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  1. SirBombastic

    MOD:Gondorian Armor

  2. SirBombastic

    MOD:Gondorian Armor

    lol, the original poster is probably a grandfather by now..

    and to wait 5 years to post that insightful line :lol:
  3. SirBombastic

    Hero Submissions (4th Wave)

    Name: Kalljak Koll
    Gender: Male
    Equipment: any medium dark armour, no helmet. two handed axe
    Strength:  strong 15
    Agility:  regular 8
    Intelligence:  regular 10
    Charisma: a little charismatic
    Favourite Weapon:  heavy axe
    Skills:  good iron flesh and power strike, good trainer, good athletic amd great two hand weapons prof.
    Appearance:  black hair (the long one pulled backwards), tough face (angry looking), light skin and black eyes, beard, kind of old

    Home Settlement: Morlia
    Behaviour Trait: Beserker
    Talent Trait: liberator
    Faction: default: adventurer
  4. SirBombastic

    SP Other Forum Wars - Screenshots on Pg. 10!

    Nevertheless, the town-elder-rocketlauncher will be available soon.

    Don´t know if someone has the picture of that. Truly amazing work.
  5. SirBombastic

    SP Other Forum Wars - Screenshots on Pg. 10!

    I think we've gotten to something quite interesting, with all this rocket knife chat.
  6. SirBombastic

    SP Other Forum Wars - Screenshots on Pg. 10!

    And that is some good thinking put into practice, sire, if I may say.
  7. SirBombastic

    SP Other Forum Wars - Screenshots on Pg. 10!

    Must have...awesome ban squash...stuff...

    Seriously, that should really be in the game, it looks like El Chapulin Colorado's weapon!
  8. SirBombastic

    About Calradia Rising and SantasHelper.

    The whole santa situation is really surprising. I mean, calradia rising r3 was going to be released within a couple of months, and most of the mod had been completed, so what happened? It would be a bit more pacifying to know what were the reasons for his decision, paradox offered him money? they tried to sell his mod? Rathos, if you have a bit more of info it would be appreciated.

    Bad news! Now I dont have this to look forward!
  9. SirBombastic

    Europe 1200 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Is there any way to change my banner? I chose a french one and I'm aragonese....

    EDIT: nevermind, dit it myself.
  10. SirBombastic

    Need helps about heros.

    I'm not a fan of companion compatibility it that hard to turn it off?

    EDIT: Nevrmind, found the way to do this here:

    (post 1346),46290.1335.html

    Worked out OK
  11. SirBombastic

    the papacy really needs a troop tree overhaul

    so..which is the most accpetable faction to put the hospitalers in??

    I think everyone agreed that they should be in the game, yet evryone disagreed on the placement....

    One the other hand, there should be arabic factions in north african and oriental territory, theres no fun in being a templar or hospitaller if you cant join a crusade!

  12. SirBombastic

    the papacy really needs a troop tree overhaul

    Whether they are fighting for the papal states or any other faction, HOSPITALERS MUST BE IN THE GAME! they were just as important as the Templars and long lived them aswell. I believe that putting them as an elite force under the papacy is a logic idea right now, since they were religious knights in the crusades, yet in real life they were an independent organization with a base in Malta.

    please...put them in the game :mrgreen:

    great mod btw
  13. SirBombastic

    SP Medieval Crusader beta mod in v 1011

    They all sound so very positive (the answers), maybe you could add 'dont go' or 'leave' or even 'of we go'
  14. SirBombastic

    Preparations for a new kingdom

    Been playing this mod for a couple weeks and I thinks its great. Right now im a lord with the saxons, have a castle with 300 men, but I'm planning on going solo really soon. As Maeglin said, I use the camulodian cavalry as my open field attack force since they seem the best there is on horse, but I havent yet figured out which infantry is best suited for launching a successful siege...the saxon champions are good but they take a lot of training to get, any suggestions? 
  15. SirBombastic

    SP Medieval New Mod: “Europa - 1300 AD” (Updates, see page 39+40)

    Just wanna say this is an amazing proyect and I hope it carries through as it deserves to.

  16. SirBombastic

    SP Fantasy Second Age

    The pic of the eastern warrior is amazing, it almost looks like a screeshot form a xbox 360 or ps3 game. Kinda looks like fable.

    Great work, hope it comes through.


    Oh, and I too prefer a medieval-crusade period for the mod. I would be epic, you could change history (and even create your own kingdom in the middle of europe)
  17. SirBombastic

    The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

    Rosha said:
    Heya everybody.  Been busy at work, but workin on it as much as time allows.
    Sir Paul the Coarse (should look like Hospitaller from Crusade, not sure if you've seen it)
    Let's see.  I don't think I've seen the movie, and google only came up with this
    If that's correct I think I could manage an npc like that.  I really haven't changed the native companions, because I like them, have my favorites and I think everyone else does as well.  So I wanted em in game.  I have added a few and will try to add the ones requested.

    Yeah, that kind of resembles him! But the real name of th movie is Kingdom of Heaven, I got confused. Here's a couple of pics just in case.

    he's standing in the back, you can see he is wearing a black mantle with a white cross.

    You should see the movie, not bad IMHO.

  18. SirBombastic

    The Wedding Dance (Beta Download v.92)

    Great mod, I've just read the whole topic and I love it!

    For characters:

    Sir Paul the Coarse (should look like Hospitaller from Crusade, not sure if you've seen it)

    I also think that the idea of social leveling is really cool, and it goes along with the fact that you can marry noble ladies. On this subject, do you think that it could be posible to have children with his ladies and make them grow and become of age? (ala Medieval total war) I think that evidently they could not grow up on real game time, which is almost as slow as real world time, but having your sons become knights and inherit land woul de really cool!

  19. SirBombastic

    The Roots of Yggdrassil (General Discussion and Download)

    could it be possible to have a quick explanation of how we use the kingdom management feature. I mean, am I a faction as soon as I start? Am I the settlers? how do I change my kingdom's name or how do I become king?
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