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  1. B Native Battle Time! - The co-op mod (v1.4 Updated 10/1/12)

    Battle Time! The co-op mod for Warband. Download Battle Time v1.4 For Warband v1.153 Includes version 3.1.4 of WSE. Download Battle Time v1.31 For Warband v1.143 Includes version 2.8.1 of WSE. This mod for Warband lets you play your singleplayer campaign and host a multiplayer game...
  2. How does native remove troops from parties after battle?

    Does anyone know where the game removes casualties from the parties when you finish a battle in the SP lead_charge mission template? I'm trying to write a battle resolver that kills specific troops from the enemy parties, but I don't want to do it randomly. All I can figure is that it's hard...
  3. Large battles/scenes lower fps, CPU/GPU unused?

    What do you guys think is wrong with my computer? Most of the time the game runs smooth at 100fps, but if I start a battle with more than 200 bots, performance can decline to as low as 5 fps (600 bots) but the game doesn't use all of my CPU, GPU or RAM. During battles it can use all four cores...
  4. New campaign map has massive lag

    I have a problem with a new world map I'm making for warband. I have the map in game, but after a few days when time is passing (resting or traveling) the fps drops horribly. When the game is paused I get like 200 fps but when resting it goes to 4 fps. I tried changing the map and found that...
  5. Need a Gmax .obj export script that works.

    I still cannot find how to do this. I have both export scripts from this tutorial, but neither will export the edge smooth groups. What export script do people use to get obj files out of gmax?
  6. [Suggestion] Increase weight limit on items

    In M&B the weight attribute of items is limited to 64 kg, after that the number resets to 0. I would like to be able to make items (like trade goods) that are heavier than 64kg for my mod. This would be useful to make trade goods slow down party speed if needed.
  7. [Suggestion] Outer Terrain Backdrop

    Who else thinks the outer terrain borders on the maps should be fixed? I propose using a backdrop like other games do and the Panoramic mod does for Mount and Blade. This gives a huge improvement to immersion of battles and isn't hard to do. Basically, lower the current outer terrain so it...
  8. [BUG] Redefining Key to Left Control

    When I redefine the left control key for "view outfit" it moves the view down but I can't look around at the front of my character, instead it follows the direction I'm facing. Most other keys work when switched to view outfit, just not left control. Edit: It has always worked for me in M&B...
  9. Gmax export smooth edges?

    Is there any way to export a mesh from gmax with edge smoothing or smoothing groups or soft edges? I tried with the obj exporter but all the edges are hard (each face has different amount of shadow).
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