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  1. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    It happens to me since 1.5.9, I tried the 1.6.0 and happened the same, that's why I'm rolled back for 1.5.8, for me is something related with the HD use, maybe the early versions loaded the inventory from ram, but now it loads from the HD. Some people with ssds don't have this problem. I don't understand nothing about programming, but they may want less ram occupied due people with low ram computers.
    ok thanks- Ill role back to 1.5.8 and see if it helps- hopefully they resolve this in the future- i dnot understand programming either but if its possible to run the game with no issues and good fps in early versions it cant be impossible to have the same as the game develops...
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Anyone still get frame drops/lags when open menus/inventory/troops etc? Never happened on earlier versions and now its so frustrating with 5-10 second load times when ever opening any in game menu.
  3. Household Guard

    Is it just me who would love to see household guard implemented? The idea would be related to both around the map where (similar to companions) you could assign up to a number of troops categorised as household guard to follow you around in places like town (perhaps 5-10 for this) - they could...
  4. Cool additions that could be added to the game (suggestions and discussion)

    Hi all, thought it could be cool to suggest some additions that would be a cool touch to the game, not necessarily features that the devs would implement, but nevertheless they could be fun. What about expansion of mercenaries where instead of belonging to one faction, lords could approach you...
  5. Quick fix needed for diplomatic war option to stop influence plummeting

    Will be interesting to see how quickly kingdom functions are added
  6. Need More Info Crash on Peace Deal

    the crash was related to peace deals made through barter, the option to make peace through diplomacy as well as war hasnt been released yet
  7. Quick fix needed for diplomatic war option to stop influence plummeting

    I understand that the devs are still working on personal kingdom functions, but for now i think there could be some quick features added to stop the huge loss of influence when starting a war through raiding villages then attacking- yes you can gain the influence back but in the meantime you are...
  8. Need More Info Crash on Peace Deal

    I just tested, was junky for a second and then carried on? seems solved for me!
  9. Lord escape rates

    Some good ideas! Do the devs read this section of the forum? Only problem with execution- surely executing all your captured lords will cause balancing issues late game?
  10. Lord escape rates

    Agreed, I lost 3 lords in my dungeon pretty quickly. i think they should implement improvement options for the dungeon, limit the capacity and upgrade capacity with prisoner security as you upgrade The dungeon itself.
  11. Resolved Crashing when making peace with a nation

    I’m sure they will get it fixed soon! Don’t worry about it. I wouldn’t start another game yet, wait a day or 2 for the hot fix and carry on playing! :smile:
  12. Resolved Game crash when trying to make peace with faction

    ok thanks! I'll give it a go and see if it works
  13. Resolved Game crash when trying to make peace with faction

    Still crashes for me also and have seen others still saying the same
  14. Need More Info Crash on Peace Deal

    I have the same issue - peace doesn’t work through diplomacy and bartering peace with money crashes my game 😕
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