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  1. 1stNOG-IDF

    Argos_Na Server

    Our team so far is having a blast:grin:
  2. 1stNOG-IDF

    A pure role play deviation of PW would include; (For the dreamers)

    He was advertising a server...not a mod -.-
  3. 1stNOG-IDF

    A pure role play deviation of PW would include; (For the dreamers)

    Herbiazors said:
    Indeed, i am simply inputting my opinion of that he or she must've been taken some sort of drugs. And intelligent? I hope you are being sarcastic, because i don't use the head ontop, i use the one down there, that's why i'm personally a ****

    What did I just read...?

    Alright, back to the topic. Continue, friends.
  4. 1stNOG-IDF

    A pure role play deviation of PW would include; (For the dreamers)

    Herbiazors said:
    Hah..Hahah..Hhahah...Haaah! Hah.. Hahah.... Haah.. Alright i'm done, now back on track, did you steal my shrooms or socks? Because those two combinations are not for normal people so if you did, please call the ambulance and whatever you do, don't let the fox steal your cookies! Or just to say it in a more simple matter "You must be trippin maainh"

    Thank you for your incredibly intelligent and much needed input.

    Edit: At what point exactly did you "get back on track"?
  5. 1stNOG-IDF

    A pure role play deviation of PW would include; (For the dreamers)

    Vuffeh said:
    ... Isn't this a war-game?

    It can still be about war and incorporate a more realistic atmosphere.
  6. 1stNOG-IDF

    Argos_Na Server

    Not going to lie...

    The faction I lead had so much fun tonight XD

    +1 for good admins
  7. 1stNOG-IDF

    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    I for one will back up Fex's claim when he says this.

    This might quite possibly be one of the few last well-run PW servers. As the trolls are now officially gone and dealt with, I'm looking forward to many more days and weeks here.
  8. 1stNOG-IDF

    Why Roleplay Servers Will Never Work

    CarpeDiem said:
    Well, I am reading your posts here and I am wondering, if anyone would be interested in passworded, real RP server?

    We could make a forum, where you'd be able to apply with your character name, background, generally the whole history.

    It would be very hard to create the rules matching with everyone's imaginary of roleplay, but would the server need any rules?

    I am actually an owner of server, I think I could switch the mod to PW.

    If it was possible, I'd switch my server to PW as well. However, I've tried and I can't seem to figure it out.

    I for one would absolutely love to be involved in your server, if it is to ever appear.
  9. 1stNOG-IDF

    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Do you know when by any chance?

    Hopefully there will be refunds, like always:smile:
  10. 1stNOG-IDF

    FG_PW_NA(PW4.2 Server)

    he gets banned of your teamspeak and server....

    This happens to a lot more people and times than you might think. Welcome to the club.

    I will take legal action if it is not removed.

    That's one way to get the job done  :idea:
  11. 1stNOG-IDF

    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    This server should be more populated. Quite possibly the closest thing we have to RP.
    C'mon guys! Eggnogium is waiting!
  12. 1stNOG-IDF

    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Long live Eggnogium!

    Excellent server, no complaints except for the bandits, who have a bit of a mouth.
  13. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed European Conquest Roleplay Event [Saturday]

    FSE forum can be located here
  14. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed European Conquest Roleplay Event [Saturday]

    Inspired by a few friends for what an ideal NW campaign would be and look like, I've decided to take it to the extreme and make an event the community can compete in to fight for their favorite territories in the Napoleonic Wars, making an alternate history dependent upon the skills of the...
  15. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed LGC Tues/Frid Siege & Linebattle Events! (Accepting applications) [NA]

    Regiment name: 1stNOG
    Events that you'll be attending: Friday Linebattle
    Secondary roles: Light
    Leader's Steam profile: You have it
    How many active members do you have?: 95. Bringing 20-40
    Have you read, and accepted the rules on behalf of your regiment? Yes.
  16. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed Fighting Fridays Event [NA]

    Regiment name: 1stNOG
    Preferred Nation: Frenchy Fries
    Preferred Role: Line Infantry.
    Number of peeps: 20-40
    Steam account: You have it, noob.

    Regiment name: 1stNOG_Volts
    Light Infantry 15eme
    You got it noob.

    Abolish your damn spoilers!

    Failure to comply will result in death of your puppy, if you have one.
    If not, no food for a week.
    If you're anorexic...
    You are forced to eat.
  17. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed Sunday Sacrilage Line Battle (Cancelled, I'm tired of hosting)

    Regiment name: 1st Napoleon's Old guard
    Abbreviation: 1stNOG
    Regiment unit type: Line Infantry
    Regiment leader (steam): Gen. Jerusalem
    Attendance expected: 15-20
  18. 1stNOG-IDF

    NW Completed RE Wednesday Event

    The event only lasts an hour?

    Or am I just GMT ignorant?:razz:
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