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  1. Shaxx

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    The statements in the topic don't "explain away keep battles not existing for player defenders". The discussion is about future improvements.
    Are you talking about the thread from around three weeks ago?

    The one where you said: "For 1, I don't really think it's a worthwhile goal. The player is unlikely to experience it, because chances are good they will already be knocked out on the wall." ~ Duh

    And: "If a few players are to experience a particular feature rarely, it becomes less worthwhile to pursue than a feature that more players are likely to experience often" ~ Duh

    My remark was indeed spurred by one of your comments, they give us insight into what some of the thought processes might be on the team. Hence why I used the "sounds like" terminology and not something more definitive such as "they did".
    And the very thing you are referencing is quite clear that my opinion isn't the deciding factor.
    I actually cannot find where you say something specific like "I have no control over whether this gets in", which honestly I assumed anyway.

    However if you did say that somewhere I certainly may have missed it as I did not read into other pages of that thread I was originally referencing, likely to due to simply not returning to it after reading it shortly after it was posted.
    these things are not developed in isolation. That is to say if we pursue one thing, we do so by not pursuing something else. Similarly, if we chose to not pursue that one thing, we do so in favor of something else. All of these options can enhance the sandbox experience and must be prioritized according to their assumed costs and benefits.
    Sounds about right, industry standard stuff. I just find it a little odd that you are more or less pulling the 'we did not have time to complete the feature' card on an 11 year project for a basic Warband mechanic, which was a 2 year project.
    A question to those that are interested in defensive keep fights. Would you feel that the current offensive set up would offer an enjoyable defensive experience to you? That is to say - no control over your troops, no reinforcements for your side and generally a mission that you are quite likely to lose (or, well, are intended to lose - since another challenge may be players exploiting the terrain to simply 1on1 200 bots and basically mean that no siege has to be lost anymore... encouraging that very approach). If not, how do you imagine it should work?
    In Warband you could control your random teammates in tournament fights. Control your own soldiers in a keep in it's sequel? Impossible.

    But your argument here is essentially that your existing work a decade in is too lackluster to let a player experience? Or were you genuinely asking for input?
    TLDR - Feedback is being read by the relevant people and potential improvements will be explored for the feature.
    That is great to hear. It is genuinely good to know, thank you for bringing that to my attention.
  2. Shaxx

    Hmmm, I really really want to target troops at other troop groups, I want to feel in COMMAND, I hate the AI

    Because it is assumed to must be so. It makes my blood boil when I think that Conqueror's Blade, a ****ing free to play game, has all that implemented.
    I recall hearing that in medieval japan road building was actively discouraged to make it harder for peasants to travel to other villages, where one might see that the local lord treats his peasants better and want to stay there. I feel like TaleWorlds would also benefit from this system.
    I think a cool feature that would enable this could be a Battle Plan phase before each battle
    Maybe not exactly what are you were talking about, but this mod exists.

    It is funny because the mod was released shortly after the 'Future Plans' developer update where it mentioned more pre-battle deployment customization and someone was like "yea, I bet I can whip out something like that in a couple hours" and then boom.
  3. Shaxx

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    He said that most players would get downed during the first stage
  4. Shaxx

    Battle Spawn Points Need to Change Dynamically

    Right now you spend so much time on useless crap like closing distance and chasing this one last horse archer
    Mounted combat is not in a great place right now not just in balance but not even as a basic mechanic. Cavalry vs cavalry combat is more like two drunken hornet nests fighting than anything else. "We just engaged now let's spread out to kingdom come, make pretty circles and run into trees while everyone else does a battle or something!"
  5. Shaxx

    Spear Bracing (1.6.2)

    I am getting flashbacks from some of theses posts of all the 'a horse would never willingly charge itself into a wall of spears' threads on here and the Total War forums over the decades.

    Anyone else remember those? Wasn't one over a hundred pages long or something like that?
    Good to know, keep up your good work.
    They do the butterlord's work.
  6. Shaxx

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    Save scumming is my weakness, I'm glad that they put in ironman mode so I don't have the choice.
    If the game was stable/polished enough I would use it but too many of my campaigns have been spared from a game-breaking bug by going back to an earlier save point to see this as a viable option right now.
    IMO now that keep battles are implemented retreats on defense should just skip you straight to the keep battle.
    They need to add keep battles for defenders, it's a rather basic feature. And yet they explained away keep battles not existing for player defenders as them not being worth the time as too few players would ever experience it, which sounds like they just gave up.
    everything being left to rot.
    Now you get it.
  7. Shaxx

    how to make companions real

    how to make companions real​

    Having you tried using:
  8. Shaxx

    Siege retreat - dead realism

    I use this constantly with horse archers in an open field.
    *Crassus Intensifies*
    Unfortunately it's the limitations of the game.
    The 2000 unit hard limit is annoying, especially that it counts horses. I have not crashed at 1500 in awhile, luckily CEK does reduce Khergit cavalry spam a bit which previously made some of the wheels fall off.
    One easy way you can fix the exploit yourself is by simply not using it... I know, crazy right?

    The amount of things that I have to pretend that do not exist with this game is ever growing. I often imagine my companions going "sir, if we did this we would cut our losses in half..."

  9. Shaxx

    Types of coins

    Too compex™ Too compilated™
  10. Shaxx


    They did specifically mention they were going to do cut scenes for weddings in one post here on the forums that I recall. It had Portal vibes, "All your friends will be there", and is everyone there waiting for me? And there's cake too? All I gotta do is some mundane task?
  11. Shaxx

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    There isn't an eye roll emote big enough... :rolleyes:
    Maybe they will add one as a promotion when they hit the second decade of development.
  12. Shaxx

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    TW should spend as much time on this game as it needs.
    This game needed a 4 year development span at best. At this point it is very much a source of schadenfreude.

    The failure is simply impressive, fascinating really. It is one of those things like the Hindenburg disaster or the battle of Teutoburg forest, documentary worthy.
  13. Shaxx

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I don't care whether they call it Early Access or Release. What matters to me is getting fixes, improvements and new features. I doubt that approaching release date will speed anything it up. And if calling it Early Access means that they will keep on working on it for longer, I'm fine with them extending it until Mount&Blade 3 if they decide to continue the series.
    Release windows mean nothing to them as we have seen time and time again, and it really seems as though they cannot work at a faster pace, so it will go on for years more without any doubt.
  14. Shaxx

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I actually it was announced in 2012 because of copyright issues with paradox. They started pre-production after that year. Currently, this version of the game is in development for 4 years. This is at least 3rd version of the game. They completely erased other versions (maybe not completely but some big part of the game).
    That goes against what the developers themselves have actually said:

    TW Press Release where they mention starting immediately after Warband was released in 2010.
    Dev Blog with someone hired specifically to work on Bannerlord in 2010.
    I´m not a modder but isn´t this just some XML stuff? Like creating some templates that AI lords will use for recruiting / upgrading troops? At least to me it doesn´t sound like this should take a lof work to add it to the game, I could be wrong though.

    Criminal empire stuff was scrapped a long time ago as far as I know. Even before EA release.
    Pretty much, a vast majority of the stuff we will not see for another 6 to 7 months is already a mod.

    The party templates XML use to be more determinative of party composition in earlier versions of the game but they have changed how it works and it has much less impact. Mostly because when AI lords respawn they do so with fewer troops, and that is when that template is predominantly used.

    One of the first things I modded personally with this game was using ATC to give each culture unique party compositions with vanilla units so there were not armies of 50% archers everywhere. Today I do so with CEK, CA Eagle Rising factions and I have achieved an extraordinarily ordinary difference in composition faction to faction that is apparently unachievable in under a decade by a team of over a hundred, Adonnay and I must be gods. /sarcasm
    I would love if they just gave a few of their most senior developers full permission to add whatever they think will be cool, imagine 2-3 full time Bloc adding stuff like proper vassal system, minor factions settlements, perhaps re-instate the old upgradeable villages and so forth.
    This. The top management behind this game is holding it back.
  15. Shaxx

    Estimated release is now Q2/2022

    I don't mind the game being in early access for a long period. They should take their time with this game. Make it good before releasing it to the wolves.
    Encroaching 12 years of development, I too feel they should keep going for at least another decade, then the game would be really good.
    I don't understand why people are getting upset or critical about missed targets? You can play the game right now. Better to let them take their time and release a very good game.
    An incomplete shell of a game compared to what we were promised, a shell of game compared to it's predecessor.

    All they had to do was make Warband with better graphics, that was it.
    Release a very good game? Lol. If I make a guess, only a handful of people still expecting something "good" from Taleworlds after this empty 8 year of development + 1.5 year early access.
    I see this get repeated frequently but development actually started in 2010 right after Warband was released, so by the time early late access hit it was officially the 10th year of development. We are officially barreling towards 12 years in development at this time. They just announced the game to the media in 2012.

    TW Press Release where they mention starting in 2010.
    Dev Blog with someone hired specifically to work on Bannerlord in 2010.
    Yup, to me they can delay as long as they want if it means they'll keep working and improving the game.

    The current version is still missing things while others need improvements, forcing a release earlier would just mean no more big improvements and i'm sure no one wants that.
    A lot of features they are planning to add already exist with mods, but are broke with every single patch by TaleWorlds, some never to return due to the workload forced on them to keep it working. The best thing that could happen to this game at this point is for TaleWorlds to stop development on the game itself and just work on modding tools.
  16. Shaxx

    Bannerlord was a grift

    That was a good read.
    Do you know if CDPR was contractually obliged to deliver on specific dates (like in a publishing deal)? Because Taleworlds had no obligations to finish Bannerlord and they can keep dragging their heels indefinitely, especially as they are a private company unaccountable to public investors.
    If CDPR didn't have contractual pressure, more power to them for prioritizing efficiency (and therefore optimizing costs) in their development, which is where Taleworlds is failing.
    That is a good question, they are their own publisher/distributor as far as google says but they are a publicly traded company, though.

    I imagine they have internal timetables for completion, it is rather standard for software development, as to the weight of the stick if those are not met I am not sure.

    Their stock did take a massive hit each time they delayed Cyberpunk, I imagine the threat of that was very well known prior and was probably an incentive to stay timely.

    Edit 2:
    However it appears they only went public in 2018, so relevant for Cyberpunk but not their earlier titles.
  17. Shaxx

    AI lords must execute each other

    Doubt its working that way. I only executed a bunch Aserai nobles and now whole Battanian realm hates my character just as much as Aserais
    "How dare you behead those guys over there you monster." ~ Caladog

    "What's that cup made of?" ~ Butterlord9001

    "A skull." ~ C

    "Well actually *pushes glasses upwards* it's based on relationships, so if they're on his friends list he won't like you... so it's balanced." ~ Dev

    "Yea but there are over a hundred lords on his friends list and there is like 200 lords in the game so..." ~ Butterlord9001

    "Listen here you little shi-" ~ D
  18. Shaxx

    Bannerlord was a grift

    Bannerlord is just Cyberpunk 2077, took just as long to make, but with potato faced npcs and an early access label to excuse a lack of progress or pace. Honestly, EA is a gift to all the lazy or grifting game developers.
    While Cyberpunk 2077, train-wreck that it was, was announced in 2012 CDPR did not start full development on it until after Hearts of Stone/Blood and Wine was completed for the Witcher 3.

    EG article of note on some more specifics related to this:
    Those plans obviously include Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red's next big game, which was announced in May 2012. I had a look up upstairs at Cyberpunk development when I visited in 2013, but I wasn't allowed this time. There were around 50 people on the team back then so I imagine pre-production and planning are been done, but beyond that I don't know. All work done on the RedEngine for The Witcher will be mutually beneficial, and the experience the studio gained likewise.

    "We shouldn't talk about it now," says Iwiński. "We are getting a lot of questions and right now we are in The Witcher 3 mode as you can probably see all around. It will be our next big one and we will be talking about it when we're ready. I can only say that this year's definitely about The Witcher. In all honesty we've already teased Cyberpunk, we've shown the trailer, the CGI. We've talked about the setting and about the key features. And right now when we talk we have to have something to say and show that's really meaningful. I wouldn't like to go 'hey another CGI!' A significant part [of the studio] will go onto Cyberpunk and then maybe you know we are doing something else as well," he grins, "which I cannot talk about."
    Apparently CDProjektRed would later state they plan to announce games much closer to their release date.

    What is funny though is that CD Projekt Red in 2010 was similar in size compared to TaleWorlds, but 11 years later they are the 3rd largest game studio in Europe and around 8 times larger than TaleWorlds. They are a good comparison as they are another company that started small in a technologically challenged country:

    Their first Witcher title was made on the Aurora engine they leased from Electronic Arts. They ditched it for their next title for their own in house engine, the Red Engine, and finished the Witcher 2 in 4 years despite actually making the engine from scratch because they were not legally allowed to just upgrade the Aurora engine and slap a new name on it. More ambitious with their next title, they had to massively overhaul their own engine to have any shot at making their first triple A title, but they did so for the Witcher 3 in 4 years.

    CDPR's second triple A title, Cyberpunk 2077, started full production shortly after the Witcher 3 was finished in 2015. C2077's engine is called 'Red Engine 4', and they also describe it as a 'brand new' engine, however true that may be. With 2077 releasing albeit in a poor state to put it lightly, CDPR has never the less released two triple A titles inside the development span of Bannerlord despite being in a similar starting bracket 11 years prior. TaleWorlds even had a year head start as they began work on Bannerlord in 2010, where as production for the Witcher 3 did not start until 2011 on the heels of the Witcher 2 release.

    You see it turns out if you release games people will buy them with money, you can then take that money and hire more developers to make the next game sooner, bigger or better as desired. Clearly CDPR opted for sooner rather than bigger or better for Cyberpunk but I digress. This was a tale of two companies, where one was managed well (until recently) and the other one was not.
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