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  1. cCc_0leG_cCc

    You don't have the warband's artist, wth?

    I just wish Ganbat got more coverage for his great job on Warband, nobody even knows the dude's name
  2. cCc_0leG_cCc

    is the forum broken for anyone else?

    Ah finally the forum is fixed
  3. cCc_0leG_cCc

    Low FPS and estimated performance regardless of video settings.

    Try to set 'render_buffer_size = 512' in rgl_config.txt
    Find a program called 'Large Address Aware.exe' on the internet and use it on the game executable will increase the amount of ram windows will allocate to it.
    Also turn off all kill messages, xp gains and other **** that gets displayed during a battle.
    However this extreme measures help in big battles over 300, having fps problems with 80.. dunno if it will help much :razz:
    The render buffer size thingy worked for me! But I have a question, will turning it even higher make my framerate even better??
  4. cCc_0leG_cCc

    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Technically even that wasn't a fully genocide:many natives survived.The only complete genocide is the tasmanian genocide--->again freemasonry fault!
    I wouldn't say "many", that's a huuuuge overstatement, even though some still live, many of those are culturally genocided (bear in mind I'm talking about north americans, south america is better in terms of nativety, but those got horrible massacres and atrocities committed against them as well), and they don't have the lands they used to own. I mean you could say that about the armenian genocide too perhaps but the thing with middle east is that people come and go all the time, and many people live side by side, multiple ethnic and religious communities, you can't just say "HURR DURR ERZURUM ARMENIA FUG U" and start a rebellion, you just can't, or you can, and get killed in the end. Of course there were very bad things done by the turks, people massacred their neighbours, my great grandparents lived in that era and that's what they said.

    Also another full blown genocide example is the tainos, there are very little left, and those who are left are mostly mixed, I think puerto rico has a relatively decent population of them but over all they're incredibly dense in the carribean.
  5. cCc_0leG_cCc

    So I can't really play mb multiplayer [SOLVED]

    UPDATE, I fixed it, but the solution isn't the prettiest unfortunately. I changed my modem yesterday, which was about 10 years old, so old as ****, and that's what fixed it. Now I can see all the 600 servers easily.
  6. cCc_0leG_cCc

    Creasie Roleplay

    Mafya Babası Hawkeye said:
    O sunucu sözde ''Hard RPG''. Discordlarına girip karakter başvurusu yapman lazım, link olmuyorsa banlısın demektir. O sunucuda oynamanı hiç tavsiye etmiyorum, daha önceki sunucularda yaptığım şeyler için beni ''low insan SAaWeWQEwqEq''diyerek hem discorddan hem oyundan perma banladılar. Sana özel mesaj yolladım bu konu ile alakalı.
    Teşekkür ederim, daha önce bi tr serverinde oynamıştım, adam gibi oynuyodum para da kasmıştım sonra ağır zırhlı herifin teki kargıladı, belki ondan banladılar beni , pek anlamadım olayıda güveniyorum sana.
  7. cCc_0leG_cCc

    Creasie Roleplay

    Son zamanlarda persistent kingdoms oynamaya başladım ve en aktif serverlardan biri Creasie Roleplay gibi gözüküyor, sunucuya girdiğimde atıyor ve bir discord linki gönderiyor. Yazıyorum ama link işe yaramıyor, servera girmek mümkün mü? Konu hakkında bilgisi olan biri beni aydınlatırsa çok memnun...
  8. cCc_0leG_cCc

    So I can't really play mb multiplayer [SOLVED]

    Erminas said:
    Just download it from the main page here (click me) and use your Steam Serial key when game asks for it.
    oh thanks alot, I knew about it but I didn't know I could do that

    edit: doesn't work, same problem

  9. cCc_0leG_cCc

    So I can't really play mb multiplayer [SOLVED]

    by the way, I play the steam version, maybe I won't have the problem if I download it from TW. But I have to pay it again for that, can I get the TW version for free somehow?
  10. cCc_0leG_cCc

    So I can't really play mb multiplayer [SOLVED]

    I bought the game and have been playing it for something like 4 years but through all these years I have had a problem with multiplayer, only a handful of servers come to the server lobby and I can't play on events most of the times because of this, got a windows computer now (I was using mac...
  11. cCc_0leG_cCc

    White textures on Mac/Linux

    Also can't use the local chat :sad:
  12. cCc_0leG_cCc

    Persistent Kingdoms Can't use local chat+white textures

    Can this mod be Mac compatible please?
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