitation to faction.

    Hi all, in some mods rulers start inviting player to faction after hesheit gained enough renown(200 IIRC). Females can also be invited, even when playing with prejudice. They just need more renown(300 IIRC). Now, I play female Shan merc with prejudice set to high and have had 307 renown for ...
  5. Construction.

    Hi all, well, construction wood actually. I`m a member of both lumberjack and woodcrafter guilds and can`t: - convert chopped wood to construction wood when visiting woodworking shop. No option for that. What am I doing wrong? I need to start developing my settlement but have no materials...
  6. Skill discard.

    Hi all, played some, checked camp menu and saw this: - throwing skill discarded. It was before leveling to lvl 2 and I had not allocated research points anywhere. Allocated 100 research points to throwing spears and that did not change anything. - after leveling to lvl 2 it was the same. I`m...
  7. WB ver for Rigale.

    Hi all, my WB ver is 1.160, is Rigale compatible with that? Rgds, Oldtimer
  8. Horrible stuttering during battles.

    Hi all, I`m playing on a AMD quad-core HP Pavilion g6 laptop with powerful switchable graphics. Win7 SP1, latest HP drivers, 6 GB RAM. I use CleanMem and all my cores are set to run constantly. I`ve made(or tried to make) WFaS LAA. I think it should work as vanilla M&B can be made LAA. I force...
  9. Join the Swedish?

    Hi all, being swedish I want to fight for Sweden. King of Sweden says I can join faction after fighting his enemies for a bit. Does that mean I simply need to get 10 renown with Sweden? AND, Sweden seems to lack a questline, is interesting to join swedish faction anyway? Rgds, Oldtimer
  10. Multiple installations.

    Hi all, there is an instruction somewhere abt. installing and running several M&B versions on one comp but I can no longer find it. Could someone tell me where it hides, please. Regards, Oldtimer
  11. Changing map speed possible?

    Hi all, I find map travel speed too high. Maybe it`s my age but I can`t react fast enough when on the world map. Actually it takes all fun out of the game for me. Is it possible to adjust this somewhere? Otherwise I will probably have to abandon this otherwise great game. Regards, Oldtimer
  12. Eye witness vs tests.

    Hi all, in some topics I`ve seen that posters tend to disregard one of the above, according to their opinion of where the truth is. As I do not wish to start a flame war please allow me to write a few thoughts based on more then 20 yrs experience in research work and teaching at academic level...
  13. Idea for a nano-mod re crossbows.

    Hi all, could someone make a small fix so that crossbows usable from horseback would benefit from horse archery skill, please? Regards, Oldtimer
  14. Crossbow on horseback.

    Hi all, I`ve taken a fancy to shooting "easy" enemies with my crossbow from horseback(usually play court lady/comparable char) and wonder if horse archery skill also improves mounted crossbow usage? If not, then it certainly should, IMO. Regards, Oldtimer
  15. More uniform equipment for troops.

    Hi all, this I want to suggest as an important change. In M&B lots of troops with the same name come with very different equipment. Because we have not too much control over what troops we`ll have with us to do battle, the least I would expect is that : - a troop should be either cav or inf...
  16. The grass is very distracting.

    Hi all, maybe it`s only my age but is there anyone else finding the grass as it is modelled and coloured now very distracting and causing loss of concentration. For me it`s physically painful to fight and observe in grass fields. The grass is so very, very obtrusive. Regards, Oldtimer
  17. Dread, a new characteristic.

    Hi all, I`ve been looking a bit on the torture thing as a way to introduce a "dread" factor for the hero. If you are dreaded, you may have enemies submit without fighting now and then... This is IMO a necessary part of a realistic morale function, which I sincerely hope will be present in the...
  18. Usefulness of Marnid and Borcha.

    Hi all, I think that most people will agree on limited usefulness of Marnid and Borcha. This seems caused by: - faulty allocation of skills. These characters are fairly high level and thus level up slowly, meaning their profile takes forever to change. So if their skills are not changed, why...
  19. Saves.

    Hi, I would like an option to name your saves and them not overwriting the latest save. I at least like to have a "basic" save and then explore different "careers" from there. Regards, Oldtimer
  20. Tutorial/training/specialisation.

    Hi all, I downloaded M&B yesterday and spent the night trying to make champion courtesy of trainer... Now, I`m well over 50 yrs old and have had a BAD car accident with nerve damage, so my reactions and coordination are well below... ah... anybody elses... So my suggestions may not be...
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