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  1. Why did two-handed weapons disappear in Battania and the Empire?

    Don't you guys usually use two handed sword for duel? Since only Vlandia has two handed sword, should we look forward to seeing only Vlandia?
  2. Suggestion General It would be nice to be able to adjust the Flora View Distance in the modding tool.

    It would be nice to be able to adjust the Flora View Distance in the modding tool. When I make a map in Mod and look at the plants from a long distance, it seems that there is nothing. In the end, I have to work on the Xml, but it's cumbersome to do it one by one. So why don't you support the...
  3. The Sword animation (motion) is more unstable than the previous version.

    In the previous version, the feint motion using a sword was soft, but in the current version, the feint motion seems to be lagging. I think it's a bug, so I'm reporting it.
  4. Need More Info Cloth Editor cloth simulation doesn't work The vertex paint is also applied properly, but it still doesn't work. Cloth Simulation is not working at 1.5.8. This phenomenon did not work from the 1.5.7 game version. In...
  5. Project: Korea Trailer

    New Trailer Old Trailer More information
  6. Need More Info Cpu usage for bannerlord always accounts for nearly 100%.

    cpu: i7-8086k gpu: 2080ti Whenever I play bannerlord multiplayer, cpu usage always takes up 100%. The cpu usage of the duel server accounts for 60 to 80%. I can't play multiplayer because I'm nervous... P.S. And how can I move to multiplayer section if I post the wrong article with singleplay...
  7. Maps so far made [Kingclone's Map]

    Bannerlord Fan-made Scene I'm posting photos of the maps I've made so far using the Bannerlord Moding Tool! You can see the map-making process on my YouTube channel. :) My YouTube channal :
  8. In Progress General Is this a bug?

    It's one of the maps I made. If you go for 24 minutes and 37 seconds of this video, the ground texture is green. (Warning: Ost is included) If you go to the link here. (Sorry. I couldn't upload the image. But I filled out the earth-texture...
  9. Kingclone's Speed Mapping

    I'm sorry, friends! I was not used to this format of the forum because I live in Korea. So I'll put them all up here! Thank you, Revverie. if the image is not working You'll see the image here. I'm so sorry.
  10. Tutorial Scenes Kingclone's Mapping Tutorial

    #1 The Basic of Basics I'm not good at teaching anyone, but I'll make it for you because there are people requesting it. #2 Apply a map to Custom Battle 00:00 intro 00:23 Make Terrain 04:40 Spawn Point 06:23 Save the map 07:00 Xml 08:18 Let's test 10:29 Thank you for Watching !
  11. My first map (Practice - Adaptation)

    Hello! Everyone, I am a user who made many PW maps for the Korean Warband community. This is one of those maps. With the launch of the map editor on Bannerlord, To practice, I made a map to do various experiments! But I don't know how to do "Entry Point" stuff like that. Finally, the...
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