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  1. Carmageddon: Reincarnation Looks like our dreams are about to come true. It's been what, 14 years since the previous game?
  2. Steam Database hacked Laughing at the fanboyism in the comments.
  3. Damage penalty based on turning speed

    Simple, the faster you're turning, the less damage you will inflict. For example, the game could take into account the average turning speed for the last 0.5 seconds, where 360 degrees/1second would give a, let's say, 80% penalty. This would encourage people to actually aim their swings instead...
  4. Myths Of Warband (Open for debate) 8/07 Help needed again

    There's been some talk about features implemented during beta and later removed or changed. I want to gather all of these into one thread where we can test whether the really exist or not, and how do they work. If you want to contribute into these things, test it. I don't give damn about how you...
  5. Warband crashes when items are dropped to the ground

    For a month or so Warband has taken up the habit of crashing every time a projectile hits anything but some npc, items are dropped, anything holding some equipment dies, and on most if not all villages and towns. Changing any options doesn't fix this, not DX7, loading textures on demand nor...
  6. Increase Helmet Protection

    As most of us know hits to the head to double damage, but the problem is the damage is doubled before the armour soak and reduction, so soak doesn't work as well as it should. Another (And better, but more complex) way of achieving this would be changing the multiplier to apply for the final...
  7. Poll: Armour Effectiveness in Multiplayer

    Personally I feel armour should be made more useful in multiplayer, but I've been wondering how rest of the community feels. NOTE: THIS CONCERNS MULTIPLAYER ONLY
  8. [Suggestion]Alternatives For Kick

    I'd like to see different types of anti-hugger attacks for different weapons. The mechanics would be exactly the same, just with different animations, perhaps speed, damage and knockback as well. Here's a few alternatives that got in to my mind: Sword: Pommel strike Polearm: Push with the...
  9. Favorite Version Regarding Melee

    Tell us which is (or was) your favorite version for melee combat. Tell what you liked and what could have been improved. Also say which was the first version you played. I got in the beta in .580 So, my favorite was .615, the first patch after the singleplayer style turning cap was implemented...
  10. [SUGGESTION]Make Manual Blocking Arc Wider

    It's annoying when the opponent is hugging you and partly due to lag manages to get slightly to your side and hits you even though you managed to block the right direction. In my opinion, manual block has enough difficulties without people hitting through the block from time to time.
  11. [BUG]Duplicating Items in Battle Mode

    If you have free equipment slots and drop an item (I tested with a shield), pick it up again and survive the round you may get two of the very same item without paying for the extra. It doesn't seem to be working like this every time, though.
  12. [BUG]Projectiles Not Getting Removed From Ladders

    When a new round starts the projectiles stuck on ladders do not disappear. You can't pick them up if I recall right, though.
  13. [SUGGESTION]Change Mounted Slashing Animation

    Currently you can swing your weapon through your horses neck and hit what's right in front of you.
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