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  1. Kale3

    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-Independent VC mod (released 3.3)

    Notice: Blood Eagle has had a post in the VC modding section for awhile, but I'm having to remake the post thanks to a bug. Note! The Taleworlds description is a condensed version of the main description over at nexus mods. The most important changes of Blood Eagle Completely overhauled...
  2. Kale3

    SP Dark Ages [Submod] Blood Eagle-A Viking Conquest overhaul (released 3.0)

    Read this or a giant Eagle will take you and your family to it's nest... V3 is out V3 Patch Notes- Note, V3 is not savegame compatible. It requires a new game. Blood Eagle is still fully functional with the storyline campaign as well, though it is meant to be played in any of the sandbox...
  3. Kale3

    SP Dark Ages [VC] [Submod] Sword and Shield Version 3.0

    Hello everyone, this mod is now deficient due to a new and much more grand and impressive overhaul mod, Blood Eagle. <- link to Blood Eagle
  4. Kale3

    Brytenwalda Rebalanced-A Brytenwalda Gameplay Overhaul

    This is an overhaul mod similar to my Sword and Shield mod. I am posting it here on the Viking Conquest forums as Brytenwalda is set in the same location with similar factions and mechanics. mod link: The wall of text A brytenwalda overhaul that...
  5. Kale3

    SP Dark Ages [VC] Sword and Shield - A Mount and Blade Warband Viking conquest Overhaul

    TLDR Version: It's back! The mod has been rebuilt from the ground up, Changes to balance and realism have been made, this mod also tries to get rid of a lot of inconsistencies that Viking Conquest has. Version1 of Sword & Shield was pretty easy, in this version I've changed it for more realism...
  6. Kale3

    The story of Bretwalda Kale

    The story of Bretwalda Kale is a long one, for it is the story of a conquerer, of a Bretwalda. To know the real story we must start from the beggining. Kale was a female of noble birth in a Pictish declining house, however as an adult a pictish lord of a stronger house had married her, but he...
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