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  1. Hunterwolf

    Contest for game development: "Master of polygon and texel"

    Website the «Riders of Calradia» and the «Guild of mode developers of the Riders of Calradia invites» you to participate in the Сontest for game development. Below you can see two main topics of the contest: link to the russian website and text translation in this topic: Section of topic...
  2. Hunterwolf

    Multimaterial - How it works?

    Maybe anyone knows how face and horses mesh multimaterial works, how material changes and how blend/add/multiply work. And most importantly, is there a possibility to apply multimaterials on other meshes e.g. props?
  3. Hunterwolf

    Russian-speaking community of players "1257AD"

    Russian-speaking community of players "1257AD". I decided to create a subject, for those who knows Russian, but doesn't know about forum existence in Russian. If you know Russian, probably you want to communicate on it to other players in mod. You can make it at a Russian-speaking forum...
  4. Hunterwolf

    «Гильдия модостроителей Всадников Кальрадии»

    Общие положенияТак что же такое «Гильдия модостроителей Всадников Кальрадии»? Гильдия- это объединение людей, которые имеют определённые познания в области модостроения и которым не безразлична судьба модостроения в нашем сообществе. Людей, которые хотят сделать свой вклад в него и помочь ему...
  5. Hunterwolf

    Translated BRYTENWALDA 1.40 into Russian

    Full Russifier for the version a mod 1.40 RussifierBrytenwalda V-1.4  Download Полный русификатор для версии мода 1.40  РусификаторBrytenwalda V-1.4  Скачать
  6. Hunterwolf

    The accuracy in the recognition of your ruler

    I understand that these issues have already been made. Owned factors influence the recognition you provitelem How and in what proportion of their system? I wanted to see from you the exact figures and percentages. :?:
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