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  1. Exploit: Leadreship + Smithing = Sabotage

    this is where you are mistaken because i made a report on this issue and devs specifically mentioned that kingdom can run out of money and go bankrupt, as a matter of fact in some of the previous betas tw did changed certain things to prevent this from happening early on.
    Hasn't he previously complained about ai kingdom running out of money and going broke?
  2. Exploit: Leadreship + Smithing = Sabotage

    I am a hardcore player, always and in any game I am looking for the best way for maximum results but without cheats - this is called "erudite mindset" - you should know about it if you went to school
    am I crying on the forum? Yes! I love to cry - my friends call me "crying evil"
    That's not what erudite means......though the word kind of relates to you as it shows knowledge without intelligence.
  3. Exploit: Leadreship + Smithing = Sabotage

    I play by the rules - the developers made the rules - exploits are violations of game mechanics, developers' flaw in the game mechanics system
    fate loves the smart people, sheep play with cheats, the rest go with the flow

    I wonder if you've ever tried playing this or any other game for that matter, without desperately trying to find loop holes and exploits. Try playing the game just for fun and as it's given to you without these 'cheats' or is that too hard for you?
    It seems really bizarre that you purposely look for these exploits, take advantage of them and then cry about how they've ruined the game on the forums. Maybe, just don't do it in the first place?
  4. Exploit: Leadreship + Smithing = Sabotage

    I can't comment on this being a game breaking exploit or not, but I will say that this sort of behaviour is appropriate to anyone planning on backstabbing their liege or planning on creating their own power base.
    This sort of behaviour has been seen multiple times through history and is entirely appropriate.
  5. About "Serfdom" and "Road Tolls" policy (AI global prosperity problem)

    Food is the most important stat. You should play on the beta build for more relevant feedback on this stuff, playing in older versions and you're having issues that have already been adjusted.

    Out of curiosity can you continue an old campaign if you change betas? My current campaign is 1.5.10, if I 'upgrade' to 1.6.0 can I continue the campaign or need to start again?
  6. Exploit: Fast Endless Experience

    I am polite with those who communicate polite

    but on this forum (as well as on forums of other games) old players think they are smarter than new ones just because they are old players - they troll and crush with authority, almost do not argue their opinion

    my reaction is a consequence of the actions of others
    do you want me to be polite? be polite to me!

    No, you're not. No they're not and no it isn't.

    If you presented your ideas in a less imperialistic and demanding manner, people would engage in a more convivial way. Then all you need to do is listen to what other people are saying and not dismiss it out of hand because it doesn't agree 100% with you.
    People on here, including myself have actually liked and supported some of your ideas and then gone on to expand upon them or offer slight alternatives, all of which you have rudely shot down because only your solution can be the correct one. You've even taken such a belligerent and condescending tone with the developers when they've commented on your ideas and 'findings'.
    It all adds up to a rather unpleasant and at times embarrassing experience.
  7. Food-Prosperity=Bug

    thanks, but no, because I spent 100 hours of time (1500 hours in total) of my life on the last game (conducted a lot of experiments, reported bugs, made many posts on the forum about this) and I'm tired - there are too many "controversial" moments in the game and exploits and bugs... I will wait until the game becomes more stable, when fixed bugs, adjust the balance, and when the game becomes more comfortable

    anyway I'm glad a bought this game, has a lot of good time, has a lot of fun
    with love for this game and respect for the developers (y)

    Byeeee 👋👋👋👋👋
  8. The management window of fiefs needs to be slightly improved

    Convenient, but an highly unnecessary duplication of information that's easily found on the main settlement page and as has been pointed out, can be seen from the management window.
  9. Small obstacle trees?!

    No, it's a get gud situation.
  10. Exploit: Fast Endless Experience

    this is a bug in the skill leveling system

    I get the feeling you don't know what a bug is.
  11. Exploit: Fast Endless Experience

    an exploit is evil, an exploit is bad anyway
    what kind of discussion can there be on the exploit topic?
    how can you communicate with people who defend the exploit?

    discussion can be in relation to the PROPOSAL like this ideas
    Small obstacle trees?!
    The army menu needs to be slightly improved
    The forge needs to be slightly improved
    or any other discussion that players raise - but an exploit is a bug, so how can a bug be discussed?
    tell me please, will you discuss the actions of a maniac who committed a crime or are you just bringing him to justice? you can discuss if you are a criminologist - but if you are just a layman, then you have no knowledge in forensic science, you are not a lawyer or a prosecutor - what's the difference what a simple man in the street says about a maniac? :mrgreen:

    Wow 🤯
  12. Improving tournaments: bigger prizes and renown when the king is there, distribute NPCs more equally

    I read it again, I must be missing the line where he's asking for advice on how to improve his combat ability. Can you highlight it for me please?
  13. Exploit: Fast Endless Experience

    Why do you post in a discussion forum when you're unwilling to accept any form of discussion that doesn't align with your perceived point?

    Amazing as it may sound, but other people's opinions, ideas or advice may actually be useful or correct.
  14. Improving tournaments: bigger prizes and renown when the king is there, distribute NPCs more equally

    bad idea, right now the tournament prize is balanced
    if they kill you, then just learn to dodge, use the block, run and hit from the corner... and try to hit in the head

    Where did he say he was getting killed? He's asking for a higher tier reward and a harder tournament to go with it if certain parameters are met, such as the King is in attendance.
    He isn't asking for advice on how to win a tournament or 'get gud'.
  15. Exploit: Fast Endless Experience

    hahaha, not everything is so simple, there is a trick how to get a lot of experience

    really? I climbed from level 12 to level 38 in just 10 days - I wanted to pump the heir as soon as possible
    level 42 can be made in 100 days... I like your frivolity, don't stop pls :party:

    believe me, if I make a video manual on how to "honestly" get 42 levels in 100 days and post it on YouTube and write on some popular forums - everyone will use it

    why? because if the developers know about this exploit, but don't do anything with it, then it's legal - and if it's legal, then you can do it and your conscience won't torment
    btw, this is how good games die
    Attitudes like this is how good forums die....
  16. Small obstacle trees?!

    Fair enough, I didn't realize. It still would not stop a horse in it's tracks, a horse would be able to run through that and the tree would bend down. I grew up ridding horses and there's no way a horse in a gallop would stop at that. But it's fine it's not massive deal to me, I could just be over-technical.

    Again, this kinda depends on the tree as to how flexible it would be, but then we're really getting into the weeds and it would likely be a programming nightmare deciding which trees bend and which don't lol.

    It's certainly annoying getting stopped by a glorified twig, but I can see why it's programmed in a blanket manner.
  17. The forge needs to be slightly improved

    This would be a nice feature, especially for swords etc that require a more complex set of parts. There's probably more important things to implement first, but this would definitely be a nice qol improvement.
  18. Small obstacle trees?!

    especially for you, I will quote my main post:

    if this is not an argument for you, then I'm sorry, but I won't answer you - trolling should have boundaries

    Ahh you're referring to the part you added in your edit.......yes they're hard to see at night etc, as they should be.
  19. Small obstacle trees?!

    sunflowers are also taller than the player on horseback, but sunflowers are not a wall and do not stop the rider
    AlexanderJames wrote above that he rides horses, maybe he knows better? :roll:

    Did I say that I didn't ride horses?

    Maybe you're right though. I now demand the devs provide us only with one completely blank and flat map. Nothing in our way to impede our excellence or cause us to fractionally move either mouse or fingers as we ride to victory!

    Actually we could have two maps, the second being another featureless, blank plain but with a river running across the middle, with but a single bridge and no other crossings to funnel the enemy into our righteous bow fire!
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