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  1. Warlord-616x

    Resolved cavalry begins map plummeting off cliffs

    so wasnt too bad before if i didnt move them as there was room on the side of the cliffs and plateaus, but now most maps that i play that are narrow to any kind of degree my cavalry starts the game falling from thin air. luckily most of the time they fall they seem to be knocked out, but its...
  2. Warlord-616x

    Need More Info You couldn't complete the quest in 10 years.

    ya this happened to me not long ago, but doesnt really matter at least. i ended up starting up my own kingdom using the menu anyways.
  3. Warlord-616x

    [1.5.2]settlements' issues reduced prosperity seems unreasonable

    ya took over hybar recently and i didnt realize how much of a mess it was. 0 prosperity with a -8 to the rating. after doing a pass and taking out 6 bandit camps, doing 4 notable missions and completing a bunch of buildings in the town? still cant get over 10 prosperity before things start to go wrong again. I dont see it as a town anymore, but just a big castle lol.
  4. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    appreciate it, thank man.
  5. Warlord-616x

    Feels like end times

    Well, Bannerlord is meant to be set in the final days of the Calradic Empire. Frankly, I'm kind of disappointed that **** hasn't gone full Total War Attila. I wish settlements could actually be devastated. As things are now, it just doesn't feel brutal enough.

    ya even end of the world aside once the games gets into a further state every castle and town having lvl 3 everything and 1k men defending them can get tedious. wish i could just burn some of them especially in places im not ready to keep...
  6. Warlord-616x

    Feels like end times

    hey guys just playing through the campaign and with the way death works right now it kinda feels like the end of days in game. i mean the older generation just whittles away from even just age while the new generation is coming up the ai tech doesnt support so just gives a feeling like the next...
  7. Warlord-616x

    Resolved Unable to complete "Investigate Neretzes Folly" because Penton is DEAD!!!

    and even if all of them died it doesnt matter too much. my main mission ended up just expiring out of the blue, but you can start your own kingdom manually anyways.
  8. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    not sure if this is the same thing, but trying to marry off one of my family to another clan (so that i dont have to come up with 2m+ in gold) and while their father agreed, now the candidate is nowhere to be found at the location stated. going to search the surrounding ares, but this seems to be a recurring issue...
  9. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    oh and this one is still not solved btw. the lords in question still went combat ineffective which is still a problem. glad i located them but half the active fighting members being out of the action is just as bad. (and again still seems to be applying to mercenaries).
  10. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    Last seen near Tamnuh. If she was still prisoner her last location would have been in a town or castle. Check the army summon list and see if she is on it.

    thtas what it says but they are not there, and generally isnt there some kind of escaped from or released from message as well?

    edit: alright well in the case of my clans i found them, they've shown up at various locations of mine altho now dont register as an army and are just hanging out in the keep. in the case of the previous mercs tho? almost positive not only my merc group had totally disappeared, but pretty sure some of the other groups have had it happen to some or all their members too.
  11. Warlord-616x

    garrison disappearing?

    good to know thanks fellas. any
    Nope. The player's settlements are explicitly excluded from being accessible to npcs, either giving or taking, including companions.
    okay good to know thanks
  12. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    sounds good
  13. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    they eventually just left my service anyways. thanks tho.
  14. Warlord-616x

    garrison disappearing?

    okay good to know thanks fellas. are my clan members able to access garrison troops? saw in a previous patch this might have been the case and was wondering if it might not have been part of the problem in the past
  15. Warlord-616x

    garrison disappearing?

    interesting, guess that could be of use as well heh
  16. Warlord-616x

    In Progress mercenaries disappearing

    hi guys, so hired a merc faction and they were running around doing stuff, but now they have all been taken prisoner by various people and i havent seen any of them in months. what do i do? they say they are at different locations including one of my towns but i dont seem them anywhere...
  17. Warlord-616x

    garrison disappearing?

    hey fellas, in a previous game i had played i had noticed garrison troops you leave would disappear or get turned to peasants and was just wondering if this was still the case or if anyone had a better place i could stash some of my elite troops while on the hunt for more. ive been using my...
  18. Warlord-616x

    Resolved troops disappeared from my garrison

    is this still afoot? it happened in my previous games and now scared to try in the new...
  19. Warlord-616x

    main quest expired?

    so i guess that works, its super rigid tho and spent hours trying to figure out a way to save some rep by giving up my holdings, but they just stonewall you so many details that its just not worth it and i might as well take my holdings with me and take the massive rep hits instead.

    god this has been so painful and time consuming...
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