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  1. Train troop quest need reminder.

    Suggestion in title. Right now I fail this quest not because I'm not doing it, but because I just forget about it. Reminder before quest expire would be nice.
  2. Should the clans be more, distinguishable

    The kingdoms in the game are at least distinguishable, but the clans are not so much. The clans should have a deeper background that affects how they perform in campaign, thus make them more distinguishable. Right now given a clan that defected several times in the late game, I just can't tell...
  3. Should the horse/cavalry system be more complex?

    After field battles involving cavalry, there's always some horses left on the battlefield with their owner killed/wounded, so it got me thinking: 1.The horses and war horses perhaps should not be permanently assigned to a soldier when upgrading. Instead, the horses with their owner slain should...
  4. Why is Reinforced Wicker Square Shield nerfed???

    When did they do this and why? Before, this was a tier 6 shield and super expensive. Now this is a tier4 shield and worth 2000 denar. But why?
  5. Bugsss when sieging Pen Cannoc

    I though the sieging AI is fixed and improved but it seems new bugs appeared. When sieging Pen Cannoc, 1. Defense infantry stuck on wall doing nothing except falling from the wall. 2. Attack infantry stuck behind sieging tower, don't climb up at all and get slaughtered by defense archer. 3...

    To begin with, I'm using other parties in my clan as storage for troops. I constantly lead an army made of the 4 parties in my clan and I could adjust their troops whenever I want. For some reason, I though storing cavalry in the other three parties would be a good idea, mainly because they have...
  7. How to get sword sister?

    Currently I got one sword sister in my party, which is recruited from prisoners taken from an empire lord's army. Where do these troops initially spawn? Are they recently added or just appears in late game cause didn't notice them in early game. Are they the only female troops right now?
  8. When is the Chaikand kindergarten thingy gonna be solved?

    Save the poor teleporting babies. Come on TW it's not that hard.:LOL:
  9. Fire arrows or not??

    We have siege weapon with flammable ammo (though I never bothered using it), should we also have fire arrows? Lighting up trees in field battle and wooden structures in siege (especially Battanian) would be super cool. Fire arrows raining down at night would be great as well. This would still...
  10. Sorting the troops in party menu

    I always have 30+ types of troops in my party so it's always a mess in the party menu. Manual sorting is annoying and introducing a sorting feature isn't too hard in my opinion. In fact, garrisons and prisoners should also have a sorting feature for better management. Right now I could think of...
  11. Show soldier composition in party menu

    I find it annoying that I can't directly know how many infantry/archer/cavalry/horse archer do I have in the party menu. This is important when rearranging my party so that I could have a balanced combination of different troop types. I know I could always exit to the campaign map to check my...
  12. Is Rhagaea marriable in the late game?

    I know the player can't marry Rhagaea when she is empress in the early game. But in my game play I've defeated the empire and Rhagaea is now only a clan leader instead of empress. Does that mean she is now marriable? Or she is single but not available because she's still leader of a clan?
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