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  1. Siberian Cossack

    Kazak_Mamaj's submods

    Hello there keks and lols ! :mrgreen: I consider myself to be devoted fans of the Deluge. I play this modification since 2012. Modification is developing, things are changing. But still I have always found that I did not like and wanted to do it so that I liked. I'm still not going to attach...
  2. Siberian Cossack

    Disconnections and errors

    I had no strength to endure these crappy disconnections .... What is my problem? When I try to connect to any server, it always throws me in multiplayer menu ... before this get errors on the similarity of these: 1) "Error connecting to server" or same like "Connection to server is lost" 2)...
  3. Siberian Cossack


    I wonder why players often make voting in Invasion mode  Poland vs Cossacks. Very easy to kill Cossacks they have no shields and armor. Poles have the same also shields and bows and heavy armor which none factions have not. Somehow Polish horse archers much better than the Ottoman archers.Why...
  4. Siberian Cossack

    Modification is dying?

    Any updates? The past 3 months and have not released any patches and additions...
  5. Siberian Cossack

    CSA zouaves

    I think that uniform of zouaves (jackets) looks very poor. Why don't their jackets look different? It's always brown colored jackets , but not a blue ones. Their broad pants must be red colour also.And I think that their pants looks some more narrower then real zouaves (turkish) broad pants. I...
  6. Siberian Cossack


    Hi! when will update the Deluge? how soon?
  7. Siberian Cossack

    Polish nationalism

    Every time when I play in the Deluge, then always have the Polish nationalists, who don't like Russians and Cossacks, they can free offends me for my Russian-Cossacks blood!!! The Poles themselves put themselves in a bad light forcing to think about themselves and their compatriots are very bad...
  8. Siberian Cossack

    Sea Battles

    future planned naval battle on frigates and ships?
  9. Siberian Cossack


    Awesome music and video
  10. Siberian Cossack

    Flintlock and reload

    why my flintlock always locked and non-animated? and when I reload a musket, he turned the wrong way flintlock side by the ground :cry:
  11. Siberian Cossack

    The Turkish Empire

    why no faction of the Ottoman Empire?  :cry: I think what all want to play for it sometimes and see this faction in game. Also i thought and i think what this faction will added in game  :|
  12. Siberian Cossack

    Error. Connection to server is lost

    I have a problem when i want to connect to server. When i play on server and someone take a poll to change map. If poll has been accepted then after changing map, when he is loading (that is more long time over than 1 min),i get message, what connection to server is lost
  13. Siberian Cossack

    New textures and sounds for muskets

    Hi ! I remember that here spread once an excellent texture of a musket, but it and did not begin to be used. What can be in the future? Whether there will be new textures for muskets and sounds for them? or maybe some new textures  and models for troops?  :D
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