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  1. Antiquity OSP 3D Art Sarrissa

    Following the request of cataphract, i have made a sarissa of 5 meters around (the game don't accept more of this size ^^). It's fun to play, but like in reality, it's very difficult alone. But i can't make phalanx formation (I think, but if it's possible, say it to me  :)). Download ...
  2. More sounds and French traduction

    Hi, I love Mount&blade for his realism. I want make a sound mod. replace existing sounds is easy, and i want create other sounds like ambiance in forest, or speak... but i don't know how make that. If somebody know it, a tutorial is welcome :D . I want too make a french patch, but armagan...
  3. where are creators of this game???

    hi, i have send several messages to creators of this game, but i haven't receive response. where are they? sorry for my bad english
  4. french forum

    hi all, a french forum have been created on this link : go to see if you speak french :D
  5. french mod

    hi, i'm french, and i speak and understand english just a little. so it's difficult for us to play at your exellent game. with my friends, we want made a french mod. we want traduct all (menu, settings, conversations...). for that, i need the location of the texts files. can you give me the...
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