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  1. The Great Grub

    Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

    The options are extremely boring and is extremely limiting on what you can have in terms of colour Why can't we have 2 or more symbols and put them wherever on the banner we want Why can't we rotate symbols Why are there only a limited number of colour options The list goes on
  2. The Great Grub

    rebel loop is a joke

    its nigh impossible to expand when cities not owned by the player are in a constant rebellion loop and wont stop rebelling i am also struggling with this silly settlement management stuff and am constantly going round my settlements trying to get loyalty and security up which is practically...
  3. The Great Grub

    is there a efficient way of getting a fief

    so i redownloaded bannerlord after many many months and have been pleasantly surprised Now on to the main topic i am a tier 4 clan have nearly 50 relation with most of the vassals of the western empire, i was given sargoth and had to defend it for a long time from the vlandians, skip a year...
  4. The Great Grub

    Textures not rendering in properly (1.8)

    i redownloaded bannerlord and noticed that some of the textures are not loading in properly my gpu is a 2070 super, i have downloaded the latest drivers and its still doing it i first noticed in when i was on a field battle and the enemies armour was all like that blurry horrible render
  5. The Great Grub

    1.5.4 able to get every item via inventory for free no mods

    i recently reinstalled bannerlord and made a new game save with no mods active yet when i went into my inventory out in the wilds of calradia i have every item ingame on the left side of the inventory and i can take it all for free???? also when i go into the other tabs such as party and quests...
  6. The Great Grub

    Been away for a month to wait for a couple new updates and i am horrified

    what have they been doing for a month, not even any small changes and updates, the game world feels so dead and boring and feels soulless. There is no immersion with this game past the first 10 hours or so. Battles are the same just charge everything in and its an ez win even on harder...
  7. The Great Grub

    No battle sounds (no mods)

    So i recently stopped playing the game like 2 big updates ago and have started playing with the latest patch(not the beta) and i decided i would just play a couple of custom battles and the only thing i can hear in game is the sound of horses an thats it, no noise of swords hitting shields no...
  8. The Great Grub

    Caravan troop cap should be around 40 or 45

    Imo this new nerf is ****ing stupid within the first ig day of playing since the nerf both my caravans got captured by bandits BANDITS not lords i would have been somewhat ok with a lord attacking it as thats bound to happen in war but to lose 18k each day or couple of days because they cant...
  9. The Great Grub

    Need More Info Game crashes on every battle on the load screens and one of the crashes gave me this error only been doing it since 1.0.10 (Screenshot included)

    so i decided to have couple days break from playing on Thursday before the 1.0.10 patch and started playing again today and on my play-through that i have put 40hrs (never been an issue before) into, every time i try and play a battle( doesn't matter how many troops or type of battle) when...
  10. The Great Grub

    Latest patch has broken the game for me

    I have not played since the latest patch which was on friday and i started to play earlier today and every time i load into the before battle dialogue the game freezes and crashes on the load screen and if i somehow get into the battle the game freezes and crashes during the load screen after...
  11. The Great Grub

    Game crashed and gave me this error, what does it mean?

    What does this mean does it mean? Crashes every time i attack something on the world map
  12. The Great Grub

    Darshi and vakken cultures?

    i was looking in the encyclopedia of ingame and i noticed under the cultures there were two cultures that are called darshi and vakken Does anyone know who they are?
  13. The Great Grub

    latest patch has broken the character images

    this is for every character even my own
  14. The Great Grub

    troops also retire from being in the garrison

    all of my castles and cities are loosing a lot of men due to retirement its at -8 each day and even with all the buildings that increase this its still at -1 per day everything else is fine my foods fine the prosperity is fine but still loosing troops which is really annoying
  15. The Great Grub

    Prisoner rescues

    is there anyway to break someone of out prison one of my companions got captured and now rots in a dungeon with a 350 man garrison
  16. The Great Grub

    Battered kite shield better than reinforced kite shield??????

    so i did a bandit hideout and got a battered kite shield that is better than my reinforced kite shield The stats are: Reinforced kite shield- hitpoints 480 reinforced kite shield-hitpoints 400 the weight is also better which makes sense to me somewhat but it should not have more health also what...
  17. The Great Grub

    Need More Info Makeb siege bug with siege tower (Screenshots included)

    HOW TO DO AND REPRODUCE: have a siege tower in the left siege weapon slot during the siege of the city of Makeb and as it reaches the walls it will connect at an angle and not allowing the ai to climb up but the player still can. Happens each time the siege tower is in the very left slot however...
  18. The Great Grub

    AI Still go for towns/castles miles into enemy territory and do stupid stuff on the campaign map

    i remember seeing a dev blog where it said that ai on the map always prioritize border towns and castles however the more i play the more i realize that is not the case every time i see my faction take a city or a castle its always in the middle of nowhere and in the middle of enemy territory...
  19. The Great Grub


    For field battles (mostly for the defenders) there should be a way to fortify positions (this could be done similar to the pre siege deployment but also to place and organise troop placement) these would obviously have to be balanced and what not but fortifications could be: Caltrops: These were...
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