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    What's on your mind?

    Thank you DanAngleland, you are a star. I really admire your warmth and kindness, and strive to be more like you.
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    What's on your mind?

    Mom and dad seem to have won Greencards. They didn't literally win it yet, but they were selected in the lottery and the interview doesn't seem to be selective at all if the random internet people are to be trusted
    They returned from their exploratory trip to the States. They made up their mind now, my dad will go before the spring and become a lorry driver. My mum and sister will settle in a suburb of Chicago in the summer. My dad insists on getting me an entrepreneur visa by founding a company in the States and making us all work in a family business. I don't know what to do yet.
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    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    He was in a public area where anyone is allowed to be. He was not the one assaulting anyone.
    The reckless behaviour must be those who attack and follow a boy on a public street, or attacked him while lying down knowing full well he had a gun. It's not only illegal, it's dumb.
    If you're saying he should have stayed away because there were violent people on the street you're implying criminals should be allowed to intimidate the public to stay in their homes.

    The flashy weapon was apparently legal. The one man who attacked him also had a gun.
    i get that he is being chased and one of the other guys had a gun but he also shot quite a lot of people. I find it hard to believe that anything after the first shot was necessary for self-defence. Of course him being panicked would be extenuating I'm surprised that he didn't get any punishment at all.
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    General History Questions thread

    There are lots of individual portraits of the European aristocrats. There are very few family portraits. Why is that?
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    My organization is considering undertaking a large project for helping refugees most of whom are Arab Muslims with presumably low education. I'm not saying they are going to kill us, but helping them is not something I would want to do (mostly because they are likely backward religious people), so I'll pass that and remain involved with non-refugee stuff. Is this how turning into right-wing conservative feels like?
    I appreciate your openness and self-awareness but honestly wtf
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    When A appoints B to a posiition, does that mean that A thinks B is an essentially better person than others? Or does A simply think B would do a better job in that particular position? While the priest is expected to maintain a certain level of personal behavior and lead by example, it is only a small part of job. A priest (at least your standard diocesan priest) has all kinds of duties that mostly require people skills - preaching, hearing confessions, proselytizing, conflict resolution. Often they also work as part time teachers or choir masters. They take care of the physical property of the parish. Sure, you can drone through it on autopilot (cue in "10 pasternosters and 20 hailmarys, my child" scene from every other movie), but you can say that about almost all jobs. Does it mean that all jobs are bull****?

    In an ideal scenario, a bishop should take all this into account before consecrating someone. It's not a promotion or a badge for the highest piety score in the parish :razz: Your personal piety can be through the roof, but you may be wholly unsuitable for priestly duties due to massive autism. In that case, joining a contemplative order sounds like the vastly superior choice.

    The reality is, that the Catholic church is globally and chronically understaffed, so you know, beggars =/= choosers and more and more priests are just weirdos. I don't mean the pedos or other major moral failings, just that they don't have the people skills etc.

    As for the specific phrase "close(r) to God". I have never heard say by anyone in the know, not even when I was actually practicing and into it and my megaCatholic mother had priests and nuns over for lunch every Sunday. Maybe about the Saints (i.e. dead people), or Mary specifically. Or as a euphemism for people who are about to die. At best, it sounds like some Pentecostal cringe tbh :xf-tongue: At worst, straight up heresy. At any rate, the doctrine is crystal clear - all men are sinners, all men are men, no man is divine (other than Christ, obviously), only God saves and only God knows who will be saved (and unlike with some other things, choose not to reveal the info).

    Priests are, "of course" given respect by the believers. I know everything is framed as muh oppression and social constructs these days, but imagine, if you will, that you actually believe in God and that he sent representatives to perform rituals that make you close to God (hehe) and to clarify confusions about what ought to be done and thought. Would you not treat them with respect. I'm old enough to remember when teachers (especially in grade schools) were given similar respect by the general community, especially parents of school-age children. ****, I'm old enough to remember the Covid-19 pandemic, when half the population was kneeling and kissing the ring of the disease experts like there was not tomorrow.
    thanks this is all very insightful. I am also travelling a lot and seeing all those churches nowadays and it's nice to learn about this stuff.

    a few days ago I saw Mont St Michel, and I wondered who gets to serve in this type of cool buildings and how do they get selected. there must be some competition there
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    I am not asking whether priests are expected to be virtuous, everyone is expected to be virtuous. I am asking whether priests are chosen in terms of piety or "closeness to god" when they are promoted to archbishop and stuff.
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    TaleWorlds News: New News Necessary for the OT Neophytes

    If the clergy doesn't claim that they are better people, on what merits a priest gets promoted? Isn't being a virtuous person or piety or stuff like that relevant to the evaluation?
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    The Taleworlds Travel Advisory

    I will be going to France and Spain for a full month with an interrail pass. I'm more interested in natural landscapes that can be enjoyed by train journeys, hiking, walking and cycling. Any recommendations?

    I'm also interested in movies, documentaries and books that I could look into beforehand to get a better perspective and enhance my travelling experience.
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    What's on your mind?

    nice discussion in pages 345 346.
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    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

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    Siyasi İdeoloji ve Gündem Tartışma

    döndüm geçen sene bitti okul
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    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    The soundtrack of this clip has been an earworm today
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    Siyasi İdeoloji ve Gündem Tartışma

    Onu bunu bilmem de İmamoğlu geldi sonunda bir hizmet gördük arkadaş. Apartmanda iki daireye tıkır tıkır her ay yardım gelmeye başladı, çevreden iki tane apartmanı da deprem riskli diye yıktılar yenisi yapılacak. Aynı anda 10 tane de metro hattı inşa ediyor çok şükür AKP'nin her sene geciktirdiği bir hattı da açtı sonunda rahat ettik. Anamı babamı kaç saat soğan kuyruğuna diken iktidardan sonra iyi oldu hizmet gördük helal olsun İmamoğlu'na. Gerçi şimdi de AKP yeni halk ekmek büfesi açtırmadığından ekmek kuyruğuna takılıyoruz. AKP iyi şeylere de muhalefet edip durmasa kim bilir daha neler yapılırdı.
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    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    Hm, I'm not sure if you think there's some hidden meaning or reference...I was referring to his actually killing literal rats with some knock-out-and-drown novelty traps and then parading a bucket of dead rats at a press conference.
    I meant this:


    Mice are on my mind. The rumors seem to be true. I come from a place where mice are nonexistent in cities and if you live in a city and have mice, it's because you're an unspeakable pig who hasn't taken a shower or the trash out since the German occupation. Mice are a country thing. Apparently, not so much in America.

    I saw a couple of mice in the apartment in August. I asked the landlord what do and he said there's really nothing he can do, "that's New York, maam, they're everywhere, you just gotta kill them as they come" . He suggested I get the glue traps, because they are too clever for the old-timey neck-breaking ones. So glue traps I got. What a mistake, would be an understatment. One day, I wake up to a strange squeaky noise, get out of the bedroom and see that two mice are stuck to (two different) traps. First, the poor things have been panicking and trying to get out so they tore an ear off here and a couple of patches of skin there, but still were soundly stuck to the glue pads. Second, now ****ing what. Didn't think that far when I bought them. So I put the tortured, squeaking, panicking mice in a bag, take the bag on the sidewalk in front of the house and smash the bag and its insides with the big communal metal trash can. I like to think and hope they were gnawing on peanut butter in mice heaven after the first hit, but I gave it extra five or ten or so smashes just to be sure. Like the goddess of death, foaming at the mouth and wearing pyjamas, I became the destroyer of the mice for the whole block to see.

    The word seemed to have spread in the mice community, because there were no mice sightings in the rest of August and September, then I went to Europe. Came back in January and I'm thinking, well it's January, it's cold af, I'm sure the little critters are hibernating and I'm good until spring. Wait, do mice hibernate? How would I know, I'm a lawyer, not a mousologist. Then a week ago I saw one, a really tiny and skinny one. Ok, buddy, I'll have mercy, as long as it's just you and you stay in the kitchen and only during the night, I'll let you do your thing. Who knows, maybe a lost breadcrumb will lead to another and that one will lead to an "accidentally" forgotten tiny scoop of peanut butter and we'll be friends! Oh, sweet summer me.

    Several days later I knew for a fact there are at least four individual mice leaving their stinking dens of mouseness every night and rigorously scouting every square inch of my apartment including the bathroom when I need it at 3 am or the edge of my bed. And one of the gang is either the most pregnant mouse in the history of mice or an aspiring rat impersonator. I knew I couldn't do la tortura glue again. As the nights have grown longer so have I grown weak and weary. So I bought the mechanical traps that contain the mouse but don't kill it. I'm not proud to say that I now have three plastic boxes with three mice in them, that I have bought them sawdust and created hiding spaces for them from toilet paper rolls and old envelopes and as I'm typing this I'm also browsing Amazon for spinning wheels.

    What am I becoming.
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    What made you awestruck or astonished today?

    oh god. congratulations to you and good luck to the child
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    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    • hobbies include coming up with novel ways to kill rats
    Hahahahahahha I totally forgot about that such a neat reference.
    The absolute worst immigrants are the immigrants that hate other immigrants. Actual bottom of the barrel.
    (Congrats on the bb, btw. Very happy for you.)
    My family has won the lottery for the diversity visa(some kind of working permit) for the US. Even though he hasn't even been issued the visa yet, the day it has become clear that Biden has won, he immediately started complaining "well it will get more difficult for us to find a job when those Mexicans get in because of Biden".
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    Post Difficult Questions Here


    Who are these people. I can recognise Steve Jobs, Popper, Bowie, Taleb. Who are the rest?
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