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  1. Tsubodai

    Capturing Noldor and rescuing Knights?

    Hi, I am playing the latest version and seem to be unable to capture any Noldor in battle and also cant seem to recruit Knights from prisoner trains, any ideas? Btw I have 2 Cobra Warriors in my party and have read somewhere that this can be bad? Any help welcome, thanks in advance! EDIT...
  2. Tsubodai

    Claimant Quests bugs

    I have come across some very odd claimant bugs in warband 1.158. What makes them especially odd is that I've done claimant quests in older versions of the game but not had these issues before. First I completed the quest for Arwa and Sultan Hakim became a vassal of the new Queen, and was made...
  3. Tsubodai

    Capturing/freeing Lords

    So I found out something interesting that I thought I'd share (though maybe you already know). If you defeat a lord and let him go rather than capture him, you get a little +rep but sometimes they get annoyed afterwards. However I just captured one and then rather than ransom him when you talk...
  4. Tsubodai

    Quest Deluge: Mehmed missing after becoming King

    Hello, having a bit of trouble with the Deluge questline. I have just installed Mehmed as the new Khan and now need to speak to him to remind him of his promise to ally with Poland but he is nowhere to be found on the map, any ideas? (all the Lords say they don't know where he is and it has been...
  5. Tsubodai

    Mongol mod?

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Mongol mod somewhere for Warband? I've noticed a few like Mongol series but these are all for the original M&B and are also dead. Many thanks.
  6. Tsubodai

    Module system compatibility

    I am currently using warband version 1.134 and the module system for 1.134. If I upgrade to 1.143 will I need a new module system for that version or can i continue using the same one? Many thanks. I apologise if this has been covered somewhere already.
  7. Tsubodai

    porting models

    Hi, I just want to check, do all models have to be ported to a newer version of m&b or will they just work. e.g. if i wanted models from say 0.960 or 1.011 and wanted to move them to warband 1.134, would they need to be edited for them to work? Many thanks, Tsubodai
  8. Tsubodai

    New factions' towns are empty?

    having a slight prob with new factions: their towns and lords don't have any men. I have made sure they have faction specific troops, and that i assign the correct faction, i've edited scripts and  party templates. I must have missed something blatently obvious, any ideas? Many thanks.
  9. Tsubodai

    Polish lords don't help take Warsaw?

    Hi, I am doing the polish storyline and none of the Polish lords want to help take Warsaw, they all say that they are too busy. Is there a way to solve this? Am i missing something? Many thanks, Tsubodai
  10. Tsubodai


    Having some problems with banners. When I make a new faction, the new King does not have a banner but the new lords do, why is this? Also how do I assign faction banners/symbols? Many thanks, Tsubodai
  11. Tsubodai

    Changing lord party size?

    I apologise if this has been discussed but i can't seem to find it. Where in the module system do i need to look to change the size of lords' parties? Also, where do i need to go to change town/castle garrison sizes? Many thanks for your time, Tsubodai
  12. Tsubodai

    Regarding permission

    This has already happened before but I just want to clarify, I have tried to contact Lynores to ask him if I can use his Greek models for my mod and I have not received a reply, also he has not been active for quite a while. Last time the modder was told to use the models but to remove them if...
  13. Tsubodai

    How to make a new banner

    Hi, I was just wonderung if someone could explain to me how I can make my own banner for Warband. Many thanks.
  14. Tsubodai

    Wings 3D

    Hi, I have downloaded a model and it is a .wings file. How do i turn this into the .brf and DDS files that the game can read? Many thanks
  15. Tsubodai

    Soldiers dont use spears

    Hi, I have created some new soldiers however they never seem to use their spears, just their swords. It can't be difficulty as I put it to 0. (However it has itp_penalty_with_shield, it seems obvious but what does this flag mean?) Many thanks, Tsubodai
  16. Tsubodai

    1.011 resources for warband?

    Hi I just have a question about resources and textures. Can you use the ones from a mod for M&B 1.011 and put them onto Warband? Many thanks, Tsubodai
  17. Tsubodai

    Vanishing items?

    Hi, I am having a problem with new items. I have put in some new items (Warband) and I can see them/buy them fine, but at the end of the day, 1 or 2 of them will randomly disappear. Does anyone know why this could be and how to solve it? Many thanks
  18. Tsubodai

    New idea for mod: early Rome

    I have an idea for a mod about early Rome, when it was just a city. The idea being that the you can do different jobs in Rome and try to rise to the consulship and then conquer italy. The map would be just Italy, with the Gauls to the North and Greek cities in the South. Maybe Samnites and...
  19. Tsubodai

    SP Native Oriental Conflict of Kingdoms

    This is a minor conversion of native M&B version 1.011 It includes bridge battles (thanks to Arch3r) a new Japanese faction with samurai (replaces Rhodoks) new items, new parties, a few minor factions and new locations. A known bug is that if you join a minor faction, the marshall selection...
  20. Tsubodai

    Uploaded a mod:What next?

    Hi I have just uploaded a small mod: How do I get this on the cartographers guild? Many thanks
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