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  1. Battlefield 1

    Lumos said:
    beta is out. This is some of the least fun I've had in a game in a while. In one sentence, the game can be summed up as "invisible ****ers spawnkill me". Camper in a tank? Tough luck, you got no RPGs to take him out, only an AT grenade with a 50 years long timer and non-sticking C4 that's pointless because vehicle drivers aren't that idiotic to stand still. Try to buy the AT rocket gun? Can't, "not high enough rank". I'm level 2, that **** needs level 1, but I'm apparently Assault rank 0. I think. Nowhere does it say how much my progress to Assault 1 is, or if that's even the thing I need to be doing. Fine, let's stay away from vehicles then.

    Infantry: Scum everywhere, and you can't see them, because 3D spotting has been nerfed to hell and back, and the minimap and its icons are so tiny that I can't see anything at all. The bygone days where I played BF2 and adored a slower, more intimate playstyle are over, my love, and this is exactly like the BF3 beta when I started. Enemies are ****ing invisible. I literally can't see them, and even if I do, they've already half-killed me. Fine, let's stay away from infantry then.

    Sniping: I swear to God, only 15% of my shots connect. Horizontal scope offsetting? "WIND DRAG"? The **** am I supposed to kill people?! I'm not here to play ARMA Sniper Elite Ghost Warrior 15, I'm here to murder other humans. ****ing hell. Scope glint is back, which is nice, but it's also been nerfed, so it's pretty much useless. Also, you don't move fast enough and non-snipers' guns are ****e at range, so you can't defend yourself if you're being sniped at.
    I had a little, little bit of fun in the final Rush match I played. Our team was pretty much worthless, and I slowly, slowly advanced forwards, picking off targets one by one (i.e. getting "spot bonus 25" scores. Occasionally. but I did kill one guy, I think), slowly closing the distance and methodically advancing. But guess what? 150 tickets, *****! Take that slow-paced gameplay you remember from BF2 and shove it deep up your arse, cause it's never going to be a thing in this game.

    I also rode on a horse for 5 seconds. Sabre attacks can't be held like in M&B, you just click-and-swing. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaame. Get bombed by a plane? NOTHING YOU CAN DO, ******. Now get reduced to 15% HP and get blasted by the ****ing tank jerk-off again. Medics don't revive ****, probably because you don't get revive notifications as a medic, and I was healed ONCE. I revived 2 guys and got "best medic of the game", for ****'s sake!

    Rage rage rage rage rage, and so on, and this is ****ing heresy coming from me, the long-term "old-school" fanboy. I'm going back to Dirty Bomb for the time being, thank you very much.
    You call yourself old school but you are complaining about the lack of good 3D-spotting and lack of revives? Not having those things is entirely supportive of the slow-paced gameplay you say you're looking for. I haven't played the game so I don't know how it is but I'm honestly confused with your criticism.

    Edit: Also, sniping being more difficult due to realistic effects like wind can only be a good thing, in my opinion.
  2. Fallout 4

    I accidentally wandered onto this forum and now I'm depressed.  :neutral:

    Nuka World looks interesting but I'm hoping that there's more to it than wacky mayhem. I'm going to be disappointed if the park doesn't have some sort of sinister secret. 
  3. Star Wars Spin off: Rogue One.

    Can't they be easily stopped with the force?
  4. War of Rights : (Maryland Campaign, ACW) FUNDED

    I first noticed it on the 'Day one of the Confederacy' video on the WoR channel. Every video preceding it on that channel had more vibrant colors.


    But now looking at the CSA Drill Session video from a couple days ago, it seems fine again. Maybe it's just varying weather effects.
  5. War of Rights : (Maryland Campaign, ACW) FUNDED

    I noticed that the recent gameplay has a strong grey filter. It makes the game look much worse than before. I hope the devs are just experimenting and it isn't here to stay. Compare the difference between Diplex's video and this one from May.


  6. 2016 Summer Olympics

    ColonicAcid said:
    IWF actually has a spine compared to the IOC. They did retests of the 2012 results and all Russian athletes were implicated in addition with some others such as Ilya. Thus the IWF blanket banned Russians from the weightlifting event.

    Wow, seriously? My mistake for reading incorrectly. That's quite sad.
  7. 2016 Summer Olympics

    There was never a blanket ban on Russian athletes.
  8. I've just read the first Mistborn...

    I think both the first and third Mistborns had weak endings. They made sense but the rapid info-dump was jarring and convoluted. That being said, I enjoyed reading the trilogy and couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks after I set the last book down.

    Stormlight is still far superior. Though, the quicker pacing and plentiful action was a refreshing change from Stormlight, where every interesting event seems to have a dozen chapters of set up.
  9. Coup Attempt in Turkey

    2700 judges removed from office is a ridiculously high number. Are we seriously suppose to believe that for every pro-coup soldier there was also a judge involved? They must have had a list ready for some time and the coup was just the best opportunity to use it.
  10. Fallout 4

    I've heard Far Harbor is a step back towards the wide variety of options and impactful decision making of previous Fallout games. Looking forward to giving it a shot.
  11. Fallout 4

    I got the game on sale expecting it to be a mediocre game that'll kill time but I was pleasantly surprised. Pretty sure I'm in the minority here, I think the story barring the last half of the third act(first arrival at Institute till end) was captivating. Perhaps the choices I made gave me a different experience from most people but I was engaged with my character's journey to find her son. Always choosing dialogue options concerning finding Shaun and humbly asking for help from the other wastelanders resulted in some touching moments, largely due to how well Courtenay Taylor delivers. Yes, I did play as a woman for my first complete play-through after quitting 30 minutes into my male character due to the incredibly bland voice acting. A parent braving extreme dangers to find their child is far from an original story but it works well with the setting. It provides a reason to explore the Commonwealth top to bottom and talk to as many people as possible. It works especially well with justifying why someone would join and work for three different factions since all three are trying to find the Institute.

    Meeting Shaun/Father for the first time was my favorite moment in the game. Seriously, the voice acting is top notch and it really sells the tragedy of the situation. I think it was a good twist though many expected it. I expected it initially as well but I was genuinely thrown off because I noticed that Kellogg hadn’t aged(apparently his enhancements prolonged his life which feels like cheating but it got me so kudos, Bethesda). Anyways, at that point, it was clear I couldn't just destroy the Institute since that would involve killing my son so working with them a bit and hearing them out is a no-brainer. Though I was mostly trying to determine if the Institute was a threat, Shaun gradually became more compassionate and it is apparent that he really wants his parent to believe in the Institute as he does. Each time Shaun referred to my character as "mother" felt more meaningful than the last and he showed genuine concern for her well-being. The bizarre mother-son relationship between a young warrior woman and an old scientist that actually felt convincing to me.

    That being said, the story started to piss me off when I realized I wasn't going to get real answers on the Institute's goal and methods. I kept going through the Institute quests hoping for there to be a reveal on their grand plan for the Commonwealth. More importantly, why do they kidnap, torture, murder people and replace them with synths? Why even create sentient beings for labor? Even after becoming the director I had a very vague understanding of how they were going to help people but very specific examples of their crimes. At that point I had already eliminated the Railroad(mostly for being a ridiculous joke of a faction) so I just finished off the game as Institute even though it felt wrong. At least I was the Director so I could theoretically make the Institute a true force for good. For me, the fate of the Commonwealth always took backseat to my story of the Sole Survivor and the Father, which satisfyingly concluded with a bittersweet goodbye.

    All of that’s not to say that the story is outstanding or innovative. There’s definitely huge holes and contrivances but I don’t think it deserves the **** it gets. Sure, it sucks that you can’t RP any character you want like in New Vegas. But don’t let that departure from previous Fallouts prevent you from enjoying 4’s storyline for what it is. It's unfortunately a very subpar RPG, but overall, I consider it a solid overall package and I appreciate that despite how much it has been stripped of RPG elements, I still had to make very difficult ethical decisions. The plot works best if you try to put yourself in the shoes of a father or mother who has lost a child in a harsh environment. My other advice for people starting the game or new playthroughs is to play as a female, turn off subtitles and get this mod.
  12. Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    That might be my favorite episode of the whole show.

    The Targaryen alliance is getting ridiculous, though. Tyrells and Martells have hated each other for hundreds of years. Everyone hates the Ironborn. Something tells me people won't be very happy when Dany unleashes the Dothraki on Westeros.
  13. Game of Thrones - HBO TV series based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

    Starks are so ****ing stupid they all deserve to die.
  14. Battlefield 1

    Lumos said:
    Wellenbrecher said:
    But they were made in a time before EA realised how much "good" PR they can get by seemingly pandering to certain opinions. They weren't made my Swedes either :razz:
    And not with a black character in charge during a time full of what we call racism now.
    But DICE has always been Swedish! Also, a black character in charge? I think they'd mentioned something about multiple main characters, which could explain the black dude on some variants of the cover, but otherwise the trailer lad is white. And probably English, since the black guy has to be from the Harlem Hellfighters. I guess.
    I'm hoping for a German viewpoint as well. Hope dies last...
    The Middle Eastern woman on horseback in the first trailer is a playable character.

    Weapons are not faction locked because it interferes with progression. With six MP factions randomly selected between rounds it would be difficult for players to make meaningful progress towards the weapons they want if they had to progress six different characters independently. Obviously, the solution is to abandon the progression system in favor of giving each nation unique game-play but that's not happening.
  15. Battlefield 1

    It looks like you can use any weapon as any faction. I'm guessing nations will have no differences other than cosmetics and what maps they appear on.
  16. Battlefield 1

    Cioss Julius U.X. said:
    Tactical shooters, realistic shooters, smulator shooters there are plenty of them. So *****ing abot Battlefield is not becoming one of them is totally meaningless.

    I saw some improvements since BF4 -i hate Hardline-, like getting on vehicle animations, destructable surround even the ground itself. Vehicle animations is a major change, yes i know it's now something that big but until now all Battlefield games had instant using of vehicles. This is something new. Deploy menu is sexy too.

    Warn, new post.

    You are incredible narrow-minded. Games change over time. Battlefield itself used to be a slow paced and team focused but has changed drastically. It is not "*****ing" to want the series to try something different from its two fast paced predecessors, especially when the new setting creates such fresh opportunities for new gameplay. Maybe the rest of us were hoping for something more than a BF4 reskin.
  17. Battlefield 1

    Cioss Julius U.X. said:
    Sitting in trenches for hours, waiting to attack order is not Battlefield. That'd be like Dungeons&Dragons II: Bannerlord.
    Pointless comment. Nobody is asking for the game to be sitting in trenches for hours. You know FPS games don't have to be either an ultra realistic simulation or an arcadey COD game, right? Some people want a game that is slower paced than typical Battlefield games, which is totally reasonable.
  18. Battlefield 1

    F.F.C._fritz said:
    Gurkhas, Aussies and Austro-Hungarians spotted - the latter in a screenshot showing a tank with a double headed eagle.

    And the French are still nowhere to be seen.  :neutral:
  19. | Blackwake - Age of Sail Naval Game | >Version 3.0 Released!<

    Dom13WorstNW said:
    Dom13WorstNW said:
    These designs look like they belong in a western game.
  20. War Thunder, Update 1.97: Swedish Tanks

    Why are the machine guns on the back?
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