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  1. Resolved Swings not connecting in big siege battles

    Ok, everyone here has experimented this. Just have a big siege battle and swing your weapon at the blob of opponents smashed together at the front gate for example. If your swing speed is kinda high, a lot of your swings will just pass by the enemies without touching them. I had it fixed with...
  2. Your clan wars don't apply to your newly formed kingdom

    Basically what title says. I started as a vassal of Vlandia. Got myself some sweet fiefs and then get to the point in the main quest where I can create my own kingdom. To do that, among other things, I need to be an independent clan and have one settlement. So I left Vlandia while keeping the...
  3. Need More Info [Beta 1.3.0] - Huge frame drop in battles

    I narrowed it down to two scenarios: 1) when new troops start to spawn in the map; 2) when troops start to retreat from battle; I'm pretty sure 2 is the culprit, maybe something to do with the new exit points added in the last patch. How to reproduce: just play some battles with patch 1.3.0 tbh.
  4. [Beta 1.1] - My enemy is not my enemy? Or is he?

    Quick summary: Before I made my own kingdom, I was an independent battanian that pretty much single handed wiped the western empire out. They obviously hated my guts and were at war against my clan. After I created my own kingdom, their NPCs on the map became neutral to me, and they will even go...
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