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  1. The Great Grub

    Am I the only one who doesn't like the huge battles?

    I hate the small battles more as i have to use my troops and a lot of them will die
    Dying isnt the problem its retraining troops back to that level grinding through looters in ar is a great way of losing a lot of decent troops so you are in a constant looter grind mess for a while trying to recover your loses (i go with a party of 150 troops 50 archers 50 footmen and 50 shock cav)
    Plz taleworlds fix the fookin AR
  2. The Great Grub

    Want Man-Hunters, Less bandits, Less hideouts, want Auto resolve changed for player, want control of parties, Rant

    Honestly if all the looter parties banded together they would form the strongest factions in the game and use Soviet wave tactics
  3. The Great Grub

    Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

    The options are extremely boring and is extremely limiting on what you can have in terms of colour Why can't we have 2 or more symbols and put them wherever on the banner we want Why can't we rotate symbols Why are there only a limited number of colour options The list goes on
  4. The Great Grub


    This new beta patch is very underwhelming
    We got npc deaths in battles the player isn't involved in which is good I guess.
  5. The Great Grub

    rebel loop is a joke

    its nigh impossible to expand when cities not owned by the player are in a constant rebellion loop and wont stop rebelling i am also struggling with this silly settlement management stuff and am constantly going round my settlements trying to get loyalty and security up which is practically...
  6. The Great Grub

    is there a efficient way of getting a fief

    If the captured territory is close to your lands, you should have a bit of a priority. If there are clans without a fief try to help them get castles far away from your lands.
    The diplomacy mod give you the option to claim lands you have personally led an army to capture.
    yep the lands were right next to sargot, charas usanc castle and talivel castle were all ones that i captured personally yet ended up failing to get for some reason
  7. The Great Grub

    is there a efficient way of getting a fief

    so i redownloaded bannerlord after many many months and have been pleasantly surprised Now on to the main topic i am a tier 4 clan have nearly 50 relation with most of the vassals of the western empire, i was given sargoth and had to defend it for a long time from the vlandians, skip a year...
  8. The Great Grub

    Could this AI behaviour be improved?

    i encountered something extremely similar to what happened in this clip a month back and i think it made me uninstall the game again haha
  9. The Great Grub

    Elephant DLC?

    I think it will be a payed for dlc due to the fact its a dlc while being in EA why not just add it to the base game instead of it being DLC
  10. The Great Grub

    Elephant DLC theories - disscussion

    No dlc should be released during the early access period, to me it seems they are just starting early testing/development for future dlc ideas with idle team members so nothing bad in there.

    If they keep improving the game and make it a good complete experience for the real release i'll be optimistic about their dlcs in the future and buy if it's something interesting to me.

    If they "abandon" the game before the major problems are fixed and call it released or starting to sell dlcs during the EA phase they'll never get another coin from me.

    The elephant thing really seems like early work of something, i'll give them the benefit of the doubt no problem until proven otherwise.
    time will only tell
  11. The Great Grub

    POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    i wouldnt buy any dlc for this game that came out during EA
  12. The Great Grub

    My Gut Reaction to 1.6.0

  13. The Great Grub

    Elephant DLC theories - disscussion

    they really shouldnt be charging for it while the game is still in early access, if its free which it should be then fair enough but why not just add it in withought it being dlc, if they charge for it i hope it creates an absolute ****storm like when ark released its first expansion while being in EA
    If it comes out after the games out of EA then imo thats fine.
  14. The Great Grub

    What's the actual point of "I have a quick question?"

    It's a place holder or a left over from an scrapped mechanic, so either something goes in and it's needed or it eventually comes out of the menu. Who knows.
    I'm not sure but is it the same option or separate that will make npcs run to another npcs in some scenes "I'm looking for...."? Could just be same stuff slapped onto all npcs even when they don't have use for it. It's kinda mocking when you indeed do want to ask a question.
  15. The Great Grub

    Freelancer should be implemented into vanilla Bannerlord

    im sure castle building freelancing and ambushes will all be added post launch

    as DLC
  16. The Great Grub

    Resolved Beta 1.5.10 Can't issue commands once enemy start to flee battle field.

    this is absurd lmfao i cant believe this is a feature hahaha
  17. The Great Grub

    Patch when??

    They are still hotfixing the MP client because it has many issues. Recently we had the pleasure to play without Cav sounds.
    ahh yes quality fixes
  18. The Great Grub

    My final verdict

    Lol guess he hit a nerve at TW haha
    Man's been speaking the truth so naturally he gets banned
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