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  1. Matim

    Disable background shouting?

    Any way to disable the shouting in the background? Can distract mid-fight as well as the voice acting quality is imo poor and annoying.
  2. Matim

    Inf with shield vs archer - kick-shoot combo

    Hey there, trying to get better at Bannerlord. So due to the speed at which u can shoot the notched arrow it is possible to kick the approaching inf and have enough time to shoot him while stunned after being kicked. What is the best and the fastest strategy of neutralizing the archer threat as...
  3. Matim

    Intel I7 10th gen, launcher uses 20% of cpu

    Can someone explain to me what is this? What are the resources used for? Bannerlord bitcoin miner confirmed?
  4. Matim

    [EVENT] New weekly Sunday Battle [8pm GMT+1]

    The New Regular Sunday Battle Event (Beginning with the 24th August) Basic info: When? - Every sunday 8pm GMT+1 Where? - WdL server (we know it's pretty stable) or The Official Event Server Rules? General - No trolling, ramboing and flaming For the infantry: You must stay in a formation...
  5. Matim

    Argyraspides [EU]

                                                                                                            Roster Commander : Nicanor Members Lysy890 Vister Patrykus Frankfurter Subarx Vanguard Jimi Hendrix Zahari Mati Jakub Tiberion Tybaldus Goodfear Aladeen Jakub Jakovos Spyro...
  6. Matim

    Polish section(forum)

    Hello! I would like to ask you if there is any possibility to make Polish sub-forum on this one. We had our own for a long time, but since last year there is big problem with admins passivity and huge amount of trolls. We have already made steam group "Tak-dla polskiego działu na TW" (Yes for...
  7. Matim

    Ban request

    Name of the server you were on - NW_Official_EU1 Name of the person causing trouble - 2nd_Coldstream_Grd_KingLeo Nature of their offense - Flaming in public chat Time and date of their offense - 7.22.2012, around 10 AM If needed, what your relationship was to the offense in question. Everything...
  8. Matim

    12th Regiment

    12th Regiment of foot and 12th regiment of Cuirassiers Our regiment was created about half year ago, and since that time we were taking part in many Mount and Musket linebattles. Now we are a part of of Belenas European Army, and we made a decision to move our regiment to Napoleonic Wars...
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