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  1. Chricky

    SP Native [WB] SnD's Polished Native

    When it gets moved, will you be updating it to 1.142 straight away?
  2. Chricky

    What in new Version (0.8)

    Those uniforms are immaculate!
  3. Chricky

    Papal States not working correct

    They should be made conquerable, especially for those who play as islamic/muslim factions/characters :smile:
    Although i would normally play as the Papal states in games  :lol:
  4. Chricky


    Hi, I think you should have a features list, if there is one, could you direct me to it ? Thanks  :lol:
  5. Chricky

    A suggestion for a minor mod.

    Isnt it really an unneccesary luxury ? Because it is just eye candy, and in game i never really seem to look at the player holding the onto the horse... Just my opinion :smile:
  6. Chricky

    SP Medieval [WB] Crusader-way to expiation

    Finally all this information compiled into one post :smile: Cant wait for this mod
  7. Chricky

    DOWNLOAD link, Credits & OLD TOPIC (+ POLL)

    So your 47, addicted to caps lock and demand support or we cant play the finalised version  :?:
    You seem 12 not 47 oh and theres an edit button, i noticed you double posted twice on the one page..
  8. Chricky

    Formations help?

    press "backspace" then "stand closer" ( in the menu )
  9. Chricky

    B Fantasy Lotr: Blood İn The West (V 0.25)

    Isnt the Turkish thread locked ? It has been for some time now ?

    EDIT : Its been closed since November the 22nd
  10. Chricky

    B Musket Era Other [WB] Pirates & Fishmod

    I really cant wait any longer for this mod!!!!  :lol:

    Sorry, i checked the first post and was just wondering, which factions will be in SP ?
  11. Chricky

    kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    Wow learn something new everyday  :razz:
  12. Chricky

    MP Fantasy [WB] The Last Alliance

    nenadradojcic said:
    Chricky said:
    Very interesting, would it be based around The last battle or a few different maps ?

    As a muliplayer mod, it will have few different maps. I'm thinking to add

    Morannon(The Black Gate)
    Dead Marshes(Dagorlad)
    Mount Doom
    Barad-Dur and

    Tha last two will be siege maps, while the first three will be Team deathmach, battle and conquer.

    Cool, hope you finish it, good luck !
  13. Chricky

    The Port: Main Thread and Download Link: Work Stopped

    Port Horizon looks like something from Assassains creed to me  :???:
  14. Chricky

    MP Fantasy [WB] The Last Alliance

    Very interesting, would it be based around The last battle or a few different maps ?
  15. Chricky

    kuauik's sweatshop ;0)

    Harp is for Leinter, Red hand is for Ulster, Connacht is a wing and an arm with a sword I think and Munster is three crowns on a blue background :smile:
  16. Chricky

    Subversion - checking out the development version of the mod (161)

    Heiro said:
    EDIT: No change, still the same erros
    also at loading screen after launching the game I get these errors:

    WARNING: Unable to find material civan_helm_mitre
    WARNING: Unable to find material elm_type4

    This has been happening to me since revision 206 I think..
  17. Chricky

    Subversion - checking out the development version of the mod (161)

    Re-installing Warband seems to have worked for me too  :???:
  18. Chricky

    compatibility issues with TweakMb

    TweakMB only works on native module I think, I remember trying to tweak a warband mod and it wouldn't let me, but then it let me for native  :???:
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