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  1. Thegustavobox

    NPCs should have the ability to execute other lords

    +1, it doesn't make any sense for lords not to execute each other
  2. Thegustavobox

    Duelling system

    To clarify, about duelling to resolve battles: the enemy lord should only accept this if he has:
    - A small or overwelming disadvantage (if you have a overwelming advantage and opt for a duel the jokes are on you)
    -The battle is really balanced
    -He has a small advantage (should only apply to honorable lords)
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    My suggestion to make hideouts more fun.

    I think the whole hideout thing needs a lot more work to really get interresting.

    Picture if you don't like reading:

    Text for more in depth explanation:

    1. Finding the hideout.

    Right now its exltremly easy to find hideouts. You just want to visit a village and suddenly you spot a hideout at the other end of the forrest. I haven't even skilled scouting and i still randomly spot them everywhere. How does it come that nobody already destroyed them if they are that easy to find.

    Finding them should already be the first part of the challenge and could offer some change from the constant hunting and killing bandits.
    High bandit activity in a region would be a clue that a hideout is somewhere in that area. You can then find it by following tracks or a bandit party which is on its way to the hideout. Most bandit groups should visit the hideout from time to time to store their loot and to get new men.

    2. Actions once you found the hideout.
    Once you found the Hideout you now get two choices.

    Option A: Try to sneak up
    First you get to select units you want to come with you. It is totally up to you how many and which units you want to accompany you.
    After you have done that you get placed on the first of two battle maps.
    On the first Battle map are one to three scattered outposts each one having a big signal fire. 25% of the hideouts men power are at these outposts. Your job is to elimiate them without the bandits being able to light any signal fire.

    If you get detected by bandits two different things can happen.
    They realize they are not strong enough to take on your sneaky force so they try to light the signal fire and alarm the hideout that way.
    They think they are strong enough to defeat your sneaky forces. In that case they attack you without trying to raise alarm. Of course if they realize they are losing the fight they will retreat and try to alarm the hideout.

    By sneaking up the player needs to be able to position himself close enough to the signal fires to avoid it getting kindled by bandits. Even if you get spooted a bit earlier you should at least have a chance to kill bandits who run up to the signal fire with missile weapons.

    Taking a lot of soldiers with you makes it more likely that bandits spott you early. Also they will always try to alarm the hideout instead of trying to fight you.
    On the other hand taking to few men will make it difficult to actually defeat the outposts. So the player needs to carefully choose his companions.

    If you fail:
    The hideout gets alarmed. Read option B to find out the consequenzes.

    If you are successfull you and your entire army will be placed on the second battle map. This time its the hideout. because no alarm was raised, the bandits are scattered. Their numbers are lower because you already killed some of them at the outposts. Your goal is of course to defeat the remaining bandits.

    Option B: Attack without trying to sneak up
    In that case your army gets spotted of course and the hideout gets alarmed.
    Now two things can happen:

    1. The hideout thinks it can defend your attack.
    In that case all remaining troops from the ourposts retreat to the hideout. The bandits fortify it and the player has to fight some kind of siege battle against a fortified position.

    2.The hideout thinks it can't defend itself.
    In this case the bandits take their loot, scatter and flee in all directions. The player can now try to hunt down the biggest fleeing party and get at least some value that way. Of course the hideout being abandoned now, still has a small negativ impact on the bandit population in that area.

    I know my suggestion is a lot of work.
    But honestly right now the hideout attacks are very similar to warband and get boring really fast.
    I think they are a great opportunity to mix up the gameplay.
    With my suggestion there is the possibillity to get some kind of smaller siege battle very early in the game.
    Hideouts would be a objective worth doing if they were this way
  4. Thegustavobox

    Add Settlement Building

    Problem: In order to start your own kingdom you must either be an unprovoked aggressor or a dishonorable vessel. This creates huge role playing issues and makes it unnecessarily difficult to start your own faction.

    Solution: Add two or three destroyed/ruined settlements that the player can claim and rebuild. While rebuilding the settlement the player must provide a garrison, food, and supplies all while defending it from raiders who want to capitalize on a newer settlement. As the settlement grows it will attract attention from settlers based on its reputation. Are you a rogue like ruler? Maybe your settlement becomes a safe haven for gangs. Are you an honorable ruler? Maybe traders arrive seeking a safe place to sell their wares.

    You could also add quests to find and hire the essential personnel for your settlement. Definitely need a blacksmith, a doctor, a knowledgeable farmer, and so on.

    This also provides more value and uses for the rogue, charm, steward, and trade skills.

    I'm not recommending that you make it easy to rebuild a settlement but that it be an option.

    (This could also open doors for raising settlements and rebuilding those as well)
    This would be a really nice addition to the game, but I think it should have a relativelly big number of ruins to settle
  5. Thegustavobox


    Maybe adding an option to adopt children/teens for characters that follow a mercenary style playthrough and don't want to settle down or marry.
    These Children could be found by searching raided places for example or after you yourself raided a Village.
    Exellent idea
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    Deeper relationships and marriage systems

    I would love for this all to be implemented and even to go further with it, like:
    being able to make marriage agreements with other lords and ladies. That way you can cement an alliance with an other household/clan and your relation with these clan would than improve.
    Isn't this kind of in the game ? If its not it would be realy nice to be added
  7. Thegustavobox

    Deeper relationships and marriage systems

    Companion quests would be kinda cool as well. I think the game needs more dialog in general.
    I fully agree
  8. Thegustavobox

    Being a Vassal is a scam

    In what way is it broken?
    You gain it too slowly and loose it too fast, specially if the kingdom has the trial by jury policy
  9. Thegustavobox

    Being a Vassal is a scam

    I have to agree that until now being a vassal is not very good, the influence system is broken, so it is almost impossible to get a fief
  10. Thegustavobox

    Need More Info Showing that a lords and companions are dead when they are alive and well

    I am playing with the option of heroes can die on (I don't know if this is relevant but i will say either way), I fought a battle against an enemy lord and during the fighting I hit him with my spear and the game told me that I outright killed him, and to "confirm" this I looked the battle...
  11. Thegustavobox

    Duelling system

    Duelling was a common practice in the middle ages, specially amongs the nobility, so i think implementing a system for duelling would make the game more enjoyable and realistic, my ideas for this system are the following: -Friendly duels: inviting companions, family members and noble friends for...
  12. Thegustavobox

    Game breaking faction/kingdom snowballing balance problem

    Please taleworlds fix this ASAP, it is really frustrating as a player for your actions to have next to 0 influence in the world. I suggest implementing more internal conflict in non empire factions and locking the empire factions in a ethernal war against each other. I belive implementing these things will make for more back and forth in the factions and will make the players actions more desicive
  13. Thegustavobox

    Deeper relationships and marriage systems

    The relationships and marriage systems have great potential, to make it better you should implement: -More ways to better relationship such as: chatting (should be limited once per day), giving spetial gifts based on personallity, winning battles together (only for companions and family...
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