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  1. Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    It's not a road to ruin, it's a useful tool that we use daily in most web applications. Storage is cheap, TaleWorlds are most likely already using some provider, and an AWS plugin exists for almost every forum software. The bandwidth it allows in sharing things like screenshots, memes, suggestions and such outweighs the risk that users might abuse it. Not having this feature in something as media-heavy as a videogame forum really is shooting yourself in the foot. There is likely a lot of awesome stuff people just don't post because they can't just paste it
  2. More info on the inventory screen

    I don't think it would be crowded - the list item itself can be taller, the image a bit larger vertically, the quantity and value numbers can move up a bit and put even an abbreviated version, or use icons instead of text for the property names. There is plenty of room there. Doing this would give you more information at a glance, instead of having to hover over each item. All you really need to see is the green and red values to see if the item is better than your equipped gear or not. Right now that is a chore. This information is important, and it should be more available.
  3. More info on the inventory screen

    Having to hover over each item to see how they compare to your current gear is causing me cramps, can you make the items a little larger vertically, and show the hovered info (red and green) in the list item instead? It would make this UI easier to use, at the cost of not much space.
  4. Forum Feedback and Suggestions (NOT Game Feedback)

    We can't copy paste images into the text field when posting replies on the forum. Most other web applications allow that out of the box these days. Can we have it?
  5. more info on the character screen

    This would really help when recruiting travellers into your party.
  6. SP Native Medieval Intrigues

    This mod looks amazing. It adds a completely new dimension to the game. This is the exact kind of feature that should be in the official version. downloading...
  7. BL 3D Art How would i attempt to make footprints? (Bannerlord)

    I daresay the footprints in that screenshot are not dynamic.

    In any case, in order to create that effect you would need a decal to use. Since those footprints appear to be deep in the snow then I would want to have a normal map (or, if the engine supports it, a tessellation map) on the decal that would give the impression of the foot going into the the snow. I'd make the colour of that decal just the dirt colour, with the normal map overlapping the alpha part of the image - allowing the normal map to deform the snow material.

    You would then need a way to spawn the decal - I assume the engine already has a function for spawning decals at a given location. So you would get the location of the character and spawn your decal underneath it every n meters as they move. Given that strides are longer when running as opposed to walking, your distance threshold is going to need to be a function of actor speed.

    Then you'll need to make sure the footsteps despawn after a while as they will add up quite quickly and cause some serious slowdown because the engine will need to keep rendering them all.

    Needless to say, you would need to be pretty comfortable with programming to get this working, but it's by no means a super advanced task, I would say it's a good challenge for a novice modder. Good luck!
  8. I need help with improving a mesh

    Got any reference images?
  9. BL Coding Can I get more information about editor crashes?

    Thanks for the detailed reply! I see it's still early days for these modding tools - I might stick to the easier stuff for now then cheers.
  10. BL Coding Can I get more information about editor crashes?

    I have been trying to override tree assets (namely tree_pine_spring) and I am being met with frequent crashes. When the game crashes I get the opportunity to upload my crash logs - am I able to access those logs myself to have a look? Having the editor crash every 2 minutes (literally) without...
  11. [RESOLVED] Help creating Merc Clan [1.5.3]

    Can you leave some information about wjat the problem was and your solution? For those who come after you 😉
  12. 3D modelling tools question

    Blender also. Reprizent!
  13. Bannerlord Editor tools - rumour mill

    Yes, editor allows skins because QT allow skins

    What's QT?
  14. TaleWorlds Modding Q&A

    On max gfx settings the horses have a really nice sheen shader, I think this is what they mean by 'two lobes' - it's probably a rimlight shader using two different light sources. Makes sense
  15. Bannerlord Editor tools - rumour mill

    Really looking forward to getting hands on this editor.
  16. Realism Rebalance Mod

    I think you'll find that the hit calculations are quite simplistic by design in the battle scene. When you have 200-500 or more actors in a scene you can't be running complex collision algorithms for every weapon swing. I would be interested to see how you can make the damage more realistic, the high damage high armour concept sounds like a good start that wouldnt complicate matters too much. Good luck!
  17. Official 3D Art thread - Bannerlord

    Epic model! Do you know what shader maps are available for model textures? Like, are we putting a greyscale spec map in the normal maps alpha channel, stuff like that? Do we know how the material instancing system works?
  18. The dev is beating around the bush

    If you're not happy with the game, come back in a few months. The devs have pushed an update at least once every two days since launching early access, focussing on spot fires and crashes so that everyone can play the game. They have been amazingly responsive to the most severe issues (game-breaking crashes) when compared to any AAA studio. Do you see Watchdogs getting 5 updates in one week in response to crash reports?

    It's totally fine to offer your opinion on what needs to be balanced and how, but the majority of posts in this thread come off as a bunch of entitled whiny 13 year olds. It's pretty enraging to see people throwing all their toys out of the cot because that thing they mentioned on the forums wasn't immediately implemented and pushed within 24 hours. Get over yourselves. Wait a few months. Lo and behold, doing things takes time.

    P.S: how many of you grifters even know how to code?
  19. Settlement Modding - Research and Development

    Hey OP did you ever figure out how to add new notables to a town? I would like to add a new "X the tanner" type character, with whom I can create new quests
  20. Extreme body sliders

    Haha what does your brother look like if you go all the way to the tutorial?
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