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  1. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    Hey devs ! i know you do not like this question :oops: but  any news about the next patch? :mrgreen:
  2. Siberian Cossack

    Kazak_Mamaj's submods

    Heeellloooo there!  :grin:
    I apologize for the delay. I was very busy studying at university :oops:

    So there is my muskets files

        :!:  muskets.rar  :!:

    Just replace textures in the folder \The Deluge\Textures

    I welcome your feedback and suggestions  :fruity:
  3. Siberian Cossack

    Kazak_Mamaj's submods

    Hello there again!  :grin:
    New textures (main.normal.bump) for Long Ottoman Musket  :fruity:






  4. Siberian Cossack

    Kazak_Mamaj's submods

    Hello there keks and lols ! :mrgreen: I consider myself to be devoted fans of the Deluge. I play this modification since 2012. Modification is developing, things are changing. But still I have always found that I did not like and wanted to do it so that I liked. I'm still not going to attach...
  5. Siberian Cossack

    Community Server

    Der_Baum said:
    Concerning kazakh_donsky_Smirow, dont ban him or unban him if you did, I chatted with him on steam, it was a misunderstanding so please do not ban him.

    you decided to make trololo of the moderator?
  6. Siberian Cossack

    How to move cannons?

    NightHawkreal said:
    By the way, how to sit on the driver's seat on the wagon?

    Press alt and try to find option "drive" at the forward part of the cart  :wink:
  7. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    Mamlaz said:

    - the pistol sounds are to low, they should be louder.

    i'm still working on my personal sound mod which will replace old faggy-farted shot sounds . it is really difficult to find good sounds, but what I found and made by myself, is better than the original :fruity:
  8. Siberian Cossack

    Community Server

    Zbaraski said:
    After every single server restart they are back on because config is not changed. It is possible that next patch will be released on sunday.

    what will be in the new patch?  :grin:  :oops:
  9. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    Slawomir of Aaarrghh said:
    Hey devs ! in the new patch will be a new firearms?
    No, mostly bugfixes and gameplay changes. Bartus is very occupied and he doesn't really have time for making new models.

    I think he would be interested in this. So i found a couple of interesting samples. 17 th century. Snaphaunce Flintlock Pistols and English Doglock pistol

    watch out ! a lot of images  :grin:










    p.s I'm not so good at 3D modeling, but I think that the basis for these guns could be taken from pistols with wheellock and replace their locks  to snaphaunce flintlock from this "nederlandlock_arkebuz" or "snaphans_musket"
  10. Siberian Cossack

    Community Server

    Another tker needs your help  :grin:  add him to ban list- Cpt_Puhalke_Yeebaka_Troll_IV . This r#t*rd started attacking everyone who was at the spawn



  11. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    Hey devs ! in the new patch will be a new firearms?  :oops:

    I recently came across an interesting example of muscovite musket.It looks interesting and i think that this musket will be as good additional weapon for muskovy dragoons\rejtars and cossacks :cool:

    approximately 88 cm in length

  12. Siberian Cossack

    Bugtracking - see first post

    - Why Don Cossacks do not have pistols and pikes (for use on horseback) ? they were as well armed as the Zaporozhian Cossacks.But for Muscovy they are just ****ty armed sucks...
  13. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    in the properties of the berdish  says that this weapon can do piercing attacks . but for some reason these piercing attacks cant be done with berdish  ,only slashing attacks from the sides or top  :meh:
  14. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    I think that is not enough smoke, flashes and sparks after the shot.You can make a dense smoke? I can not understand the one in previous versions (up to 0.92) in the wick musket smoldering with smoke effect. but since version 0.92 this smoke had disappeared ...
  15. Siberian Cossack

    anyone playing ?

    kifli said:
    KuroiNekouPL said:
    Pantheon said:
    never seen one person :/
    That's odd, played yesterday evening for like two hours straight.
    Do you see just empty servers or no servers at all? Because if the latter then there must be something wrong on your side.

    cant find any server eider I can see other wb servers. ... found 1 but only whit  6 players. That doesn't sound like active...

    no patch = no activity  :ohdear:
  16. Siberian Cossack

    Sneak Peeks

    New version soon.
    Probably We can play in this weekend.

    :oops: :oops: :oops: any good news?
  17. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    kaskal said:
    Hi. Would you consider adding France, England, Netherland, Scotland, Ireland and Spain to your mod? Please consider it. If you add this nations to your mod, you will create the most impressive Mount Blade mod ever!

    France Musketeers, Cardinal Richelieu's Guards - English Civil War; Royalists, Loyalists and Parliamentarians, Levellers - Dutch Rebels(William the Silent, Oranges) - Scots Covenanters - Montrose Irish, Firelock Storming Party and Spanish Tercio!

    this mod is not about France, England, Netherland, Scotland, Ireland and Spain  :grin:
  18. Siberian Cossack

    Official Servers

    I still cant understand ,why we cant to change game type with poll on the official server ?  :neutral:  I understand that a second server for invasion also requires financial investments, of which you are not available. but it's a hell of hate when you come in anticipation of the server  with "invasion", but there is the type of game "Battle" mode or "TDM" .... and you have to play ONLY this mode. Is it so difficult to make voting accessible to replace the type of game? sorry for this rage  :oops:

    p.s and here again ,if someone offers me to play the "full invasion" , then go yourself and play this "full invasion"
  19. Siberian Cossack

    Suggestions and ideas

    Why  berdish can not be used as thrusting weapon? While protozan and halberd can do it, then berdish cant do the same.  His sharp tip allows apply stabbing attack  :facepalm:

  20. Siberian Cossack

    Official Servers

    where is invasion server?  :sad: :cry:
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