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  1. anoddhermit

    Findings on Shield Infantry vs. Archers after tests

    The greatest average survivability award goes to the Aserai Veteran Infantryman and the Sturgian Heavy Axeman. Legionary was third. Against foot archers, things were more equal with the Vlandian Sergeant doing much better - it performed awful vs. Horse Archers. The worst average survivability...
  2. anoddhermit

    Companion / Wanderer Stats in 1.6.1 : Misses the core problems

    I have ultimately found more "dud" companions after this change than before. I don't think this is the goal of the change. What the changes does most noticeably is to give companions high attributes corresponding to their highest skills. This makes some sense, but results in many companions...
  3. anoddhermit

    Mercenary playstyle: Fief and army functionalities

    This would also be great for independent traders, I'd note. Possibly bandits as well. With Vlandia having a mercenary based culture bonus I gave staying mercenary a try recently. It was a PITA. The money is poor, gaining leadership skill is incredibly slow without armies, and you have poor...
  4. anoddhermit

    1.6.0: Smithing still effectively a nonsensical on demand money printer

    Started new campaign to try smithing specifically. Making Two Handers for 1k right off the bat. Not too imbalanced because of materials cost and time but still pretty good money with no investment into the skill at all. Then, after a few unlocks, making Hammer Head Polearms by day 5 for 4-6k a...
  5. anoddhermit

    Culture bonuses - your experiences so far?

    This is what my impressions are: Vlandia: Solid all around for any playstyle, really - you can use this to level up troops for donations, garrisons, and clan parties even after getting top tier troops yourself. Sturgia: Highly niche and the snow slows your map speed too much, so I don't even...
  6. anoddhermit

    Rocks (and maybe even Slings!) should be available weapons

    I'm currently playing a theme based on not killing where I only use blunt weapons - including on my troops and companions. Looters unfortunately have non-blunt weapons, so I have no ranged options. I do think it's slightly insane that hitting people in their heads with sledgehammers and...
  7. anoddhermit

    Civilian outfit item can't be re-equipped

    Anyone noticed items you can't re-requip that you start with? I'm Battanian with the 'rode with the scouts' option taken during character creation. The cape I start with in my civilian outfit, if i take it off, can't be re-equipped.
  8. anoddhermit

    Do wanderers that die count against cap or would they be replaced?

    I know there is a cap on wanderers, but I'm wondering if that's living wanderers. The game doesn't cycle them out over time, so could I intentionally go about sending wanderers with bad stats or irredeemably warped faces to die in battle so new ones will spawn? Can I end up with a practically...
  9. anoddhermit

    Map Management - Speed/Sight/Stealth Modes

    Basic ideas: Implement modes for speed (move faster), sight(see farther), stealth(harder to see) Different terrain benefits different modes - forests would be better for stealth and worse for sight, while plains would be opposite Heavier equipment units reduce effectiveness of speed and stealth...
  10. anoddhermit

    Which trait(s) are best? What exactly do they do?

    Got berserker in my last game, this time I have a save where I can choose between that or "strong" which is the one that makes troops "harder to damage" I guess but it's hard to tell just what it does. I'm wondering just exactly what the benefits are, how long it lasts(I seem to be able to just...
  11. anoddhermit

    [Reforged Beta] Feedback on: General gameplay, combat balance

    So it seems Heavy Infantry >>> Everything. Yes. Even with stamina penalties. The best army, easily, is 100% Heavy Infantry. Maybe an extremely micro-managed balanced composition could be of occasional advantage in open battles, but realistically it's not worth fielding one. Shields, which are...
  12. anoddhermit

    Early game balance/gameplay issues

    * The number of heavily armored troops you'll face from the beginning heavily penalizes trying use a bow or cutting weapon * Cavalry become almost a necessity to survive, infantry practically unusable due to needing to outrun larger hostile groups of powerful cavalry units * Excess of cavalry...
  13. anoddhermit

    Revamping map interaction for more strategic travel in mods and/or Bannerlord

    General changes - Cavalry  move faster on roads and paths, but at penalty across mountainous and heavily forested terrain. For the additional cost of taking along extra horses, infantry can be counted as mounted for travel purpose. Horses increase the frequency of needed resting as they don't...
  14. anoddhermit

    Manhunters are overpowered

    Admittedly, recruitment of them is impossible and you have to get them from bandits who've taken them prisoner. However, it's not that difficult. What you get for that small amount of extra trouble is extremely fast leveling reasonably heavy cavalry, with blunt weapons, with prisoner management...
  15. anoddhermit

    What's the difference between the mod difficulties?

    At the start there's an option to choose easy, normal, hard, or very hard but I've got no idea what the settings do or if I can change them later.
  16. anoddhermit

    Constructive criticisms from a new player

    Not sure if this would be useful but I have a good amount of free time to mess around with this game and I'm considering just updating as I find things I think could be tweaked as I go along. Playing SVN version, using lance recruitment, serving no one. So far issues I've noticed: The city...
  17. anoddhermit

    Bow or Crossbow for PC?

    Wondering which is stronger for a PC, or more specifically, how much strength/power draw would I need to invest in to make a bow a better choice? Right now a hunting crossbow with steel bolts does a lot more damage than a bow, and is still usable on horseback. Of course it's slower, but is...
  18. anoddhermit

    Still being worked on? Some issues I noticed.

    Been awhile since I played Floris but I thought I'd note - Many weapons are using models inappropriate for their reach, looking at the swadian lord sword vs. the english longsword for example, the former has a much longer model but lower reach, the latter a smaller model yet it's a long reach...
  19. anoddhermit

    Agility loss

    So, I'm guessing this is permanent. Suffered some sort of severe whatever and I'm down 2 agility. Not a big fan of perma-stat loss as I pretty much feel I may as well start a game over due to it. Is there somewhere I can turn this off? Or perhaps there's some method of restoring or improving...
  20. anoddhermit

    My no-manhunters game - short story

    Probably a boring story but for anyone curious / bored - I started out in the Rhodok kingdom, with my usual favorite built: Father a noble, early life noble in training, became troubador, left out of sense of duty. This gives me 6 leadership with only 10 charisma, which is a pretty strong early...
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